About the Author

The Sex.com Blog is written by me, A MAN named Chico Dusty.

Why is “A MAN” in all caps? Because I’m sick and tired of getting hundreds of emails a day from sad men mistaking me for the babes they see on the Sex.com Blog.

So remember this when you’re reading the Sex.com Blog:

  1. I am a man.
  2. I am not a sexy woman.
  3. I will not have sex with you.
  4. If you have a question about sex or you need sex advice, I’ll help you in Chico’s Sex Advice, but I will not have sex with you.
  5. No, you cannot have my phone number.
  6. I am a man.
  7. I am not a sexy woman.
  8. If you see me in person, don’t try to talk to me about porn or your favorite pornstar. This blog is the place to do that. Otherwise you’re just pissing me off.

Though you can’t have my phone number, you can:

Email me: Chicodustyblog@gmail.com or Cdusty@sex.com

Follow me on Twitter: @CDustySexBlog

Add me to your circles on Google+ 

Otherwise just go look at some babes or read some sex news or check out the latest hot sex tip.


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