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Alexis Texas

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Alexis Texas, the owner of the world’s most coveted ass, inadvertently became the center of controversy a few weeks ago when TMZ pointed out that there was no such thing as an Alexis Texas interracial scene. Of course, a lot of white, female performers haven’t filmed interracial sex scenes, which could be a sign of institutional racism in the porn industry (and possibly the United States of America), but because everyone loves Alexis Texas (and an Alexis Texas interracial scene would just mean more Alexis for us to enjoy), she was unfortunately made an example of.

To further establish herself as a consummate professional and silence her accusers, she’s taken this opportunity to film a world exclusive Alexis Texas interracial scene.

Let’s take a look at Alexis Texas interracial scene debut.

So what do you need to know about the interracial scene before watching it? Well, it’s Alexis Texas’s first interracial scene. And to make it more of an event, it’s not just an interracial scene…it’s a massive gangbang.

The only other thing you need to know is that it’s April Fool’s Day. There is no Alexis Texas interracial scene.

Sorry to fool you, but I couldn’t resist. Let’s forget about this hilarious prank by watching a classic Alexis Texas scene. Just because there isn’t an exclusive Alexis Texas interracial scene, doesn’t mean we can’t all take the time to appreciate the supreme sexiness of Alexis Texas.

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Maybe it’s just me, but for me I couldn’t care less about the color of the cock she’s performing with. There doesn’t even need to be a cock with her in the scene. She’s one of the sexiest performers in porn today and because of that she can fuck whoever she wants.

I mean if she starts casually throwing around racial slurs, that’s a whole ‘nother story. But until that happens, enjoy Alexis Texas for what she does do for us perverts rather than criticize her for something she doesn’t.

Does that make sense? I have Alexis Texas’s big butt on the brain and it’s getting harder and harder to articulate thoughts because of it…

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I do think it’s messed up that TMZ would stir up controversy by claiming that there was no such thing as an Alexis Texas Interracial Scene. There is such a thing. She’s filmed scenes with Asian men before. Here’s the proof:

Source: xvideos.com via bubblegumtaint on Sex.com

Last time I checked, Alexis Texas is white (a PAWG to be specific) and that man is Asian. They are different races. That means they’re having interracial sex. Therefore the video above this text is officially an Alexis Texas interracial scene.

Why does “interracial” only apply to black people in porn? C’mon guys, it’s 2013. Let’s get with the times.

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