June, 2012

  • Team BJ NBA


    On June 21st, the dreaded Miami Heat and Lebron James took home the NBA Championship. While I wanted to see Oklahoma City Thunder upset the favorites, they couldn’t overcome the three game deficit. It’s in the history books now, but there is a consolation prize.

    Last month, Miami pornstars Angelina Castro and Sara Jay promised on their twitters that if the Heat won the Championship they would give out free blowjobs to all their followers. Not bad right? Continue Reading

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  • Remy LaCroix Retires


    Remy Lacroix

    She came. She conquered. Now she’s moving on.

    Remy LaCroix had only been in the industry for a short time but people took notice. Elegant Angel’s gave her the star treatment earlier this month by releasing Remy LaCroix, a feature dedicated to showcasing this young talent.

    Last night on her blog, she had this to say, “There?s a multitude of reasons to give now, but the bottom line is that it just doesn?t feel right anymore? physically, mentally, or emotionally… I?m thankful for all the self-awareness and confidence this experience has forced upon me. Spending this time in my life being hot and spontaneous is something I will never regret.”

    She has a few more scenes to complete in July but otherwise she’s done. It’s too bad to see Remy call it quits but at least she’s doing it her way. I would like to wish Remy all the best in whatever she chooses to pursue. I would also like to remind Remy that a comeback is more than welcome any time.

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  • Sunny Leone in “Jism 2″

    Bollywood star Sunny Leone

    With a title like Jism 2, most porn fans could probably guess what Sunny Leone’s latest film is about…

    Let me tell you, you’re way off. Jism in this case is not slang for semen but Hindi for body. Jism 2 is a Bollywood erotic-thriller, which places Sunny Leone as a pornstar seductress trapped in a love triangle between a deadly assassin and an intelligence officer. This marks the Indo-Canadian starlet’s first Bollywood role as well as any major mainstream starring role. Continue Reading

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  • Beyond the bedroom…

    A guide to sex in public

    Realistically speaking, there are few better places to have sex than in a bed. Beds are warm, comfortable places that are designed to handle a lot of gyration and contortion. And once you’re spent, you can just roll over and pass out.

    However there is a downside to beds and bedrooms and that is their familiarity. In my own experience, there has always been an excitement associated to the prospect of sleeping in a different bed. Why else would hotels be so rampant? Why else would we pursue sleep-overs with such fervor? We love our own beds but our familiarity with them is the first step to boredom. Boredom is something we just cannot have.

    For today’s sex tip, I want you to forget about beds entirely. It’s time you get take the show on the road and get those endorphins flowing. Roughly seventy percent of men and women fantasize about sex in public so today we’ll focus on how it can be done right. Continue Reading

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  • Chico Dusty’s Top 10 Handjobs

    Victoria Rae Black

    Most people’s first sexual experience was either on the giving or the receiving end of a handjob. And it was awesome, wasn’t it?

    Getting felt up through your jeans. Your pants coming undone. The person you’re with reaching in and tugging on your junk. Simpler times…

    The emphasis on manual stimulation seemed to decrease as we became more experienced. But why?

    Continue Reading

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  • Chico Dusty’s Top 10 Pool Pics

    Tori Black takes a dip

    Today is officially the first day of summer!

    Good riddance to socks and sweaters. For the next three months, life is about sunshine, barbeques, bikinis, and good times. To celebrate the start of summer, I put together a little Top 10. This week’s theme for the Top 10 is “Pool Pics”. Is there any greater summer fantasy than chilling by the pool with a beautiful woman? Their soaking wet bodies emerging for the glistening water.

    See Fast Times at Ridgemont High if you don’t get my women in pools fetish. In the meantime, check out my Top 10 Pool Pics


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  • Everyone’s Doing It

    Sensate-Focus Sex


    Are you and your partner losing drive and inspiration in the bedroom? Does it feel like the same old routine every time you get around to ‘the deed’?

    Perhaps your penetration problems tend towards the erectile dysfunction, orgasm trouble, or general sexual anxiety end of the sex-spooked spectrum.


    Whatever your hangup, you’re in luck, because there is a new, rejuvinating sex sensation bound to rekindle your lusty endeavors. It’s calledĀ sensate focusĀ sex. Continue Reading

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  • Taylor Stevens’s giant boobs overshadow outcome of game 4

    Taylor Stevens's tits make national news

    The Los Angeles Kings are one win away from claiming their first Stanley Cup since entering the league in 1967. Last night the Kings failed to complete a sweep of the New Jersey Devils. With the end in sight, the big story was not the Devil’s resilience, staying alive to play again on Saturday.

    Rather the big story from last night’s game was the gigantic tits right behind the Devil’s bench. Continue Reading

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  • PETA.XXX unleashed

    Sasha Grey for PETA

    Activist group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, for those of you who don’t know) has flirted with the “sex sells” concept many times in the past. I personally will never forget seeing Pamela Anderson pose in a lettuce bikini in support of vegetarianism. And then there’s the less fond memory of seeing Steve-o of Jackass and Wildboyz bare his ass against fur.

    PETA continues this tradition of using sex to generate awareness for their cause today by launching PETA.XXX. Continue Reading

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  • Welcome to the new SEX.com

    It’s finally here. After toiling away in internet purgatory for a long time, Sex.com is back. Welcome to the new Sex.com! Continue Reading

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