August, 2012

  •’s secret tip to enjoying your long weekend

    Make your own lotion with Calamine, Zinc Oxide, Purified water, Calcium Hydroxide, and Glycerin!

    Oh great Labor Day…

    The last chance anyone has to go swimming, drink beer, barbeque food, and wear white pants. The next time you’ll have time off from work or school is Christmas (possibly Thanksgiving).

    Days become short and miserable. It’s cold all the time. Subways filled to the brim with ugly, ugly people. Restaurants don’t let you smoke inside. Traffic is a bitch. Kat Dennings’s dead eyes and huge rack dominating TV again.

    Yes…the world is full of problems.

    Luckily, the Center for Research and Development has made some great developments in its research recently. The question we asked, “What can we do to ensure our Labor Day is not a solemn period of reflection on better days?”

    Oh boy do we have an answer for you!

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  • Lesbian sex in jail cell gets RCMP in trouble

    Jail is a great place to meet a partner

    What prompted an investigation into the Kamloops RCMP, which determined four officers and three civilian guards acted “unreasonable” and “demonstrated a complete lack of professionalism?”

    Would you believe that it was their reactions to two female prisoners having sex in a jail-cell? Yes, for the second time this week we have a classic male (and perhaps female as well) fantasy that comes true with consequence.

    In August 2010, two women were being held in the drunk tank when the officers and guards allegedly watched them have sex on the security cameras. They were arrested separately but they were able to connect because they had intoxication in common.

    Unfortunately, the people watching didn’t realize that they were on camera also.

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  • Leave feedback

    We’ve added something to the main site for all our loyal users. has always been about you, the user. You pin your favorite content, you follow the boards you like, etc. Now help us cater to your tastes even more by leaving us a feedback.

    Ya see?

    When you’re browsing boards and a suggestion or a question comes to you just click “Leave us Feedback” below the Search Bar. You can use this link to report any bugs but I highly doubt there are any.

    Our goal is to make the best website on the internet and there’s no way we’re going to accomplish that without your help so don’t be shy when you’ve got something to say. We’ll really appreciate it.

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  • The Courtney Stodden bidding war explained

    Courtney Stodden

    Teenage-bride and tabloid star Courtney Stodden turned 18 today. As a result she’s been receiving offers from porn companies to do some hardcore scenes to keep her celebrity status alive.

    So far she’s received offers from:

    • Digital Playground

    Digital Playground even had contract star Jesse Jane record a recruitment video to entice her to sign with them: view it on YouTube here.

    What is it about Courtney Stodden that has all these different porn companies bidding for her image? WARNING SPOILERS!

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  • Republicans to propose a crackdown on pornography

    Artist rendering of Republicans having sex

    Republicans are always trying to take a moral high ground in their constant struggle against the depraved Democrats. Their latest claim to morality for this year’s election is calling for a crackdown on pornography.

    “Current laws on all forms of pornography and obscenity need to be vigorously enforced,” is what Republicans have added to a draft of their official platform according to Reuters. If Mitt Romney is elected, it could mean a change in obscenity’s legal definition as well as more blocking software use to scrub out internet pornography.po

    The Republican Party has always been perceived to be the party of big business. Would it not be beneficial to their economic policy to leave the $2 to $13 billion adult industry alone? Publicly they would have to condemn it but the reality is that pornography is a real industry. How could they benefit from trying to crush a contributor to the economy? (If someone has an explanation please leave a comment because as you can tell my understanding of economics is extremely low)

    The decision to attack the porn industry must be based on morality. However a study by Benjamin Edelman from 2009 revealed that it was primarily conservative (or “Red”) states that had the highest consumption of pornography.

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  • A Few Details on Dev’s Sex Tape

    When you film a sex tape, you have to be proactive about ownership rights. You never know when Far East Movement is going to sample your voice and make you famous. It doesn’t happen to everyone but it happened to Dev, whose sex tape is being shopped around by some dickhead an ex-boyfriend trying to embarrass the singer.

    Dev posing with her tongue out

    TMZ reports that the tape was shot sometime last year and is done in the same style as the most successful sex tape of all time, 1 Night In Paris. For those of you who haven’t seen 1 Night In Paris because you were in jail at the height of its popularity and had limited internet access, it was shot mostly on the nightvision setting of a handycam.

    This means that most of the video was completely green and the couple doing it had unsettling glowing eyes. It looked less like a celebrity sex tape and more like alien porn at times.

    The only other details about Dev’s sex tape is that it’s boring. It looks like regular, non-celebrities having sex.

    Does Dev need to fire off cease and desists letters at this point? The quality of the video is poor and the sex is boring. What could possibly be the appeal of this video? Especially with the amount of high quality videos with so much exciting content on…

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  • Behind the Scenes of Brazzers’ Twin Peaks Inspired Thriller

    Brazzers is about to release a thriller series inspired by Twin Peaks titled One Night in the Valley. If you’ve ever seen the show, you’d know that it makes perfect sense to inspire a porno because every woman in the fictional town of Twin Peaks is the most desirable woman of all time (minus Nadine, Catherine, and the Log Lady).

    Though judging from the trailer, there doesn’t seem to be too many references to the show (notably a score like Angelo Badalamenti’s is missing). Kagney Linn Karter is discovered just like Laura Palmer in the pilot but the distinct atmosphere the show had doesn’t seem to have been recreated.

    But hey, watch the trailer and make up your own damn mind:

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  • “One Million Moms” Say Skittles Promotes Bestiality

    Let me clarify, “One Million Moms” believe that a new Skittles commercial promotes bestiality. Bestiality is not explicitly promoted or a side-effect of eating Skittles (or so we think). Anyways, the commercial features a young woman making out with a walrus named Bobby. In case you didn’t know, Skittles’s new image is “zany”.

    I’m guessing that most of you just kind of shrugged it off as sort of funny idea that was about 30 seconds too long (the commercial itself has a running time of 31 seconds). But “One Million Moms” felt differently. Here’s the official statement from their website:

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  • Man forced to pleasure Angelina Jolie lookalike at knife-point

    Luminita Perijoc, the sex crazed knife-wielder

    Nicolae Stan, a Romanian cab driver, was so close to living out a classic porno situation.

    Luminita Perijoc, described as an Angelina Jolie lookalike (her picture is just to the right and you can judge her likeness for yourself) asked Stan to help carry her bags up to her apartment. Once inside, she demanded he have sex with her.

    Initially, Stan turned her down because he is a married father of three. Stan’s mind was quickly changed when she pulled a knife on him and said she would kill him if they did not have sex.

    At knife-point, Stan undressed and was forced to have sex. However, that was not enough.

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  • Daily Mail Campaigning for Automatic Block on Online Pornography

    This pretty much sums it up.

    British conservative tabloid The Daily Mail reported today that that ChildLine, a free telephone counseling service for children and teens, has had a spike in calls for kids calling after seeing “disturbing” pornography online. They are up to about 50 calls a month on the subject.

    ChildLine founder Esther Ratzen says that pornography is warping the minds of young people because they emulate the “disturbing” and “dangerous” behavior. This is precisely the reason why we have age restrictions on pornography. Even as a very sexually active adult I see things on the internet that I cannot possibly understand. However, because I am much, much smarter than a child or teenager I know not to mimic things that are strange and confusing to me.

    Childline and National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) are both campaigning for better education on the dangers of pornography exposure to feeble, young minds (which is good and fully supports that campaign). They are also working withThe Daily Mail to pressure the UK Government to introduce an automatic block on online pornography.

    Here’s where we don’t see eye to eye.

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  • Mr. Marcus Named as Source of Syphilis Scare

    Mr. Marcus will no longer be known for his trademarked wearing a hat during a sex scene. That will be superseded by being the source of the porn industry’s 2012 syphilis scare.

    Mr. Marcus, as usual, wearing a hat

    He made a public apology at his San Fernando office with representatives from the Free Speech Coalition for altering the results of his STI test after he tested positive for syphilis.

    In an emotional interview with XBIZ, Mr. Marcus admitted to making mistakes in the last few weeks but didn’t feel like he was endangering anyone while he was performing between July 24th and August 8th.

    On July 12th, Mr. Marcus received his positive test result and was administered a penicillin shot the following day. He was told not to have sex for seven to ten days.

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  • Lisa Ann Live as Sarah Palin in Tampa This Weekend

    Just a friendly little reminder that if you’re planning to be in Tampa this weekend for the National Republican Convention, make time to visit Thee Dollhouse strip-club. Sarah Palin will not be attending the Convention but her pornstar look-a-like Lisa Ann will be stripping as the former-governor.

    Can you guess which one is the real Sarah Palin?

    Lisa Ann’s Palin impression first paid-off in Hustler’s Who’s Nailin’ Palin? in 2008. Since then, Hustler has made five more Nailin’ Pailin movies.

    In an interview with GQ, Ann revealed, “I feel like I’m her rep at this point. Like, “Hey, don’t worry, I’m your double. Just stay at home and relax with your family. I’ll take care of this convention thing.”

    Take of the convention she will. Apparently conventions like these bring in a lot of business to strip clubs and that some strippers count on them for financial reasons. So whether or not you get to see Lisa Ann dance as Sarah Palin, if you’re in Tampa make sure to tip your dancers.

    Send us a picture of yourself with Lisa Ann in her Palin suit for a prize!

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  • on TV

    Well, sort of…in the form of a Who Wants to be a Millionaire question.

    She got it right on the show too! D)! Final answer!


    Though it would have been nice to hang on to that $13 million to swim throughout like Scrooge McDuck, we’re happy to own the most expensive, therefore best, domain name of all time. And we let you guys use it for free. Are we cool or what?

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  • Kim Kardashian’s Porn Star Threesome

    Did Kim Kardashian have a threesome with two porn stars at swinger’s party in 2001?

    Kim Kardashian

    As one would expect, Kim’s representation deny that it happened. Of course with all the rumors about her sex life, her staff probably has a standard statement that they use whenever one pops up.

    Porn actor Julian St Jox (as well as another anonymous source, according to Radar) assures us that she did. He and porn star Emily Ann saw a 20 year old Kim Kardashian enter the party with a black male (presumably Damon Thomas, her first husband).

    Jox recalls, “As soon as Kim walked in, everyone was looking. She wasn?t known at the time at all, not like today, but for everyone who frequented these parties, she was interesting because she was a new face.”

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  • Prime Time TV has more nudity than ever before!

    The Parents Television Council has just confirmed our worst fears:

    Family enjoying some nudity during prime time

    Nudity on prime time TV is rising.

    Since only a year ago, the PTC claims that nudity has gone up 407% in 2011 – 2012. What can explain this sudden decent into depravity? Are we so culturally bankrupt that the only way we can comfort ourselves between hollow Hollywood remakes is to see some pixelated tits on basic cable between 5pm and 9pm?

    Of course not, that’s why we have the internet. We don’t have to wait around for that window where nudity may pop onto the screen. You can look at from your phone.

    Still, the PTC has crunched the numbers to prove the spike in television nudity. Here are the message as they appeared in the press release:

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  • Syphilis Scare to Halt Filming

    The Free Speech Coalition, a porn trade group is calling for a nationwide, temporary moratorium on production. A performer came forward with having syphilis, which motivated this decision. The group is calling on all performers to get tested as well as receive preventative antibiotic shots.

    The dreaded swap

    Porn giant Manwin shut down production on Friday in the interest of protecting their performers. Manwin has also agreed to cover the costs of the preventative shots along with: Evil Angel, Girlfriend Films,, Vivid Pictures, and Gamma Entertainment.

    Performers who have test negative for STIs will be allowed back to work 10 days after receiving the shot.

    Luckily, syphilis can be treated with one shot of penicillin if a person has had it less than a year. Additional doses are necessary if it has been longer but syphilis is still curable.

    Last year, a performer tested HIV-positive and production was shutdown for nearly a week. The result turned out to be a false positive.

    For the health of the industry, we hope all performers get tested and get their shots. While we wait to see how this moratorium plays out, we would like to remind you that you can always view some of your old favorite sex pictures and sex videos on


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  • Blowjobs Reduce Depression in Women (and Men)

    Popsicles can be used for practice

    It’s great that blowjobs can be used as a cure for morning sickness but this blowjob news will blow* you away. The State University of New York has been studying the mood altering effects of chemicals in semen. Their results, shocking:

    Blowjobs are good for a woman’s health.

    In case you didn’t get it the first time, I’ll repeat myself:


    Specifically, blowjobs reduce depression in women (and men).

    This may sound like a male conspiracy to get more blowjobs (which it very well could be) but luckily the team from State have provided the credentials from the study.

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  • Playboy Mansion Suit Headed for Appeal Court

    David Long Jr. dared to take on Playboy Enterprises International. Long, a self-proclaimed “partier”, attended the “White Party” in 2009 and decided to sue when females were offered free or reduced¬† entry¬†(depending on looks anywhere from 0 to $350) while men had to pay at least $625.

    A great magazine

    Long didn’t just manage to lose his court case but he was left with $6000 in court fees. That’s not even counting the cost of his own attorney.

    Losing and debt will not stop David Long Jr. from fighting for men’s rights. He now plans to take his case to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The court has yet to make a decision on whether or not they will even hear his case.

    Although my support for men’s rights has been well documented, I cannot throw my support behind David Long Jr. Yes, it is unfair for men to pay $300 to $600 dollars more than women. In any other situation it would be abhorrent. But this is a party. All you need to do is use simple party-logic to know that David Long Jr.’s lawsuit is wrong.

    Allow me to explain…

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  • Watching Pornography Can Increase Strength

    As we all know, watching pornography is beneficial to our sex lives, our attitudes towards sex, our perception of the opposite sex, and our lives in general. But other than all those things, are there any other practical applications for pornography?

    Witness the fitness

    If you are honestly asking yourself that question, you are asking too much from porn. But don’t worry, your unreasonable request has been answered. A new study reported by Discover Magazine has shown that watching pornography can help men lift things.

    Scientists showed male weightlifters a variety erotic, funny, aggressive, motivational, sad, and neutral videos then measured salivary testosterone and their squat performance.

    Sad and neutral videos produced significantly lower testosterone levels in the saliva samples. Erotic, funny, aggressive, and motivational videos boosted the testosterone levels.

    The sexually-charged videos had a noticeable impact when it came to the squat performance. Weightlifters were able to lift heavier weights after viewing pornography.

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  • Airline’s Policy Discriminates Against Male Passengers

    Johnny McGirr discovered a curious Virgin Airlines policy the hard way while on a flight from Sydney to Brisbane.

    Little known fact, most of Virgin Airlines’ policies are made on the wave-runner

    He was asked to switch seats with a woman after two unaccompanied, young boys were seated next to him.

    When he asked the flight attendant why he had to move she replied:

    “Well, because you are male, you can?t be seated next to two unaccompanied minors.”

    She went on to explain it was company policy not to seat unaccompanied minors next to men. A spokeswoman for Virgin Airlines confirmed this saying that it is not meant to be discriminatory or offensive to men but that the company only has the well-being of the child in mind.

    Virgin isn’t the only airline with this policy. British Airways has a similar policy to prevent any opportunist pedophiles that might be aboard.

    When traveling unaccompanied minors are the responsibility of the airline but realistically are they any safer being seated next to a woman than they are a man?

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