September, 2012

  • 50 Cent wants you to stop masturbating

    50 cent 300x225 50 Cent wants you to stop masturbating

    Go shorty

    Wednesday on Twitter, 50 Cent declared that he is now abstinent. You see, according to Mr. Cent, “Women = confusion” which is something he doesn’t need right now. If his new album Street King Immortal is going to bring him back to relevance he needs as little confusion as possible.

    But he’s not just avoiding women, he’s fully observing his new found abstinence.

    Later 50 tweeted, “Masturbation is a sin you stop right now fool!!! lol God is watching you#SMS”. But how can someone just stop masturbating? Masturbation is the only thing I’ve consistently enjoyed for over 20 years, other than The Simpsons.

    Don’t worry, 50 Cent was thoughtful enough to tweet the four-steps anyone will ever need to ween themselves off masturbating.

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  • U.K. ISPs are officially against the Porn Filtering

    union jack 231x300 U.K. ISPs are officially against the Porn Filtering

    U.K. citizen in display of patriotism

    Good news for U.K. citizens, you may not have to emigrate.

    In a response to the public consultation to enforce an internet-porn filtering across the nation, major ISPs including TalkTalk, Virgin Media, and British Telecom have said that porn is ineffective and technically will not work.

    The ISPs submitted papers to the Department of Education that reassured everyone that children’s safety was a concern of theirs but the solution would not be a filtering system. They believe a parental control “active choice” would be the most beneficial.

    It’s too bad that the ISPs won’t just support sites like, but we’ll take it.

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  • Ke$ha has sex with ghosts?

    410x222 ke ha discusses her new record 6117 300x162 Ke$ha has sex with ghosts?

    Ke$ha lips are blue because of a tryst with a ghost

    While promoting her new album Warrior, Ke$ha revealed that the song “Supernatural” was inspired by true events. Though only a snippet of the song is available it would be safe to assume that when she sings “When you take my body to the stars I believe it. Boy this love is supernatural can you feel it?” is more of a metaphor for some very good sex.

    Apparently, Ke$ha means it literally. The song “Supernatural”, as she explained to Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS FM show, is literal. Here’s how Ke$ha explained it:

    “It’s about experiences with the supernatural… but in a sexy way. I had a couple of experiences with the supernatural. I don’t know his name! He was a ghost! I’m very open to it.”

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  • Announcing’s video upload

    videoupload 300x180 Announcing Sex.coms video upload

    Preview of the upload window

    Even if we don’t always reply to each individual feedback email we get, we definitely reads each and every one.

    Since we want our users to be happy, we’re giving into their demands one by one. The first installment of giving the users what they want is the ability to upload videos.

    Users can now upload videos to their boards on

    All you have to do is click “Upload Video” right next to “+Add” on the main page’s toolbar.

    Whatever sex movies or sex videos you’ve got wasting away in a hidden folder on your hard drive can now be stored, shared, and watched on the boards.

    If you notice any bugs or have any ideas on how to improve it, please send us feedback or leave a comment on the blog. In the meantime, happy uploading!

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  • Wisconsin man could face jail time for sex with couch

    1000 big red couch 300x168 Wisconsin man could face jail time for sex with couch

    Red Couches traditionally have the most sex appeal

    Waukesha, Wisconsin man Gerard P. Streator, 46, could be going to jail for an act of desperation that every man tries from time to time. Streator was having sex with an abandoned curbside couch at 11 pm on September 3rd.

    It is quite common for a man once he’s reached sexual maturity to melt butter, pour it into a Ziploc bag, slide the Ziploc between the cushions, and thrust away but Streator was unfortunately not using his own couch.

    An off-duty cop out for a jog came across Streator during the humping and tried to apprehend him. Streator ran away and the officer was shocked to see that he had been alone with the couch.

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  • Sasha Grey, porn star turned novelist

    2870053703 6c8a8a37f2 199x300 Sasha Grey, porn star turned novelist

    Sasha Grey

    Everyone’s buying into the whole erotic novel craze.

    I shouldn’t have to tell you that but you choose to get your news from a free porn site so maybe I do need to tell.

    Everyone’s buying into the whole erotic novel craze.

    The latest installment of publishers profiting off the sexual repression of house wives might actually be worth a read. That’s because the author is not working from a longstanding sexual fantasy and the associated frustration. She’s pretty much done it all when it comes to sex, and it’s been featured on screen.

    Retired porn superstar Sasha Grey is the author of a new erotic novel called The Juliette Society that’s being described as Fight Club set in a sexualized world with an assertive female protagonist.

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  • NO on Measure B

    home logo NO on Measure B

    Measure B is a proposed mandate that would force all adult performers to wear condoms in their films. Despite the syphilis scare that happened this summer, the adult industry is very serious about blood tests for performers. Why should city health officials be sent to sets throughout Los Angeles to make sure performers are wearing condoms? Is it not the responsibility of the industry and the performers to ensure their health and safety?

    Give the kids and seniors their goddamn flu shots and stay off the set.

    Mind you, it’s never a bad idea to wear a condom when you’re having sex in your personal life. Sex in your personal life doesn’t require monthly blood-tests so it’s best to be safe.

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  • Japanese porn star appears in Indonesian schoolbooks

    maria ozawa 300x231 Japanese porn star appears in Indonesian schoolbooks

    Maria Ozawa

    The Blog likes to think that with every passing day, sex becomes less stigmatized. And what is sex without pornography? It is an attempt to reproduce, which is very boring. So to keep sex interesting without any stigma, this blog believes that pornography needs to enter the mainstream.

    But as usual, Indonesia has taken a good idea from this blog and failed to apply it correctly.

    Parents and education officials were shocked to find out last week that a picture of Japanese/French-Canadian porn star Maria Ozawa was published in junior high school workbook.

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  • The Vice Guide to Orgasms

    Karley Sciortino’s new show on Vice¬†Slutever is providing you with all the sex education you never received. This week’s episode answers all the questions about the mysterious and demanding female orgasm. She talks to orgasm scientist Barry Komisaruk, celebrity sex-therapist Sari Cooper, and adult superstar Bobbi Starr getting some pretty useful advice along the way.

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  • offers $1,000,000 for Kanye’s sex-tape

    120405 kanye west 300x199 offers $1,000,000 for Kanyes sex tape

    Cool guy Kanye West

    Yeezy’s obsession with Kim Kardashian before they started dating has been well-documented. He apparently could not get off unless he was watching Kim’s famous sex-tape, no matter how many hot girls he was with at the time.

    Even after they got together, he’s been boasting about her sex-tape. In his new song “Clique”, Kanye raps, “Eat breakfast at Gucci. My girl a superstar all from a home movie.”

    But today we found out just how obsessed with Kim he is/was. Radar Online has obtained a twenty-minute long sex-tape featuring Kanye West and an 18 year-old girl who apparently looks exactly like Kim Kardashian.

    Here’s what we know about the tape: they never kiss, they don’t interact any further than simply doing the deed, in various positions throughout, Kanye wears a condom, and the 18 year-old doppelganger says at one point, “My husband and I don’t have sex anymore‚Ķ that’s why I’m here!”

    Kanye is apparently freaking out about this video getting. And though we loved College Dropout, couldn’t help but making an offer on the footage. A cool million, no questions asked is our offer.

    Check out the press release:

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