October, 2012

  • Miley Cyrus earns Sex.com’s respect by working with Jessie Andrews

    This is Jessie Andrews, she’s a porn star. She’s too cute to be a porn star. Call her and thank her, you ingrates.

    For most of us, the party in the USA ended in 2010. However, most of us aren’t Miley Cyrus who has kept her own personal party in the USA alive and well since summer 2009.

    She’s been smoking weed salvia, giving people lapdances, dating super hunky Australians, cutting off her hair, bleaching her hair, making guest appearances on Two and a Half Men. Yes, the girl we knew as a tween idol has really gone off the rails by acting like any ordinary teenager with millions of dollars. Who could have possibly guessed that she would try to get edgier with age? (Everyone. Everyone should have guessed it)

    Today was the last straw for Miley. The internet gasped at the prospect of three wedding ceremonies for her and fiancee Liam Hemsworth, only to be floored by the news that Miley had cast a porn star Jessie Andrews in her upcoming music video! Oh no!

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    October 31, 2012 • Sex News • Views: 1261

  • Fill your G-Spot with a G-Shot

    Don’t worry, it’s just a little prick

    Since its discovery in the 1940s, straight men everywhere have been hopelessly trying to find the woman’s G-Spot. Most men can barely even find the clitoris, so trying to find a spot that people aren’t too sure exists is even more daunting.

    I got good news for all the sexually illiterate men and sexually dissatisfied women of the world. Hollywood gynecologist and surgeon Dr. David Matlock has the women of Los Angeles crowding his clinic, the Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of America (this the real name of his clinic), to receive their “G-Shots”, a surgical procedure that injects filler into a woman’s G-Spot for an improved sex life.

    Totally insane, right? Well, let’s find out more about it!

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    October 30, 2012 • Sex News • Views: 541

  • Sex.com’s Guide to Surviving Hurricane Sandy

    Normally, we would do a post that relates to sex in somewhat, whether that’s sexual health news or pornography news, whatever. But today we’re going to be doing something a little out of the ordinary because this goddamn hurricane is really out of the ordinary.

    People on the east coast that are getting hit by Hurricane Sandy, please follow Sex.com’s Hurricane Survival Tips for Surviving a Hurricane.

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    October 29, 2012 • Funny, Stuff • Views: 363

  • Checkin’ in with Sasha Grey

    What up, Sasha Grey?

    Last time we heard from Sasha Grey, she was preparing for her erotic literature debut. However, that was months ago and many of us have been wondering what the retired porn superstar has been doing with her time. Well, I have good news for you because she’s not loafing around on the computer like you and I.

    Sasha Grey is busy making music. Her band, aTelecine, made their live debut Saturday, October 20th at Poland’s UNSOUND festival.

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    October 26, 2012 • Sex News • Views: 981

  • Odds are your homemade porn has been leaked


    Ever notice that whenever a private porn picture of any public figure makes in it onto the internet, it also makes headlines? Is any one even surprised to see a grainy cellphone picture of their congressman/sports hero/favorite actress?

    It will always be fun to look at just because we’re all a bunch of voyeurs but the fact is, no one should be surprised when homemade porn (pics and vids, y’all) get leaked online.


    The number one reason is because everybody makes a little porn in their time, obviously.

    The second reason is that a new study from Britain has concluded that 88% of homemade porn pics and vids, y’all make their way onto the internet. Sites the study nicknamed “parasites” host images and videos that can come from lost or stolen cellphones, hacked private accounts on social media sites, chat sites, and of course Tumblr.

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    October 25, 2012 • Sex News • Views: 1452

  • Former porn star fighting to get teaching job back (UPDATED)

    Stacie Halas / Tiffany Six / Hot for Teacher

    Last April, Stacie Halas was fired from junior high school teaching job in Southern California.

    I know what you’re thinking, you hate school and a teacher getting fired is no big deal. Well, you are right about the suckiness of school. No one is here to argue that. You should care about Stacie Halas because she was fired because she had done porn in the past.

    She used to perform under the name “Tiffany Six”, appearing in a total of 22 titles (according to IAFD). She was finished with porn by the time she was hired to teach science in 2009.

    Still, when the administration found out because students ratted her out, she was fired. Now she’s appealing the ruling, fighting to get her teaching job back.

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  • Alicia Silverstone’s vibrator endorsement realizes every 90’s guy’s dreams

    It’s unfair that some people get more attractive with age, i.e. Alicia Silverstone

    DISCLAIMER: If you do not remember the 90’s, then this post is not for you. Go back to the main page and find some new boards to follow.

    If you do remember the 90’s, then do you remember when Clueless came out? Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone) and Dionne Davenport (Stacey Dash) were hot shit.

    What is up with cast of Clueless these days? Well, Stacey Dash got caught in some Twitter controversy for endorsing Mitt Romney over Barack Obama. Meanwhile Alicia Silverstone has been killing it lately.

    I know what you’re thinking…AS IF!

    No seriously, she took some time off from the limelight and is now coming back to star in the new movie Vamps. More importantly, she’s even hotter than she was in 1995!

    Aside from her face-melting photoshoot in Bullett Magazine (i.e. the photos included in this post), she’s also using her celebrity status to endorse Leaf Vibrators, the eco-friendly vibrator company.

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    October 23, 2012 • Sex News • Views: 2257

  • Sex addiction is officially real and not just elaborate hoax for philandering celebrities

    You can often tell if you’re a sex addict if you have a semi-nude photo of yourself in your wallet

    It seems that after years of late-night mockery, it is the sex addicts who will have the last laugh (which is good because when you ruin your life, you need to laugh at something). Sex addiction, the condition we love to scoff at, is now a legitimate mental illness.

    Research psychologist from UCLA, Rory Reid, lead a team of doctors and marriage and family counselors to figure out what the criteria for hypersexual disorder so that it can be properly diagnosed.

    If you’re reading this, you’re probably obsessed with sex. Before you diagnose yourself with hypersexual disorder because you want to bang Simpson’s David Duchovny, let’s go over the criteria for the condition:

    October 22, 2012 • Sex News • Views: 354

  • ‘The Sessions’ shines light on sex surrogacy

    Sex therapy

    Tomorrow, The Sessions a little independent movie that has won over the hardened hearts of the Hollywood elite is getting a wide release.

    Why should you care? Because it looks like a pretty good movie.

    It’s the story of the relationship between a 38 year old disabled virgin and the sex surrogate he hires to lose said virginity. The movie stars John Hawkes, Helen Hunt, and William H. Macy. It’s out in theaters tomorrow, why not go see it?

    While this Blog would love to dedicate an entire post to free promotion of The Sessions, instead we’d like to do one of our patented breakdowns. Today, we will be explaining sex surrogates. If you are already an expert on sex surrogates, feel free to stop reading and go back to the mainpage.

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    October 18, 2012 • Sex News • Views: 333

  • Nacho Vidal arrested in sting operation

    Nacho Vidal definitely chills like a gangster

    Spanish police made 80 arrests for “Operation Emperor” in Madrid today. “Operation Emperor” targeted Chinese mobsters laundering money in Spain. The racket was allegedly made up of traders who sold contraband goods in Spain, laundered the money and sent it back to China.

    Surprisingly, among the 80 arrests was male porn star and Evil Angel shooter Nacho Vidal. You may remember Nacho Vidal from such films as Cumback Pussy 21, Cumback Pussy 23, Cumback Pussy 24, and Nacho Invades America 2.

    Nacho was running a company suspected in laundering the Chinese mobster’s money.

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    October 16, 2012 • Sex News • Views: 932

  • Mystikal’s porn career takes a step forward

    Mystikal and Pinky

    After serving a charge of domestic abuse battery, Mystikal is back!

    But the thing with going to prison is that it can change you. Take it from me, to survive prison you have to do a little introspection and reevaluate your priorities. That is exactly what Mystikal did.

    He’s given himself an ultimatum. If he fails to make hit on his next album, Original, he will retire from rap and start doing porn. So which scenario is more likely?

    Luckily for fans of his music, Mystikal is backed by Birdman, Lil Wayne, and the Cash Money Empire. Pretty much everything they do becomes a hit despite how shitty it might be (for example Drake and Nicki Minaj).

    However, he hasn’t released an album since Tarantula in 2001. More importantly, Original has been “to be released” since 2011. Mystikal’s rap career seems a little stagnant while Mystikal’s porn career could be gaining momentum.

    The rapper’s porn star crush Pinky stated today that she would gladly film a scene with him.

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    October 16, 2012 • Sex News • Views: 461

  • Porn-forwarding could get you 7 years in jail (in India)

    Sharing porn or lewd photos is encouraged amongst prisoners

    India’s government is trying to amend the Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act, 1986. The act currently prohibits the indecent representation of women (which you should have guessed based on the name of the Act) through advertisements, publications, writing, paintings etc.

    The proposed amendments could be sending people who send pornography or other obscene images digitally to jail for up to seven years.

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    October 15, 2012 • Sex News • Views: 560

  • Justin Bieber’s nude photos. Don’t get too excited, there’s a catch…

    Justin Bieber sex tape?

    Amidst the throwing up on stage in Arizona and dying on Twitter, Justin Bieber was having a real rough month.

    To top it all off, Beebs (personal friend of the Blog so we like to use his nickname “BEEBS“) tweeted about some “personal footage” going missing. Selena Gomez sex tape? KEEP READING AND FIND OUT. I’m not going to blow my big scoop in the first two paragraphs. Jeez.

    A few hours after the tweet, the internet was buzzing with a photo of a young, faceless man holding his penis (presumably flaccid). The man in the photo had a the same bird tattoo on his hip as Justin Bieber.

    So why hasn’t Sex.com offered millions of dollars to get the photo or the rumored sex tape?

    That’s because it’s all a hoax.

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    October 12, 2012 • Sex News • Views: 1080

  • This hunk is running for President? (UPDATED)

    All hail President Stud

    Democrats want to raise your taxes, Republicans want to cut them. The election sure can be confusing.

    If you’ve weighed the pros and cons between both candidates and found that you’re still undecided, don’t worry. We are here to give you a third option: Andre Barnett.

    Andre Barnett is a true patriot. He is a soldier, a small business owner, body builder, sought after fitness model, and former gay porn star. With your help, we can add President of the United States to his resume.

    So why should you vote for Andre Barnett?

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  • Charity porn site Come4.org seeking donations

    Cum4.org was too expensive of a domain

    Most of us when we watch pornography we feel horny or sleepy or sometimes horny and sleepy. But do you ever feel unfulfilled when watching pornography?

    Not that watching pornography is unfulfilling, we should all be watching much more pornography specifically on Sex.com. But when you’re watching a nubile young women perform sex you could never have, does your mind wander to the environment or poverty around the world and you have to wonder what you could be doing to help?

    I think it’s safe to assume that it’s very rare that we ever consider anything but what is currently happening on the screen. However, if you do find yourself distracted by world issues while watching pornography then Come4.org is exactly what you need.

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  • Teaser for The Canyons released

    After a long summer of hype, we finally get a trailer for Bret Easton Ellis’s new movie The Canyons starring Lindsay Lohan and male pornstar James Deen.


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    October 9, 2012 • Sex News • Views: 348

  • New German alcohol distilled with boobs for sensual taste experience

    Pouring too much rum onto breasts has been known to cause pixelation

    Boobs and booze are a match made in heaven, right?

    You have a drink and you’re ready to see some boobs. In rare cases, women or “chicks” have a drink and they are ready to show their boobs.

    But what about a booze that’s made with boobs? Is that just some pervert-alcoholic’s dream?

    No, it’s not.

    G Spirits has made it a reality.

    G Spirits is a new alcohol company from Germany that bottles their rum, whiskey, and vodka after it has been run between the breasts of a model (a model with big boobs).

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    October 5, 2012 • Sex News • Views: 983

  • Porn site banned from donating to breast cancer charity

    Is a caption necessary?

    Why would a charity turn down what could have been a million dollar donation? Does the source of the donation really matter to the charity?

    Apparently, to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure it does matter. They’ve just turned down what could be a huge donation because it was offered by a porn site.

    Pornhub.com pledged earlier this week to give 1 cent for every 30 views of either their “Big Tits” or “Small Tits” section as a part of the “Save the Boobs” campaign. After all, it is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. Pornhub said, “the more boobs that are viewed, the more money would be showered upon the Foundation.”

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    October 5, 2012 • Sex News • Views: 1165

  • Documentary claims Obama’s mother was a pornstar in smear campaign

    Ann Dunham, pornstar?

    President Barack Obamacare just can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to his heritage. The birth certificate scandal was outrageous but now there’s a new can of worms that’s been opened to get him to slide in the swing states.

    This time, the target is not Obamacare himself but his mother. A filmmaker named Joel Gilbert has directed a documentary called Dreams of my Real Father (a twist on the title of President Barack Obamacare’s autobiography Dreams of my Father) where he claims that Obamacare’s mother, Ann Dunham, posed for fetish magazines in the 1950s.

    Here’s the clip that contains the alleged photos of Ms Dunham and the cover-up:

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  • Youtube star’s gay porn debut

    Leave Chris Crocker alone

    We were all promised 15 minutes of fame, however that was before Youtube’s release. We still all get to be famous but only for a thirty second clip of each and everyone of us getting hit in the gonads with a football.

    But what happens to those people who are internet famous? Their video goes viral, they do their best to enjoy the attention, and then they are all but forgotten about in almost no time.

    However, Chris Crocker (of “Leave Britney Alone” fame) refuses to fade into obscurity. You don’t get 44 million views on Youtube only to fade away. No, Chris Crocker internet celebrity, songwriter, blogger, and recording artist is set to make his debut in the glamorous world of gay porn.

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    October 3, 2012 • Sex News • Views: 783