January, 2013

  • Valentine’s Day Gift Guide (part 2) – Chocolate Portrait

    Valentine’s Day is coming up.

    You’re all like, “What? No it’s not, Valentine’s Day is in February. It’s still January.”

    Well, maybe you should open a calendar, Jack. Because it’s pretty much February and once we hit February 1st, St. Valentine and Cupid are going to put a fucking gun to your fucking head and tell you to do something romantic for your sweetheart.

    Being held up at gunpoint by a saint and a cherub isn’t such a big deal though. The secret to getting out of this jam is “preparedness”. And what could possibly prepare you better than Sex.com’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide (part 2)?

    In Part 1, we found the perfect gift to encourage couples to have sex and make art. Now let’s see what part 2 has in store for us…

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  • Ignore your chores, get laid more often

    retro faucet 300x282 Ignore your chores, get laid more often

    Attention all married men!

    Stop doing housework.

    Housework sucks. That’s a given. But that’s not the only reason for you to stop doing housework. Did you know that married men who tend to help around the house have less sex than married men who don’t do house work?

    The University of Washington just published a study in the American Sociological Review that suggests that heterosexual couples who observe traditional gender roles have more “sexual encounters”.

    Co-author and Associate Professor of Sociology Julia Brines told the Toronto Star, “Where the male is doing the male tasks and the female is doing the female tasks, those are the couples (who) are having more sex.”

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  • Penis Power & the Boston Crab

    The most important video you’ll see all day. I guess it’s a sex tip? I don’t know. It doesn’t matter, just watch it.

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  • Reasons to love Ron Jeremy

    Ron Jeremy is currently in critical condition due to an aneurysm near his heart. Hopefully, he pulls through. He’s a total weirdo but we can’t help but love him.

    RonJeremy 1 Reasons to love Ron Jeremy

    Love you, dog.

    While we have our fingers crossed, hoping that he’ll recover, we’d like to share with you  our Top 10 Reasons to love Ron Jeremy.
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  • The basics of BDSM

    A Swedish man is now standing trial for murder after he killed his German girlfriend while playing a Fifty Shades of Grey-inspired master and sex slave game. Not cool.

    After hearing about this horrible tragedy, we thought it would be a good idea to remind everyone the basics of BDSM in hopes of preventing any sex related injury or God forbid death.

    So let’s review the basics of BDSM.

     The basics of BDSM

    Bite the whip

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  • Sex surrogacy and the elderly

    anna nicole smith howard j. marshall 300x239 Sex surrogacy and the elderly

    Old people love sex too

    Homer Simpson once said, “If you ask me, old folks have it pretty sweet.” And that couldn’t be more true when you think about Social Security, bus discounts, Medic-Alert jewelery, Gold Bond powder, pants all the way up to your armpits, and all those other senior perks. Yes, old people do have it pretty sweet.

    But it’s not all fun and games for the elderly, especially for the residents of Chaseley nursing home in Eastborne, Sussex. At least not anymore now that the East Sussex City Council is launching an investigation into the nursing because they believe the home has been arranging prostitute visits for their residents.

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  • Valentine’s Day Gift Guide (part 1) – Sex Art Kit

    But anyone who has tried to go shopping for their special someone on Valentine’s day knows that Valentine’s Day is really a holiday where you walk around the mall developing an ulcer and then you go to dinner empty-handed and your wife hands you divorce papers.

    Finding that perfect gift for your wife, girlfriend, mistress, crush, or favorite prostitute is never easy. The same is true for finding that perfect gift for your husband, boyfriend, boy toy, man-crush, or favorite gigolo (no sexism on this blog). Since we made sure you had the perfect Christmas with our Christmas Gift Guide, we knew we would have to bail you out again for Valentine’s Day.

    So let’s rip open this big heart shaped box of chocolates that is Sex.com’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide (part 1) and shovel it down our throats.

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  • Sex with Facebook friends is easy!

    facebook sex3 Sex with Facebook friends is easy!

    Facebook has always been about sex

    What’s the point of keeping in touch with friends, classmates, and coworkers on Facebook? It’s simple. Being someone’s Facebook friend is an easy way to organize hookups.

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  • Valentine’s Day poll extravaganza

    Cupid graphicsfairyred Valentines Day poll extravaganza

    Cupid officially endorses Sex.com

    I’m sorry to say that it’s that time of year again.

    We’ve barely recovered from our Christmas/New Year’s holiday bender and now Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Yes, it’s that wonderful time of year where we are forced to buy discount chocolate, crappy cards, and lie through our teeth when we tell some poor sucker that we “love” them.

    Frankly, we don’t care much for Valentine’s Day. With such a talented cast, director Garry Marshall could have done a lot more with the movie (we think). As for the holiday itself, don’t even get us started on our problems with Valentine’s Day.

    Instead of a long-winded rant about Valentine’s Day (which may or may not be coming soon to The Sex.com Blog), we’d much rather know more about your feelings by having you answer a bunch of questions.

    So please, be honest and vote in our Valentine’s Day poll extravaganza:

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  • Oral Sex Assassin

    87064915 oral sex 300x236 Oral Sex Assassin

    Watch out when you’re going down…you may never come back up…

    The Mirror reported today that a Brazilian woman is being sued by her husband for allegedly trying to kill him with oral sex.

    Let me just clear this up right away because it’s important. This is NOT a case of death by blowjob. I think I speak for most men when I say that if someone tried to kill me by sucking my dick I would not sue them.

    Instead of suing, I would encourage them to keep trying to kill me by blowjob every single day, maybe two or three times a day on weekends, until I finally died.

    No, a Brazilian woman is being sued by her husband for allegedly trying to kill him by asking him to perform oral sex on her.

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