February, 2013

  • Girls Gone Wild goes bankrupt


    Is this the end of girls going wild?

    Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis has filed for bankruptcy to protect his soft-core porn empire from Casino mogul Steve Wynn’s $10 million debt claim and a $5.8 million claim for using a naked woman’s pictures without consent.

    Wynn has been after Francis for six years. Francis failed to pay a $2 million gambling debt to a hotel owned by Wynn during a trip in February 2007. Last year, Wynn’s resort won $7.5 million from a defamation case “stemming from Francis’s public attack falsely accusing Wynn of deceiving customers.”

    So how does filing for bankruptcy affect Girls Gone Wild? According to Francis’s executive assistant Heather Brooke, it’s business as usual. “This Chapter 11 filing will not affect any of Girls Gone Wild’s domestic or international operations,” according to the statement. “Just like American Airlines and General Motors, it will be business as usual for Girls Gone Wild.”

    GGW brands are using this bankruptcy claim to “…restructure its frivolous and burdensome legal affairs,” Brooke said in a statement. In the statement, she also claimed that Joe Francis hadn’t owned the company for two years.

    So filing for bankruptcy doesn’t mean the end of Girls Gone Wild. However, does Girls Gone Wild have a place in the age of social media? Continue Reading

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  • How to find a porn doppelganger

    Everybody loves a porn doppelganger. Why? Because you don’t have to strain your imagination while fantasizing about hot sex with a sexy celebrity, an acquaintance you’d like to hook up with, the neighborhood MILF or an ex-girlfriend you only have vague memories of. You can just fill in the blanks while watching someone who looks similar have sex on camera.

    The only problem with a porn doppelganger is that they can be difficult to find. Luckily, reality porn company Naughty America has done some work on Naughty America FaceMatch, a free online service that matches porn stars to any user submitted photo.

    Naughty America FaceMatch

    Naughty America FaceMatch

    Let’s try it out and see how it works…

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  • Larry Flynt’s 6 Tips for Porn Stars

    Young Larry Flynt

    Young Larry Flynt

    I get anywhere from ten to fifty emails a day from men and women all over the world asking how they can become porn stars. While it’s extremely flattering that they would want my advice, the truth is I’m not a performer. I just write this blog. I have no tips for porn stars.

    You all can stop emailing me the same dang question. But I understand why people keep emailing me. Being a porn star is now a realistic career choice for people. It makes sense that they would reach out to someone on the fringes of the adult industry to figure out how to be a successful porn star.

    Lucky for all you would-be-porn stars, one of the world’s greatest pornographers, Larry Flynt of Hustler Magazine, has come out with 6 tips for porn stars. It’s sound advice for future or active performers.

    So let’s see what Mr. Flynt has to say about being a porn star… Continue Reading

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  • The Camille Crimson Interview

    Camille Crimson

    Camille Crimson

    A gorgeous busty redhead who loves to give blowjobs is just too good to be true, right? Not so. Camille Crimson is as real as they come. She is that gorgeous busty redhead who loves to give blowjobs that we’ve all dreamed about. Except she’s slightly better than any redhead we’ve ever dreamed up because she’s also a francophone. Speaking French always scores a lot of sexy points.

    Camille was nice enough to take some time out of her busy schedule to talk to us about running her own websites, being an independent porn star, and blowjobs.

    So without further ado, let’s get to the Camille Crimson interview.

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  • Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King sex video

    Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King

    Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King

    The pageant world was rocked today when Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King gave up her crown.

    Usually, people from Delaware are steady and boring just like the state they hail from. So why would Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King step down having only been crowned Miss Delaware in November?

    Well, it’s a simple case of porn discrimination. A porn video surfaced yesterday that allegedly features Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King.

    Instead of getting swept up in all the speculation, I thought it would be best for you to get the facts and watch the alleged scene yourself. Afterwards, you can make up your own goddamn mind.

    So let’s watch this video! Don’t worry, the video was filmed in November shortly after she turned 18.

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  • Wal-Mart is the Missed Conntection Capital of America



    Where is the best place to fall in love at first sight?

    The dance club? The discotheque? The sexy beach?

    According to a Craigslist “Missed Connections” survey by Dorothy Grambell and Psychology Today, Wal-Mart is the most popular place for people to find love from just a glance.

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  • We saw your boobs at the Oscars

    I only saw one boob on Oscar night and his name was Seth MacFarlane.

    I only saw one boob on Oscar night and his name was Seth MacFarlane.


    Is there any other pluralized name in the world that could be possibly more exciting than “Oscars”?

    For three hours and thirty-five minutes, we sat in suspenseful boredom to see some celebrities sing, dance, and win awards for movies we did not see.

    Of course, the big story from Oscar night has nothing to do with any of the nominees or winners (other than Jennifer Lawrence because J-Law is so hot like Hansel right now). The only thing people are talking about from Oscar night is seeing boobs. Specifically, “We Saw Your Boobs”. Continue Reading

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  • Introducing the Home Dildo Maker!

    In part 4 of our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, we told you about the Clone-A-Willy kit that lets you make dildo out of a real live penis.

    But really, do you really want to use a replica of the same boring old penis that struggles to get you off? Am I right, ladies?

    Well, thankfully Francesco Morackini has created the world’s first Dildo Maker so you can make cool new dildos right in your own home!

    Dildo Maker

    Dildo Maker

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  • $7,500 vintage porn collection stolen!

    Porn collections

    Paul Rudd demonstrates the importance of porn collections

    Sad news from Muskegon, Michigan this morning. A man named Earlie Johnson spent years and thousands of dollars assembling the best collection of vintage African-American porn only to have it stolen this past Tuesday.

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  • SexCereal makes breakfast sexy

    Stock photo of sexy woman eating cereal

    Stock photo of sexy woman eating cereal

    Cereal is something we’ve always tried to stay away from here at the Sex.com Blog. Which is tough because we love Seinfeld and Jerry Seinfeld always made it look very delicious.

    The reason we’ve always tried to stay away from cereal is because of its anti-sexual past. Cereal anti-sexual? Yes, cereal has an anti-sexual past. Get ready for a little history lesson.

    Ferdinand Schumacher created the first breakfast cereal in 1854 with a hand oat grinder in some dingy Akron, Ohio basement. Originally, breakfast cereal was intended to be a cheap replacement for breakfast pork.

    Anyways, fast forward a couple of years to John Harvey Kellogg at the Battle Creek Sanitarium in Michigan. The Battle Creek Sanitarium was a health resort whose practices were based on the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

    Kellogg believed that masturbation and sex were the cause of most health problems. So to cure people of their natural sexual urges (and by extension, illnesses), Kellogg fed his patients Corn Flakes. Because nothing kills the urges like a meatless, flavorless, sugarless breakfast.

    Ironically, Kellogg also regularly gave the patients of the Battle Creek Sanitarium yogurt enemas. We’re not sure what the purpose of the yogurt enemas was but one thing’s for sure, that’s some kinky shit.

    Because John Harvey Kellogg used cereal to kill the sex drives of his patients, we’ve been anti-cereal since the mid-20th century. However, now there’s a cereal made to improve your sex life. It’s called SexCereal and it’s completely changed our position on eating cereal for breakfast. Let us tell you all about it.

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  • Porn star Jada Stevens, food and porn

    Jada Stevens (Source: html.sxx.com via Sex.com)

    If you like porn, you should already know all about reigning “ButtwomanJada Stevens and that she’s a total babe.

    But if you’re not a Jada Stevens fan yet, we found the perfect thing to get you acquainted with one of the industry’s hottest and coolest starlets.

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  • French Lingerie company celebrates boobs

    French lingerie company, Valege Lingerie has a new ad campaign called “Finally Together” that celebrates the togetherness of breasts. Because really, boobs should come in pairs. One isn’t enough. Three is awkward. Two is just right.

    Let’s all celebrate the togetherness of breasts by watching these CGI boobs squeeze themselves against each other.

    Finally Together – Dock

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  • What can we learn from 10,000 porn stars?

    John Millward took six months to analyze 10,000 porn star profiles on Internet Adult Film Database to determine who the average porn star was.

    Sounds interesting, right? If only there was a blog that could provide a synopsis of this study with NSFW visual aids. Good news, there is a blog that can provide a synopsis. It’s this blog. The Sex.com Blog.

    Ok, Mr. Millward, what do you have for us?

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  • Tasha Reign destroys creepy interviewer

    Tasha Reign

    Tasha Reign

    Interviews aren’t easy. Porn stars interviews are especially difficult for some people. Maybe it’s because they’ve jerked off to a certain porn star some many times that they can’t ask questions like a normal person.

    This is especially true of South Side Steve TV whose little wrap up interview with Tasha Reign went absolutely terrible. But thankfully, Tasha held her own and crushed him.

    Let’s watch. Continue Reading

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  • Hentai explained

    If you’ve ever been confused by the weird world of Hentai, maybe this explanation will help you:

    Nope. Still don’t understand Hentai. I don’t want to pass judgement on anyone but even that guy who loves Hentai doesn’t even seem to get Hentai.

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  • Fetish Friday – Sploshing

    Domino is a stripper, camgirl, and phone sex operator but she also runs and writes The Domino Effect (dominoxxx.com).
    To help us explore all the weird fetishes of the world, she’s brought her weekly feature “Fetish Friday” to the Sex.com Blog. Enjoy!

    This Fetish Friday’s article is going to be quick and dirty. No pun intended. The topic is sploshing, also known as “wet and messy”.

    Sploshing refers to sex or sexual play that revolves around the use of food or food products, like chocolate sauce, ketchup and peanut butter. It can also involve non-food items, like mud, lotion or paint.

    I think it’s safe to assume that water, baby oil, and milk can also be included in this fetish. For some reason, the sight of milk dripping down someone’s body has always freaked me out.

    Then again, I can’t drink out of the same milk glass as another person, so maybe it’s just one of my many quirks. The messy stuff can be anywhere on the body, especially the face.

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  • Sex in videogames


    Hot Coffee was a mod. Get over it, Moms.

    BioWare senior writer David Gaider is leading a discussion next month at the Game Developers Conference called Sex in Video Games.

    Here is an excerpt from the discussion’s description:

    “Games have reached the point where realistic portrayals of sex and adult relationships are possible, but what does this mean to us as developers? How much responsibility do we have in addressing issues of sexism and sexuality, and are we inadvertently making statements about what is acceptable, even when we don’t mean to say anything at all?”

    So what do we know about sex and videogames? Continue Reading

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  • Gronk goes to Hollywood



    Rob Gronkowski is going to be rubbing elbows with the Hollywood elite on Oscar night instead of bumping uglies with one of porn’s hottest stars. (FYI, we’re talking about Bibi Jones)

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  • Christoph Waltz & The Art of Seduction


    Damn. That Christoph Waltz is smooth. Follow these three steps and enjoy being a master of seduction.

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  • Breaking down the Hillary Clinton sex video

    Hillary Clinton and a Panda?

    Hillary Clinton and a Panda?

    FreedomWorks, an influential Tea Party group, made a promotional video for a big conference. For some reason, the promotional video included a sequence that showed two female interns dressed up as Hillary Clinton and a Panda (the Panda represents bleeding heart liberals, by the way). Allegedly, the panda is seen on its knees giving Hillary Clinton a blowjob. Yes, a Hillary Clinton Panda sex video.

    Of course, it was never screened because that would be crazy. MotherJones broke the story this morning and people are outraged. But is it really that bad?

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