March, 2013

  • Babe of the Day – Sara Jean Underwood

    Sara Jean Underwood

    Sara Jean Underwood

    Summer 2006 seems like forever ago, but that’s because it was seven years ago and in my lifestyle of instant gratification that’s a real long time. I have no idea where I was living, what I was doing, what I was into.

    I do know that summer 2006 was when Playboy introduced the world to today’s Babe of  the Day Sara Jean Underwood. So what I was doing in summer 2006 is completely irrelevant because today’s all about Sara Jean Underwood. Continue Reading

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  • Boobs On Youtube

    Robin Thicke

    Rule 1: Never hashtag yourself. It’s embarrassing.

    Robin Thicke, singer and son of tremendous actor Alan Thicke, has a new song with T.I. and Pharrell called “Blurred Lines”.

    Obviously, there’s a lot to be excited about with this new single. First of all, Robin Thicke is Alan Thicke’s son. Second, Pharrell Williams has always been a phenomenal producer and I hope this is his long awaited return to form. Third, whether you like it or not, T.I. is King of the South and even though it seems like he’s been doing more acting than rapping lately, he’s still got an amazing flow.

    But most important of all, is the video. It’s the three dudes hanging out with totally nude babes. And it’s on Youtube! That’s right, Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams, and T.I. have all come together to allow boobs on Youtube. Continue Reading

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  • Sex can make you smarter!

    sexy scientist

    My kind of scientist

    Why do you have sex?

    Because it’s cool? Because it feels good? Because it relieves your headaches?

    These are all perfectly good reasons to have sex, but frankly you never really need a reason to have sex. I mean it’s fine if you do, but if you don’t  have a reason for having sex, well then, that’s OK too.

    Even though like 90% of the world is on board with having sex (no offense to a-sexuals/celibate people), science is always coming up with new reasons for us to have sex.

    Science, c’mon. You’re preaching to the choir. We love sex and we’re trying to do it as often as possible.

    Anyways, the latest reason for us to have sex is because it could benefit our intelligence. That’s right, having sex can make you smarter. Continue Reading

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  • Babe of the Day – Rosie Jones

    Rosie Jones

    Rosie Jones

    Some babes just have an “it” factor. You know what I mean? The stars were perfectly aligned for them to be super babely.

    That’s how I feel about today’s Babe of the Day, Rosie Jones. You may not have known her name was Rosie Jones but you’ve definitely seen her before because her photos are always some of the most popular all over the internet.

    Let’s get to know Rosie Jones, our Babe of the Day, a little better. Continue Reading

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  • Easy Tramp Stamp

    Have you always wanted a tramp stamp? I mean, who doesn’t want one? They are the one of the greatest innovations in tattoo history.

    Well good news because there’s a new, fun way to get a tramp stamp without spending or enduring pain.

    Let’s check it out: Continue Reading

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  • The Next Jenna Jameson?

    Jenna Jameson

    Jenna Jameson

    L.A. Weekly just released a list of 10 up and coming pornstars that they think could be the next Jenna Jameson. It’s a bold statement because Jenna Jameson was able to achieve a level of mainstream and adult industry success that hasn’t been done by any other pornstar.

    Let’s take a look at their list and see who they think could be the next Jenna Jameson. Continue Reading

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  • Babe of the Day – Kristen Connolly

    Kristen Connolly on House of Cards

    Kristen Connolly on House of Cards

    I only have one episode left to watch from the Netflix original series House of Cards. I’m not proud to say that because House of Cards is a completely insufferable show. The acting is stiff, the dialogue is expository, the plot is convoluted, and overall House of Cards is painfully boring.

    There is one bright spot in watching House of Cards though and it’s Kristen Connolly, our Babe of the Day. Continue Reading

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  • Bill Gates’s Condom Challenge

    Condoms  laying over a pile of us dollars bills

    The essentials: Condoms and money

    Microsoft tycoon Bill Gates has finally come to the realization that we here at the Blog figured out a long time ago…

    Macs are way cooler

    Condoms need a makeover. He believes that a new type of condom will increase health benefits world wide. And Bill Gates is willing to put his money where his mouth is. Bill Gates is prepared to give away a $100,000 grant to whoever can create the next generation condom.

    Continue Reading

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  • has March Madness

    As you all know, pretty much everyone that works for is a huge basketball fan. While I’m left waiting for Derrick Rose to return and lead my Chicago Bulls to a Championship, I thought it would be fun to do a quick analysis of the 16 remaining teams in the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship also known as MARCH MADNESS. Continue Reading

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  • Babe of the Day: Ashley Sky

    Ashley Sky

    Ashley Sky

    Babe of the Day was something that we used to do on Twitter (@sexdotcom). We would choose a hot babe that we felt was the hottest on any given day and flood the Twitter feeds of our followers with tons of pictures of the Babe of the Day.

    For no reason at all, we stopped tweeting Babe of the Day, which led to thousands of people emailing me, “Who’s the Babe of the Day?”

    Well, I’ve decided to bring Babe of the Day back, but this time in blog form. Continue Reading

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  • Plot-lines in Porn Movies

    Jack Horner films are the pornos with the best stories

    Jack Horner films are the pornos with the best stories

    South Africa’s TopTV is desperately trying to get three pay TV adult channels off the ground. Why? Because people like to watch porn. Well, almost everyone likes to watch porn.

    TopTV’s bid hit a snag when a morality group stepped in to put the kibosh on people enjoying their pornography via television.

    Porn on TV and not the internet? I’m just as confused as you are. I don’t even watch TV on TV anymore. The internet is where I watch all my TV. But hey, we’re not here to judge.

    TopTV CEO Eddie Mbablo issued a statement today that the proposed pornography channel would only feature porn with storylines.

    He went on to say, “If you check the dictionary definition of porn, you will realise that porn is content that has no artistic merit. What we’re promoting here is scripted narrative material that could be watched by couples.” Continue Reading

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  • Richard Kern’s new sexy gallery


    Richard Kern’s Entertainment

    Richard Kern is always doing something cool. If he’s not hanging out with Sonic Youth, he’s taking nice photos of topless girls.

    If you’re not familiar with Richard Kern, he makes art-porn. And that doesn’t mean like classy, couples porn that aspires to be artsy like X-Art. Richard Kern’s photography is more often than not nude amateur babes that is classified as art rather than amateur pornography. Why? It’s just the luck of the draw, I guess.

    For his latest gallery of topless girls, Richard Kern was some how able to combine three of our most favorite things: amateur nude girls, home entertainment systems and cut-offs.

    Let’s take a look at Richard Kern’s new photos:

    Continue Reading

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  • Who spends more on sex? Men or Women?


    You know…sex.

    It’s no secret that women are better than men at pretty much everything. Sorry guys, but it’s true. We’ve been beat by the fairer sex.

    Though surprisingly, the one thing that men are better at than women is spending money on sex. Specifically, in preparation for first-time sex with a new partner. Continue Reading

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  • Tinder: the best of all dating apps?

    If Scarface has taught me anything it’s that in America, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women.

    However, getting money and power are two very difficult tasks. Luckily, there are dating apps that makes it easier to meet women (or men). We’d like to talk to you about our favorite new dating app. It’s called Tinder and you’re gonna like it. Continue Reading

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  • Amanda Bynes Wants Drake to Murder Her Vagina

    No one seems to know what Amanda Bynes was thinking when she tweeted…


    …but it’s a good use of Twitter. Why aren’t people more upfront about who they want to bang on Twitter? Continue Reading

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  • Pornstar Mariah Milano Interviewed

    Mariah Milano

    Mariah Milano

    Mariah Milano was one of my porn stars. I say “was” because she’s not really doing porn anymore. She’s moved on to bigger and better things. What exactly are these bigger and better things?

    Well, Mariah was nice enough to stop by the Blog and talk about her new projects, the state of the adult industry, and food.

    So without further ado, here is the Mariah Milano interview. (as always my questions are in bold and her responses are normal) Continue Reading

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  • WTF Sex Dolls

    Sex doll

    Sex doll

    I’m going to be completely honest with you guys for a second…sex dolls scare the shit out of me.

    I have no idea why they scare me so much, but they do. Maybe it has something to do with the uncanny valley…my dislike for innate anthropomorphic things being too human has been well documented…

    Anyways, I saw something on the internet about sex dolls that scared the shit out of me even more!


    It’s called the Ballon Knot… Continue Reading

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  • Joint replacement boosts your sex drive

    I smell a foursome...and moth balls...

    I smell a foursome…and moth balls…

    Despite what you may have seen on the Mature section of, old people really don’t have that much sex. It’s totally understandable that they don’t because hormonal changes and aging lowers your sex drive.

    But thankfully, science has discovered a way for seniors to boost their sex lives, increase mobility, and decrease pain. What is this magic sex-life-saving procedure?

    Knee and hip joint replacement.

    Continue Reading

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  • Fetishes are officially not crazy

    The most vanilla fetish photo ever

    The most vanilla fetish photo ever


    The American Psychiatric Association is set to publish the fifth edition of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSMin May. The DSM is more or less the standard text for all psychiatrists, clinicians, researchers, psychiatric drug regulation agencies, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and policy makers.

    If you’re into sexual masochism, fetishism, transvestism, and sadism, you should be excited about the DSM’s fifth edition because it no longer classifies any of these fetishes as a mental disorder! Continue Reading

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  • See-through or not, yoga pants are sexy

    Lululemon has recalled their “Luon” yoga pants because they have deemed too see-through, but isn’t that the point of yoga pants?

    Continue Reading

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