April, 2013

  • Zoe Saldana, Star Trek Sex Appeal

    2536267 zoe saldana Zoe Saldana, Star Trek Sex Appeal

    Source: heavy.com via bubblegumtaint on Sex.com

    Remember in 2009, when you found out J.J. Abrams was directing a Star Trek reboot, you were all like, “Good luck finding someone as sexy as Nichelle Nichols to play Uhura, J.J.! You dumb idiot!”

    Well, it turned out that we were the dumb idiots because we didn’t anticipate J.J. to cast the very sexy Zoe Saldana to play Uhura.

    Since the Berlin premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness was last night, we thought we’d only add fuel to the hype flame by making Zoe Saldana the Babe of the Day! Continue Reading

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  • Porn Studies: Arousing & Educational

    989181 hot teacher with glasses Porn Studies: Arousing & Educational

    Porn Studies

    Porn has always been all over college campuses, however it’s been limited to free adult movies streamed in dorm rooms and old magazines with the pages stuck together hidden in the libraries.

    Recently, with colleges hosting sex weeks and some being as bold as to have their own porn classes, porn has found less of a clandestine home among academics.

    Today, Routledge announced that they will be publishing a Porn Studies Journal in 2014, securing watching porn as an academic pursuit, an important part of our culture, and a fun way to pass the time. Continue Reading

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  • Where is pornstar Tiffany Thompson?

    Around this time last year, you couldn’t go on to Sex.com without seeing one of X-art’s most popular model, porn actress Tiffany Thompson.

    Tiffany Thompson‘s sexy pictures, videos, and GIFs were always being pinned, repinned, and was some of the most popular content on our site plus many other free porn sites. Internet porn had Tiffany Thompson fever.

    Slowly but surely, Tiffany Thompson‘s pictures, videos, and GIFs stranglehold on Sex.com and its loyal users loosened. She was still as sexy as ever but there was simply no new content of her. Had she disappeared like Nicole Ray, Ashlyn Rae, and Lexi Bloom?

    Well, that’s what we’re going to find out right now.

    Continue Reading

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  • Pornstar Veruca James Loves Getting Naked In Public

    veruca Pornstar Veruca James Loves Getting Naked In Public

    Veruca James

    A few weeks ago, I saw an email in my inbox from Veruca James. Naturally, I thought someone was trying to prank me because why would Veruca James, one of the sexiest porn actresses in the world, be emailing me?

    So with extreme skepticism, I replied simply with, “Is this really Veruca James?” To my surprise, it was. It turns out that Veruca James isn’t only one of the sexiest porn actresses in the world, she’s one of the coolest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

    She was happy to answer a few questions I had about her relationship with Damon James, being from Chicago, and her WoodRocket.com show Naked In Public. So without further ado, let’s get to the Veruca James interview.   Continue Reading

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  • Try This Sex Position: Standing Wheelbarrow

    sex position Standing Wheelbarrow 0 Try This Sex Position: Standing Wheelbarrow

    Standing Wheelbarrow

    It’s Friday!

    That means we have a new sex position for you to try: Standing Wheelbarrow. Continue Reading

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  • Lucy Pinder has the Best Boobs

    291937 lucy pinder Lucy Pinder has the Best Boobs

    Lucy Pinder

    Babe of the Day: Lucy Pinder

    Place of Origin: Winchester, Hampshire, United Kingdom

    Age: 29

    Height: 5’5″

    Bra/cup size: 32G

    Boobs: real/natural

    So much for having a new babe every day, right? It’s been over a week since we did a Babe of the Day blog post and I apologize for that. We’ve been busy working on a top secret Sex.com project that you guys will appreciate once it’s done.

    But that’s no excuse for leaving the readers of our sex blog hanging with no sex news or new hot babes to check out. It’s not fair to you guys. To make it up to you, I have a very special Babe of the Day post for you.

    How special? How about a Babe of the Day that’s so hot that her boobs were just voted best boobs in the world? That’s right, today’s Babe of the Day is Lucy Pinder. Continue Reading

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  • Stoya On The Cover of The Village Voice

    8750124.87 Stoya On The Cover of The Village Voice


    There are approximately 4,251,715 women in New York City, but I’m inclined to agree with The Village Voice that Stoya is the prettiest girl in New York.  Continue Reading

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  • Where is Pornstar Lexi Bloom?

    A few weeks ago, we (with the help of Mr. Pink) decided to find an answer to a question that had been plaguing us for several years: Where is Nicole Ray?

    All we could determine was that Nicole Ray had left the adult industry some time ago and all we were left with was a bunch of hot sex videos and sex pictures. Even though the results were pretty inconclusive, it was still worth trying to answer that question. Plus we got to re-watch our favorite Nicole Ray scenes.

    Now, every Tuesday we will be trying to find out the whereabouts of your favorite ex-pornstars. What are they up to now? Why did they leave the business?

    Last Tuesday we checked in with everyone’s favorite petite redhead Ashlyn Rae and today, at the request of one our loyal fans named Cunt Hands, we’re going find out whatever happened to Lexi Bloom. Continue Reading

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  • Measure B Debate on HuffPost Live

    270411 condoms Measure B Debate on HuffPost Live


    If you check this blog often, you should know quite a bit about Measure B.

    If not, Measure B is the L.A. County ordinance introduced last November to make all condoms mandatory for adult performers.

    It’s a controversial issue to say the least.

    Policy makers and health officials who are for Measure B believe that making condoms mandatory will promote safe-sex and diminish the risk of disease among adult performers.

    People working in the adult industry think that condoms will be bad for business, that it’s a waste of tax-payer money, and that shooting with condoms can be logistically complicated.

    Now you have a very basic understanding of the Measure B issue. So let’s watch as Diane Duke, CEO of Free Speech Coalition; adult performers Danny Wylde and Steven St. Croix; Michael Fattorosi, an adult entertainment attorney; and Mark McGrath, policy and research analyst of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation go at it on a (recorded) live stream via The Huffington Post. Continue Reading

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  • Student-Stripper Shuts Everyone Up

     Student Stripper Shuts Everyone Up

    Stripping: the easy way to get attention

    When a stripper says she’s only stripping to help pay her way through college, 90% of us just politely nod while refusing to believe it at all.

    The stripper might as well have told us that her dog at her homework, that she can’t sleep with us because she has a headache, and that it’s her not us. We’ve heard that excuse before and we’re not having it.

    However, I think it might be time for us to reconsider the stripper’s oldest excuse for stripping. The other day, a student/stripper from Atlanta (home of the hottest and biggest bootied strippers) took to reddit to prove once and for all that being a stripper to put yourself through school was legit.

    How did she prove it? She posted a picture of $3,345 cash from a single day’s work. Damn. That’s a lot of money. Let’s look at it in one organized pile: Continue Reading

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