April, 2013

  • Two Hot Pornstars Looking For Boyfriends

    Brooklyn Lee and Tasha Reign

    Brooklyn Lee and Tasha Reign

    In case you haven’t noticed by now, finding love is hard to do. And that’s true of sexy pornstars too.

    Many of you are probably a little hesitant to believe that it would be hard for a sexy pornstar to find love because there are literally millions of men all over the world that would step over their own mother to try and get a piece.

    But it’s just this over-eager attitude that’s a turn off for a sexy pornstar. Don’t believe me? Well luckily two sexy pornstars, Tasha Reign and Brooklyn Lee have documented their quest to find boyfriends. And it ain’t pretty. (Don’t worry, Tasha Reign and Brooklyn Lee are pretty, their search isn’t). Continue Reading

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  • Introducing Gay.Sex.com!

    Gay sex


    Gay sex, like straight sex, has a lot of different genres and niches. So why then did Sex.com only have one tag, “Gay” for all gay sex pictures and videos?

    Wonder no more because Sex.com is proud to announce that we have a whole new version of the site just for gay sex. It’s called Gay.Sex.com and if you like Sex.com and gay sex, you’re probably going to like it. Continue Reading

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  • Lisa Ann, the World’s Favorite Pornstar

    Lisa Ann

    Lisa Ann

    When I tell people that I write The Sex.com Blog, the first thing that people want to know is, “Who is the most popular pornstar in the world?”

    There are definitely some very popular pornstars like Sasha Grey, Tori Black, Alexis Texas, Stoya, Madison Ivy, and the list could go on and on because the truth is popularity is fleeting on the internet and that’s especially true of porn. Since Sasha Grey retired, there hasn’t really been a clear cut most popular pornstar in the world.

    Well The New York Post reported today that using data they received from Pornhub that Lisa Ann is the world’s most popular pornstar.

    This really shouldn’t come as a surprise since Lisa Ann has perennially been nominated for MILF Performer of the Year and it was also announced today that she would be inducted into the X-Rated Critics Organization Hall of Fame.

    Rather than try to explain Lisa Ann‘s popularity, I’m willing to just accept that she’s the world’s favorite pornstar. I mean, she seems like a super cool person and she’s obviously very sexy. Everybody loves MILFs and Lisa Ann is 3rd on our list of all time MILFs (just behind Stifler’s Mom and Beyonce Knowles).

    Lisa Ann is a total MILF, a Hall of Famer, the world’s most popular pornstar, so we have no choice but to also give her the title of Babe of the Day. Continue Reading

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  • Porn Class at Pasadena City College

    Madison Ivy Teacher Sex

    I wish Madison Ivy taught porn class

    Normally I would be totally against sharing something remotely academic that relates to porn because normally it’s just some crusty, old Dean dragging porn‘s good name through the dirt.

    However, this is not the case with this video I’m about to share with you. This video from Buzzfeed takes us into a porn class at Pasadena City College. Here we’re introduced to professor Hugo Schwyzer who believes that the best thing for students living in the porn saturated world of today is to discuss it in a safe, non-judgmental, and intellectual way.

    Let’s see what we can learn from this short clip from porn class at Pasedena City College. Continue Reading

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  • Try This Sex Position: The Waterfall

    Sex Position The Waterfall

    The Waterfall

    This weekend, try this sex position: The Waterfall. Continue Reading

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  • Pussies: To Groom or Not To Groom?

    Sexy PantiesMaybe it’s just me, but for me I couldn’t care less about how a pussy looks. That’s because throughout my sexual career I’ve learned that touching a pussy is way sweeter than looking at them.

    There’s always been a big debate to groom or not to groom. Ever since that episode of Sex and the City where Carrie goes to L.A. to get a wax, women have been brainwashed into thinking that a hairless pussy or a vajazzled pussy was the best way to impress their men.

    Well that’s apparently not true.

    So say goodbye to painful pussy waxing and diamond encrusted labias because hair is back in! Continue Reading

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  • Sex Robots & The Sexiest Robots of All Time

    Sexy Robot

    Sexy Robot?

    A recent study by The Huffington Post and YouGov shows that nearly 1 in 10 Americans would have sex with a robot.

    The study also revealed that 80% of Americans believe that sex robots would be available by 2030. But of course, the idea of sex robots raise an interesting ethical debate: would having sex with a sex robot be cheating? Continue Reading

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  • Miranda Kerr, Lingerie Sex Pot

    Babe of the Day: Miranda Kerr

    Babe of the Day: Miranda Kerr

    Yesterday, it was announced that Miranda Kerr‘s wings had been clipped. Not literally, of course. Her Victoria’s Secret wings.

    According to several sources, Victoria’s Secret chose not to renew Miranda Kerr‘s contract as a Victoria’s Secret angel.

    Seeing that Miranda Kerr is now a free agent, it was only natural to make her… Babe of the Day. Continue Reading

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  • The Best Site For Free Live Web Cams

    To be perfectly honest with you, I’ve never understood the appeal of live web cams. Maybe it’s because I spend 95% of my days on Sex.com looking at sex pictures and sex videos, I just don’t see why someone would just watch a sexy girl do sexy stuff on live web cams.

    But that’s just me. When I was 18, I became a sex picture and sex video man and I’ll die a sex picture and sex video man.

    Regardless of my preference, a friend of the blog hit me up and told me about a cool new site for live web cams. It’s called HackedPornstars.com and if you like live web cams, you’re going to like it. Continue Reading

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  • Go Bra-Less for Sexier Boobs



    The French are good at many things. Fashion, cheese, cigarettes, wine, cowardice. But above all these special skills, the French have always been great scientists.

    Where would we be today if France had not produced great scientific minds like Pasteur, Becquerel, or the Curies?

    Well today, it came to my attention that there is another great French scientist that deserves our full respect. His name is Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon. And what is his contribution to the French scientific tradition?

    Professor Rouillon has found after a 15 year study that wearing bras makes boobs saggier.

    Continue Reading

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  • More Sex Found on Streetview

    Streetview sex

    Streetview sex

    If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from Google Street View it’s that people will literally have sex anywhere and they don’t care if there’s a Googl0 Street View car coming their way. First there was people having sex in the dressing room. Then Google caught an alley handjob in Manchester.

    Well now we have another entry in our on-going coverage of sex caught on Google Street View. This time from the side of a highway in South Australia. Continue Reading

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  • Farrah Abraham, Teen MILF

    Farrah Abraham

    Farrah Abraham

    Everyone’s been going crazy about the Farrah Abraham sex tape co-starring none other than the world’s favorite male pornstar James Deen. Continue Reading

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  • Hot Sex Includes Love


    Sex, obviously

    Do you worry that the youth of today are too obsessed with “hooking up” and that it’s destroying human intimacy?

    First of all, mind your own goddamn business and let the youth of today live their lives.

    Second of all, according to the new Great Sex Survey by Durex, “hooking up” is NBD, which is how young people say No Big Deal.

    Allow me to explain… Continue Reading

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  • 5 Best Things About Porn with Tasha Reign

    Why do some girls stay pornstars forever? The short answer is because some girls just love being pornstars. Why would you quit a job you love just because a handful of crazy people think it’s immoral?

    To better understand the mentality it takes to be a succesful pornstar, let’s watch this video of Tasha Reign on the Two White Guys podcast explaining her 5 Favorite Things about porn: Continue Reading

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  • What Porn Is the Vatican Downloading?

    Porn Vatican

    Downloading Porn at the Vatican

    TorrentFreak recently posted a list of all the pirated files being downloaded at the Vatican. Somehow, someone at the Vatican knows how to download stuff. Most of the 60 year old men I know can barely open an email.

    As it turns out, someone at the Vatican has been stealing wholesome, Christian movies and TV shows like Love Actually and Chicago Fire as well as indulging in some hardcore BDSM pornography.

    Let’s see what porn the Vatican is downloading: Continue Reading

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  • Popeyes Fried Chicken Fetish

    Popeyes Fried Chicken Fetish? Now I’ve heard of everything!

    Continue Reading

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  • Where is porn star Nicole Ray?

    Not too long ago, I was scrolling through the latest pins on Sex.com and saw a picture of Nicole Ray.

    Nicole Ray started doing porn when she was 19 and she embodied the sexy teen/girl next door babe that no one ever really gets tired of. There’s no doubt that when she came out she was hot shit, shooting for gonzo sites and big studios. It seemed like she was going to be a big star in the adult industry when suddenly she vanished.

    Of course, vanishing from the porn industry isn’t uncommon but being a fan of Nicole Ray I had to ask Twitter, “Whatever happened to Nicole Ray?” Continue Reading

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  • Jenna Jameson, Queen of Porn

    Jenna Jameson

    Jenna Jameson

    There’s no question that Jenna Jameson has been going through a bit of a rough patch lately.

    Regardless of her various legal troubles and the fact that she’s been retired for six years, Jenna Jameson is still the Queen of Porn (sort of, I guess…by default). And today she’s turning the ripe young age of 39 so we have no choice but to name Jenna Jameson the Babe of the Day. Continue Reading

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  • Science Says Women Prefer Large Penises

    Penis Size

    In the end, penis size does matter.

    Men have always wanted to know how to be attractive to women. Monash University, The Australian National University and La Trobe University all came together to determine once and for all what women find attractive. It turns that women like one thing about men: large penises.

    Continue Reading

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  • Erica Yary: Skateboarding’s Crush

    Erica Yary

    Erica Yary

    Not all of us are lucky enough to live in California, which means we have to deal with long winters. For the most part, non-Californians only get to go skateboarding from early April to late December. And that’s being generous. God knows there’s always a freak snowstorm about to hit once the snow melts the first time and you’ve set up your new bearings.

    But hey! It’s already early April, which means the only thing we have to worry about is lots of rain. It’s time for us to get our stoke back, which can be done by watching skate videos or by making the babe that every skater has a crush on, Erica Yary, Babe of the Day.

    Given the nature of this blog, I think it’s obvious that we’ll go with making Erica Yary the Babe of the Day. Continue Reading

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