May, 2013

  • Try This Sex Position: The Snow Angel

    sex position Snow Angel 0 Try This Sex Position: The Snow Angel

    The Snow Angel

    Alright, it’s Friday which means you have to try a new sex position.

    This weekend, we’re all going to get experimental with the sex position to try. It’s called the Snow Angel sex position and it could be great. It could also be a disaster…the only way to find out is to try it.

    So how does one try the Snow Angel sex position?     Continue Reading

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  • The Porno Dress Code

    Why do sweatpants always get such a bad rep? You wear sweatpants one time and everyone’s against you. It’s like people want to shame you for wanting to be as comfortable as possible.

    Wearing sweatpants to work is always the worst. For some reason they aren’t considered “appropriate” or “professional”. Strangely enough, the “No Sweatpants At Work” rule not only applies to most businesses, government offices, and restaurants, it also applies to porn sets. Continue Reading

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  • Beth Who? Beth Humphreys?

    2052409 beth humphreys looks hot in a bikini Beth Who? Beth Humphreys?

    Beth Humphries

    Babe of the Day isn’t supposed to be just me picking hot babes to shine a spotlight on for a day and highlight their sexiness for everyone on the internet. Babe of the Day is supposed to me and all of you picking hot babes that are so sexy they deserve a whole day dedicated to them regardless of what’s happening in the rest of the world. That’s why I was so excited when I got this message from loyal fan of the Blog WesCrnkng:

    yo dust master, massive fan of “the blog” over here & many congrats on garnering “blog of the year”, “blogger of the year”, & “post of year” nominations at the blog awards. but how about that young lass beth, eh? can we puh-lease get a “babe of the day” post featuring that petite vixen whom we all admire so much? be a trailblazer dude. she’s a most sensational ambassador of the crop top & she seems chill. a big WHAT UP to the UK! keep the blood pumping, chico.

    WesCrnkng sold me on the idea of making a Babe of the Day post for two reasons.

    1. Crop-tops
    2. “Petite vixen”

    However, WesCrnkng didn’t specify which “Beth” he was talking about. So I’m taking a chance on a petite vixen, who has been known to wear crop-tops, and who is from the UK by making Beth Humhpreys Babe of the Day! Continue Reading

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  • Tag-Team The Sexxxtons With Your Dad

    1355202398 548 Tag Team The Sexxxtons With Your Dad

    The Sexxxtons

    Have you met the world’s only mother-daughter pornstar duo, the Sexxxtons?

    Jessica Sexxxton (56) and Monica Sexxxton (22) are mother and daughter. They’re also pornstars that shoot scenes together. But it’s not incest. As Jessica Sexxxton explains, “We don’t have a problem doing two-on-one. We will have sex with one man, but not interact with each other.”

    Jessica Sexxxton noted that this is sometimes difficult to do, but Monica Sexxxton reassured everyone that “our lips never touch” during filming. If they’re lips never touch, then it’s not weird.

    Oh wait…it’s a mother and daughter doing porn together. Yep. It’s still fucking weird.

    Having abandoned any notion of good taste or judgement a long time ago, the Sexxxtons are now embarking on a nation-wide search to find a father and son duo willing to shoot a porn video with them because it just wasn’t weird enough before.  Continue Reading

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  • Miley Cyrus Topless Photo?

    mileycover Miley Cyrus Topless Photo?

    The goods!

    Miley Cyrus striking some sexy poses isn’t uncommon but there’s always a hand, a lock of hair or something that obscures just enough of her boobs to make the photo not newsworthy.

    However, I may have come across a picture of Miley Cyrus topless with nothing obscuring her boobs for a change. Let’s take a look.  Continue Reading

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  • Tanya Tate, Cosplay Queen

    2183202 busty blond tanya tate takes care of her neighbor by sucking Tanya Tate, Cosplay Queen

    Tanya Tate

    What’s better than a MILF? A British MILF obviously!

    What about a British MILF that was a total comic book nerd?

    Am I describing your dream woman? Well, yes I am. But it just so happens that your dream woman is Tanya Tate, today’s Babe of the Day! Continue Reading

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  • Girls Get Sugar Daddies For New Boobs

    Alyssa Branch plays a college student in need of cash from her Sugar Daddy

    Click the picture to watch Alyssa Branch, your new favorite pornstar

    291367 sexy college babe alyssa branch fucks sugar daddy for financial Girls Get Sugar Daddies For New Boobs

    Source: via crazykd183 on

    Why do girls get Sugar Daddies?

    The simple answer is money. But ultimately, that answer was too simple for

    For their ten year anniversary ( has been around for ten years?), polled their female users to see why they had signed up to have sex with rich, older men. Aside from the fact that they need / want money.

    Here’s what found out:   Continue Reading

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  • Masturbation Weight-Loss Plan

    1303451 awesome girl next door g string picture with a amazing Masturbation Weight Loss Plan

    More fun than the Subway diet

    I’ve always dreamt of having the power of telekinesis. Move things with my mind. But I would want telekinetic powers that burned calories so I wouldn’t become massively fat while I was jacking it all day with my mind.

    Unfortunately science has not invented telekinesis…yet…but Kotaku is reporting that a man in Japan has figured out The Masturbation Diet. Lose weight by masturbating and watching what you eat.

    Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, yeah. It is. Allow me to explain. Continue Reading

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  • Major Lazer’s Bubble Butt

    Screen Shot 2013 05 29 at 2.03.23 PM Major Lazers Bubble Butt

    Bubble Butt

    If there’s one thing that we at the Blog love it’s butts.

    Songs about butts with hilarious and sexy music videos are a close second to butts in general.

    Eric Wareheim has teamed up with Major Lazer again to make the best booty shaking song about butts since Go Loko.

    Let’s check out all the ass shaking.   Continue Reading

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  • Nicole Neal

    2192444 nicole neal dangerous yoga Nicole Neal

    Nicole Neal

    Who is this spritely blonde beauty?

    It’s Nicole Neal and not only is she on the cover of the latest issue of Front Magazine, she’s also Babe of the Day!   Continue Reading

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