May, 2013

  • Porno P.I.’s: Memphis Monroe

    This edition of Porno P.I., where we try to figure out what happened to some of our favorite former pornstars, comes from Al. Apologies to HungDong who suggested we do Keri Sable and Tiffany Rayne and many others that yielded unpublishable blog posts. HungDong, thank you again for your suggestions and sorry I couldn’t get them all. 

    Get caught up on all previous Porno P.I.’s here.

    What do you get when you combine Nic Cage’s character from Gone In Sixty Seconds Memphis Raines with Marilyn Monroe?

    You get the finest, bustiest, and bestest pornstar to ever come out of New Orleans, Memphis Monroe.

    Memphis Monroe started performing in porn movies in April 2005 when she was twenty years old and in that same year was the second pornstar ever to sign an exclusive contract with Hustler (FYI, the first girl ever was Jessica Jaymes).

    Fans of porn pictures and porn movies fell in love with Memphis Monroe‘s huge boobs, 36DD’s, but suddenly in 2008 they were seeing less and less of them. So, what happened to Memphis Monroe?    Continue Reading

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  • Nudie Magazines Facing Ban in UK

    Two feminists groups, UK Feminista and Object, have joined forces with a group of lawyers in the UK to try and enforce the Equality Act of 2010, which would ban retailers from selling sexy magazines featuring nude and semi-nude models.

    The campaign is called Lose the Lads’ Mags and they have issued a brief letter to the Guardian to inaugurate their effort. They wrote:   Continue Reading

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  • Everybody Is Having Sex at Work

    2088092 amazing pic Everybody Is Having Sex at Work

    If only Emma Frain worked for…

    How often have you been looking at porn videos or porn pictures set in an office or place of business and thought, “Sex at work? Yeah right! That doesn’t happen in real life.”

    As much as I love office porn, real office sex (or wherever you work, not just offices) seems totally impossible because you’re at work. Maybe my work ethic is too strong  and I am too deserving of a $500 to $10,000 raise that I could never drop whatever I was working on to have sex*.

    For some reason, I thought that everyone else would choose working over sex while at work, but Business Insider‘s new Sex-At-Work survey has revealed that everyone is having sex at work. 

    If I’m not having sex at work…and you’re not having sex at work…who the heck is having sex at work?

    Let’s find out.     Continue Reading

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  • Addicted to Alysha Nett

    alysha nett kaloopy vapors rise001 580x386 Addicted to Alysha Nett

    Alysha Nett

    Remember last month when Alysha Nett was Babe of the Day back to back?

    Well, the timing couldn’t have been worse because our friends at Kaloopy sent us another super sexy Alysha Nett gallery, which would have given Alysha Nett Babe of the Day three-peat. I had no choice but to put off posting the new Alysha Nett gallery.

    Enough time has passed now and I can finally share more Alysha Nett with you guys. Hold on to your butts because Alysha Nett is still the hottest woman in the world.  Continue Reading

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  • Sexy Military Women

    BKkvt QCEAA40de 1 Sexy Military Women


    Edit: Even though the caption says “via”, the photos are originally from @Loyal_Chivette. Follow her on Twitter!

    It’s Memorial Day, which means we need to take some time to remember and appreciate all veterans and active servicemen.

    Normally when we think of veterans we think of guys with crew cuts. But there are some veterans and servicemen that are actually sexy military women who from time to time like to take sexy selfshots. Let’s meet some of those sexy military women and honor them for Memorial Day.

    But before we do, I want to give a quick shout-out to friend of the Blog who taught us that there’s nothing sexier than a woman in uniform. Well, there’s nothing sexier than a woman in uniform other than a woman taking off her uniform.

    Sexy Military Women Top 10!    Continue Reading

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  • Sexy Monday Links

    481279 rosie jones Sexy Monday Links

    It’s Memorial Day, which means you get to stay home from work.

    If it were up to me, I wouldn’t be working. I’d be at home eating fired chicken pinning pictures to my boards.

    But I am at work and you’re at home, so here are some sexy links for the holiday Monday!


    Rosario Dawson’s Red Carpet Upskirt

    Catie Minx Sexy Stocking Pictures

    Shay Maria Bikini Dancing

    55 Sexy Selfies

    Massive Cleavage Gallery

    10 Ways to Get a Girl in the Back of Your Car

    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Gorgeous at Gala

    Kristen Stewart Handling Break-Up by Telling Everyone To Fuck Off

    Melissa Riso Bikini Posing


    Behati Prinsloo’s Sexy Summer Bike Wear

    Nicole Neal is Super Sexy in new Photoshoot for Front

    More Sexy Rihanna Instagram Pictures

    Mia Malkova’s Bubble Butt Wants To Say Hello

    Behind the Scenes with Stoya



    2761691 awesome thong pic with a hot brunette stockings Sexy Monday Links

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  • Mila Kunis Porn, We All Want It

    2728169 mila kunis Mila Kunis Porn, We All Want It

    Mila Kunis

    In the latest X-Critic survey, a Mila Kunis sex scene / a Mila Kunis sex tape / a Mila Kunis porn video topped their users’ wish-lists.

    While there have been a solid number of Mila Kunis sex scenes over the years, more couldn’t hurt.

    All this Mila Kunis fantasizing can only mean one thing, Mila Kunis is the babe of the day.    Continue Reading

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  • Try This Sex Position: The Hot Seat

    sex position The Hot Seat 0 Try This Sex Position: The Hot Seat

    The Hot Seat

    It’s the weekend and that means it’s time to try a new sex position!

    Try this Sex Position: The Hot Seat. Continue Reading

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  • Lesbians React To Lesbian Porn

    1684590 stoya and kayden kross tasty digit Lesbians React To Lesbian Porn

    Two straight porn stars, Stoya and Kayden Kross, pretend to lesbians for your enjoyment.

    Who watches lesbian porn?

    For the most part lesbian porn is watched by straight men and straight women. Why?

    Well, straight women tend to prefer lesbian porn because the focus of the porn video is on the woman’s pleasure rather than the man’s. Regular straight porn can be a turn off to straight women because the way women are treated can sometimes be interpreted as violent or degrading.

    And as I’ve already said, you can’t underestimate the end of the scene is always the man cumming on the woman’s face, with little emphasis on a real orgasm from the woman. When watching porn, straight women prefer two or more gals hanging out, having fun, and hopefully actually orgasming.

    Straight men like lesbian porn because straight men love women. Lesbian sex just looks better because there are two beautiful women doing sexy things instead of one. It’s just simple math. There’s also the thought that straight men like lesbian porn because there are no naked men in on the screen. I can’t endorse this because there are some homophobic undertones in this explanation and I can’t get down with homophobia, even when it’s just in the undertones.

    So if straight women and straight men are the main groups watching lesbian porn, what do real lesbians think of lesbian porn?

    Well, Davey Wavey, the globe-trotting gay Youtube and fitness guru (self-proclaimed) got a bunch of real lesbians together to watch some lesbian porn and share their thoughts on the matter. Let’s check out their reactions:   Continue Reading

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  • Lena Dunham Thinks Girls Porn Parody is Gross

    HBO Girls cast Lena Dunham Thinks Girls Porn Parody is Gross

    The Cast of HBO’s Girls

    This past Wednesday, Hustler wrapped filming on its latest porn parody This Ain’t Girls XXX, a porn parody of HBO‘s Girls.

    In the porn parody, Hannah Horvath (played by Alex Chance) forsakes men, including her boyfriend Adam, to experiment with lesbian sex. After some lesbian sex, she returns to Adam. Please note that if this happens in the next season of Girls, the show has officially jumped the shark.

    And yesterday, Lena Dunham took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the news that her semi-autobiographical, hit TV show was getting remade into a porn movie.  Continue Reading

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