June, 2013

  • People are more attractive if you shock your brain

    nicole1 People are more attractive if you shock your brain

    Nicole Neal, hottest girl of 2013 (so far)

    Wouldn’t life be much better if there weren’t so many ugly people?

    I don’t know about you but whenever I go anywhere, for every attractive person I see there’s always at least one ugly person nearby to spoil the fun.

    With all the technology that exists today, you’d think that finding a non-invasive way to make all the ugly people in the world to look like Nicole Neal (my choice for babe of the year 2013) would be a top priority.

    Well, it seems like science may have figured out a way to make everyone more attractive. All it takes to live in a world surrounded by Nicole Neal‘s is a mild shock of electricity to the brain.   Continue Reading

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  • HappyPlaytime Female Masturbation App

    ss 01 HappyPlaytime Female Masturbation App

    The Female Masturbation App

    I used to think that the slogan “There’s an app for that!” was the most arrogant boast of all time.

    That was way back when apps were primitive and shitty.

    Now apps be popping off.

    There really is an app for everything now.

    The latest addition to the app game: female masturbation.

    Yes, that’s right a female masturbation app is on its way.

    It’s been unfortunately named HappyPlaytime but other than that it’s pretty cool. So what is this female masturbation app all about?  Continue Reading

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  • How To Host a Sex Party

    SEX Orgie Etiqutte Charlotte Bailey2 How To Host a Sex Party


    Do you know what day it is today?

    It’s the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year and the first official day of summer.

    In pagan times, the solstice was celebrated with bonfires. They believed that the bonfires would protect them from evil spirits that were roaming free with the sun turning southward.

    Of course, we all know now that bonfires don’t protect you from evil spirits. If anything, evil spirits are attracted to the fire.

    Even though the pagans were a little mixed up, the longest day of the year and the first official day of summer are still something worth celebrating.

    This Summer Solstice, don’t celebrate with an evil spirit-warding bonfire, celebrate with a sex party!

    I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “But Chico, I don’t know how to host a sex party!”

    Well, that’s what I’m here for! I’m going to teach you how to throw a killer Summer Solstice sex partyThe best part (aside from all the sex)? It’s not even exclusive to the Summer Solstice. With these tips, you’ll have the know-how to host a sex party whenever you please.

    So let’s do it to it.

    How to Host a Sex Party:   Continue Reading

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  • Changing Sex Positions

    sex4n 1 web Changing Sex Positions

    SEX, obviously

    Earlier this week, I revealed that the first time I ever had sex it ended with me cumming in the face of the only older woman lonely enough to have sex with me.

    Why did I do that?

    Because I’d seen it in porn movies and I thought that cumshots were a normal part of sexual relations. By the way, they’re not! So unless your partner has communicated to you a desire to have her face covered in cum, don’t cum in her face.

    The point of this story is sex can be affected by porn whether we know it or not because we hardly ever see sex that’s not porn. We’re bound to take tropes from porn and apply them to our own personal sex lives.

    Now, I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing. It can be if you cum in someone’s face without warning. But there are some things that we learn from porn that aren’t such a bad thing. I’m thinking specifically of changing sex positions.

    In porn movies, after the oral sex foreplay segment, there is about an average of four sex positions per scene. I estimate that 90% of the time in straight porn with one woman and one man that the sex positions in the scene will be missionary, cowgirl, reserve cowgirl, and doggystyle.

    The spoon sex position has been getting a lot of traction these days and it’s becoming a staple sex position in porn movies, but for now let’s just say the most common sex positions are the ones I mentioned previously.

    So without counting oral sex, there is on average four sex positions per porn scene (if you don’t believe me, just watch a few videos on Sex.com and see if I’m right), which means there are three sex position changes during sex.

    I want to know if seeing four standard sex positions in porn has affected your own perception of how many sex positions you attempt during sex.

    So…how many different sex positions do you do during sex?  Continue Reading

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  • Nude Photos Are SO Trendy

    JenZank2951190542 500x380 Nude Photos Are SO Trendy

    Trendy Nude Photo

    Whenever me and the girls get a chance to get together, we like grab a couple cans of Sex On The…Peach (spelling is correct) and talk about different bitches’ weaves we’d like to pull out.

    But there’s a new trend that’s sweeping the nation (…just in New York actually) for when the girls get together. Girls are getting together and posing for nude photos as a part of “boudoir photography parties” (not selfies).  Continue Reading

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  • Emma Mae – Porno P.I.

    Do you remember Emma Mae?

    I sure as hell do.

    She was that sexy tattooed girl that came out of nowhere (nowhere as in North Carolina) and then before I knew it, she was everywhere.

    Porn producers had this weird belief that tattoos and piercings can scare away viewers. Unless you’re shooting for Burning Angel or Belladonna or other tattoo niche studios, a girl’s tattoos would often get covered up with stockings, corsets, or whatever else so that they don’t drive people away. But does anyone really mind tattoos that much? I’m asking because the way I see it is if a girl is sexy, she’s sexy. Tattoos aren’t something that I’m bothered by. Unless she’s got a swastika tattoo. Then I would be bothered by that.

    Continue Reading

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  • At First Sight Dating App

    Screen Shot 2013 06 19 at 4.40.40 PM At First Sight Dating App

    Love App First Sight

    Internet dating is so much easier than regular dating.

    Why would you risk the pain and humiliation of asking someone out in person when you can just make a profile and browse the profiles of other singles?

    Yeah, internet dating is pretty great.

    The only problem with internet dating is that people like to fudge facts about themselves to make themselves more attractive to potential suitors. The only way I ever get dates online is because I tell people that I’m the third White brother in Tonstartssbandht.

    Everyone lies on the internet, that’s just how it works.

    Now, if only there was a way to eliminate the lying aspect of internet dating so that you had an honest idea of the people you were checking out…

    Well there is! It’s a brand new dating app called At First Sight and it’s going to make meeting real people through the internet a lot easier.

    How does it work? Well, I’ll let the new dating app’s celebrity spokesman Chris Harrison breakdown. Because really…who knows more about dating and dating apps than the host of Burning Love The Bachelor and The Bachelorette:    Continue Reading

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  • MILF as American Pie: MILF vs Mature

    Eroscott is an erotica writer that loves Sex.com and the Sex.com Blog. He finally saw that tips/submissions (that has been there for months, by the way) and insisted that I let him do a blog post about the issue of what makes a MILFs.

    I just want you to know that I, Chico Dusty, have no strong feelings about the technical misuse of the term MILF, but Eroscott has been so supportive that I had to let him do it. So here it is, the Eroscott guest post:

    We all know what a MILF is, right? The movie American Pie made that acronym famous. Now it’s used in porn and on porn-related sites with abandon.

    Here’s Jennifer Coolidge, the iconic MILF from American Pie, who played  Stiffler’s  mother.

    Continue Reading

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  • Mellisa Clarke: Sexy Goth

    7 Mellisa Clarke: Sexy Goth

    Melissa Clarke

    Summer can be hard for goths.

    They have to deal with sunshine and good vibes all summer long. Let me tell you, sunshine and good vibes are two things that don’t go well with goth culture.

    Normally I would just feel bad for goths in the summer time. However, while scrolling through pages and pages of free porn on Sex.com, I came across Mellisa Clarke posing on the beach (specifically, the sexy Mellisa Clarke picture at the beginning of this post).

    For all intents and purposes, Mellisa Clarke is goth.

    Feel free to tell me otherwise in the comments, but the truth is I don’t care. I really do not care if she doesn’t actually listen to Bauhaus or if she’s never seen The Crow or whatever goths are into these days. Melissa Clarke looks sort of goth, which is good enough for me.

    Just be happy that I didn’t choose Kate Upton for this beach goth Babe of the Day.

    Anyways, seeing Mellisa Clarke’s sexy beach pic on Sex.com got me thinking…

    Why are there no sexy goths hanging at the beach? There’s nothing I like better than incongruity and a sexy goth at the beach is full of incongruity.

    In general, where are all the sexy goths?

    They used to be all over the high school.

    I’m making Mellisa Clarke (the sexiest goth of all time) Babe of the Day on the condition that the sexy goths of the world come out of hiding. We love your pale skin, dark hair, and bleak outlook on life and humanity.

    For anyone who doubts that goths can be sexy, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Mellisa Clarke, the babe of the day:  Continue Reading

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  • Caramel Colored Rooms Means More Sex

     Caramel Colored Rooms Means More Sex

    My caramel colored room, aka “The Cum Dungeon”

    What color is your bedroom?

    You’re probably saying, “Why should I tell you, Chico? I don’t have to tell you what color my bedroom is.”

    Well to that I say, “You got some nerver, mister.”

    It shouldn’t come as a surprise that our environment can influence our mood. A recent study by Travelodge looked into 2,000 homes across Britain and found that couples who sleep in caramel colored rooms have the most sex.  Continue Reading

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