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  • How to Improve the Taste of Cum

    tumblr ltytdj7sNg1ql9qx1 How to Improve the Taste of Cum

    9 times out of 10, this is the answer you’ll get to the question, “Which is it baby, spits or swallows?”

    I think we can all agree that blowjobs are awesome.

    Men like them because they feel great and some women like them because they’re in control (note: this may not be the reason why, but it’s Camille Crimson’s reason and she’s the blowjob master so it’s good enough for me).

    By in large, men prefer it when women swallow their cum rather than spit it out. Even though women know that men find swallowing cum extremely hot and we’ve told our gals time and again that swallowing cum can cure depression, there are still some women out there who refuse to swallow cum because it tastes bad.

    If you’re desperate to get your girlfriend, wife, or casual sex partner on board with swallowing cum, there is one thing you can do…

    You can improve the taste of cum!

    The taste of cum is determined by your diet. That’s why they say, “You are what you eat.” If you eat nothing but junk, chances are when your lady gets a taste of cum she’s not going to be happy. Everyone’s cum tastes different. That’s because we’re all different. The consensus on the taste of cum though is that it tastes bitter or salty. How can we fix this? By making the tase of cum sweeter obviously!

    Science has been working very hard to find out which foods sweeten the taste of cum. So let’s find out what you should be eating to sweeten the taste of cum and get your girl swallowing that sweet, sweet semen.

    First things first, if you really serious about improving the taste of cum, you’re going to have to cut alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, and any recreational drugs you’re doing out of your diet. I know that sounds absolutely impossible but they are all serious toxins that really pollute the body and make the taste of cum bitter and salty. It’s a huge commitment to make. First you need think if having your cum swallowed is more important than alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, and recreational drugs.

    If sweet tasting cum is more important to you than alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, and recreational drugs, then we are ready to continue.

    women actress blake lively ice cream leighton meester faces 2560x1600 wallpaper High Resolution Wallpaper 480x360 www.wallpaperhi.com  How to Improve the Taste of Cum

    Not a blowjob…but you get it.

    Now that you’ve cut out alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, and recreational drugs from your diet, you’re going to want to drink lots of water. Drinking 1 to 2 liters (0.264172051 to .528344102 gallons or 4 to 8 cups of water a day) will help your body flush out all the toxins you’ve accumulated in your body from your alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, and recreational drug habits.

    I’m now going to list the food that will sweeten the taste of cum for you:

    • Pineapples
    • Papayas
    • Cranberries
    • Melons
    • Mangoes
    • Apples
    • Grapes
    • Parsley
    • Wheatgrass
    • Celery
    • Cinnamon
    • Cardamom
    • Peppermint
    • Lemon

    The fruit on this list are all high in natural sugars that should off-set the bitter taste of cum. Parsley, wheatgrass, and celery are all high in chlorophyll, which is also said to sweeten the taste of cum. Anything with lots of zinc or selenium that doesn’t taste too strong is also good.

    The foods you should avoid because they make the taste of cum bitter or salty are:

    • Dairy products
    • Red meat
    • Cauliflower
    • Broccoli
    • Asparagus
    • Garlic
    • Onions
    • Fish
    • Junk food
    • Food with lots of preservatives

    Now I’m not saying that you should avoid these foods completely. Maintaining a healthy diet is more important than sweetening the taste of cum. It’s just a matter of striking a balance between these two food groups: good for the taste of cum and bad for the taste of cum.

    Instead of having that second helping of steak and asparagus, cut up some papayas and pineapples.

    What you put in your body takes anywhere from 12 to 24 hours. That means you can plan cum-sweetening diet on days you’re more likely to have sex than not. For example, on Monday you can eat all the fish, garlic, junk food, and cauliflower you want because you’re probably not getting a blowjob on a Monday evening (though you should try). But when Thursday rolls around, you should be loading up on cranberries for all blowjobs you’re going to get on Friday.

    Make sense?

    Even with the taste of cum sweeter than usual, swallowing is not a guarantee. Swallowing cum is a very intimate act. If you’re hooking up with someone for the first time, you shouldn’t expect a swallow. But you never know. In my experience, even if they don’t swallow on the first go, they usually say something like, “Why does your dick taste so much better than any other one I’ve had before?”

    Good tasting dick and sweetened taste of cum means two things for you:

    1. You will feel invincible.
    2. She will be more inclined to give you blowjobs in the future (with swallowing).

    Now get off the computer and get yourself to a grocery store before it’s too late!

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  • Ask Marni by Sex.com – How Do I Date a Stripper?


    Here is the email that I got from George:

    “Marni I want to date a stripper, I think we have a connection, nevertheless she is a very special person, she was taken aback and did not expect me to tell her how deep of a person she was, what to do I do  next? I want to be fair and upfront with her, but I do not want to make her feel uncomfortable.”


    Marni  answers : “Ok George, stripper or not,  it sounds that you met a woman you were highly attracted to, that you really would like to know  and who you feel you have a connection with. Right?”

    That’s great! Remember this:

    “A woman is a woman whether she is a grocery cashier, a police officer or a stripper; meaning we all have need expectations and sexual desires when it comes to man, and the man we want. I actually happened to be friend with strippers and some pornstars, they all say the biggest turnoff for them is when men treat them like strippers and pornstars instead of like normal women who have feelings. In fact, I’ve actually seen totally awesome men become pervs and hornballs when interacting with strippers and pornstars even when these girls were off duty. These women always handle their behaviour very well, but I could sense that it totally turned them off.

    As long as you treat her like a woman,someone who deserves respect, attention and to hear how do you feel as opposed to just another stripper, you could do no wrong! Even if you didn’t know her occupation i would advice you to be upfront because that what, we girl,crave for men. The goats to tell us how you feel us and your intention.

    So be bold, be yourself and be upfront with her about how you see her. It seems like she’s already taking her guard down as very comfortable to speaking to you. Now turn off the heat. And go after what you want. Trust me there’s a good thing there.”

    I hope that answered you question George.

    For more tips on how to attract, date, seduce and get any girl that you want visit WingGirlMethod.com or watch for more videos here on Sex.com.”

    – Marni.

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  • What’s the Point of Oral Sex?

    2569482 perfect pose Whats the Point of Oral Sex?

    Cunnilingus (aka eating out)

    Everyone loves getting oral sex. Fellatio or cunnilingus, it’s all good!

    If you see someone’s face headed towards your lap, what are you going to do stop them? Of course not!

    A new study in Evolutionary Psychology has attempted to determine the reason for why men perform oral sex on women. Their hypothesis was that men perform oral sex on women to increase sexual satisfaction in their relationship thereby minimizing the risk of cheating.  Continue Reading

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  • People Will Switch to Bing for Porn

    I’ll be the first to admit it, I love Google.

    How on earth are you supposed to look something up without Google?

    I always remember Hank Scorpio asking Homer Simpson if he knew who invented the hammock. And of course he didn’t know who invented the hammock. So Hank Scopio says to Homer, “There’s something for you to do: find that out.”

    Find out who invented the hammock without Google? That’s a huge task. Without Google I would have had to walk to the library and open a book instead of immediately finding out that hammocks were invited by Native Americans in the West Indies and brought back to Europe by Spanish colonists (also maybe hammocks were invented by the Ancient Greeks, no one knows for sure. Hammocks been around a long time).

    Google has made all of our lives easier and therefore better by providing us with the fastest way to find things on the internet.

    So Eden sank to grief, so dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay.

    What this Robert Frost quote means is that even in all its glory, Google may not last forever simply because nothing gold can stay.

    More and more Google seems to be removing internet porn from itself. They’ve made it harder to find porn on Google Images, they banned porn from Google Glass (even though the only purpose anyone can think of for Google Glass is POV porn) and they’ve banned the monetization of porn on Blogger. Though they aren’t officially going porn-free, it sure looks like Google is moving in that direction.

    Because I’m such a big fan of Google (did you guys see The Internship?), I decided to run a poll to see how you guys would react to a porn-free Google.  Continue Reading

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  • Underboob vs. Sideboob

    2578288 adorespanties underboobs Underboob vs. Sideboob

    Alice Goodwin makes a case for underboobs

    If you read my crop top post, you should know that I am not only the world’s top proponent of crop tops but also that I’m a huge fan of underboob cleavage.

    But there are still some people out there that maintain the belief that there’s nothing that beats a good sideboob.

    And then there are people who think underboob and sideboob are both inferior to seeing boobs fully nude. I have to agree that seeing boobs fully nude is better than underboob or sideboob because it’s the main prize. Though that’s not exactly fair to underboob and sideboob because their purpose is to tease rather than reveal.

    Boobs are the million dollar jackpot, whereas underboob and sideboob are more like trying to decide between an all-expense paid vacation or a brand new car. Both are worthy prizes, it just comes down to your individual preference.

    Wait a second. I’m supposed to be fanning the flames of the underboob vs. sideboob debate, not extinguishing them.

    Let’s say that the internet was not going to go boob-free. No more bare breasts on the internet but underboob and sideboob pics were still allowed. Which would you prefer?


    2031231 fabulous beginners in a awesome homemade photo Underboob vs. Sideboob

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  • Study Confirms that Everyone Lies About Sex

     Study Confirms that Everyone Lies About Sex

    Someone’s got a secret…

    I do my best to be as honest as possible. Telling the truth is just so much easier than lying. Unfortunately there are some people that can’t handle the truth and you will get a reputation for being a prick. At least you’re an honest prick rather than a lying prick.

    There is one exception to my honesty policy and it’s sex.

    To be honest with you I don’t know why I feel so compelled to lie about sex but I am. I’ve been lying about sex since before I even started having sex.

    I lost my virginity to my high school girlfriend in senior year. We dated for six months before she was ready to have sex. God knows I tried to have sex with her every single day of those six months. Right as I was about to finally put my penis in her vagina and lose my virginity once and for all she stopped and said, “You’ve done this before, right?”

    “Yes,” I replied without any hesitation. It was just a reflex. There I was, about to have sex for the first time (which I’m convinced to this day that she knew I was also a virgin because we had talked about it before) and I lied about sex.

    Ever since then lying about sex has been second nature.

    A new study by Ohio State University confirms that I’m not the only one lying about sex. It turns out everyone lies about sex!   Continue Reading

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  • Best Sex Positions For Easy Orgasms

    699223 taylor vixen Best Sex Positions For Easy Orgasms

    Taylor Vixen’s orgasm face

    Orgasms! Aren’t they the best?

    The only problem is that while most men don’t have problem orgasming, only 35% of women will orgasm during sex. Worse yet 15% of women have never had an orgasm.

    That is just not right. Of course, there are plenty of reasons for why these women are having difficulty orgasming. They could be that they are suffering from performance anxiety. Maybe they need additional clitoral stimulation during sex. They might not be getting enough foreplay from their partner.

    Ultimately, achieving an orgasm is all about angles. Specifically during vaginal sex, the man needs to be at the right angle to stimulate both the G-spot and clitoris at the same time. Sounds complicated right? Well it’s not. There are three very common sex positions that can stimulate the G-spot and the clitoris, making an orgasm all but a guarantee.

    What are these magic sex positions? I’ll tell you right now.   Continue Reading

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  • Ask Marni by Sex.com – Asking A Woman on a Second Date

    In our first Ask Marni by Sex.com video dating tips, Marni answered Steve’s question:

    “Hi Marni, I would like to know you can get a second date. Should I wait for the girl to suggest that we should see each other again? Because, I’ve read that advice from other male dating ‘experts.’
    “Is it okay to say  ‘I would like to do this or that, do you want to come with me?’ Or something like that?”

    Marni advises: “Of course, you can ask for a second date if you want to go on them. I don’t agree with getting her to ask you because most women are not going to ask you and therefore you lose out. LEAD. It’s your job to lead. As a man, always lead. The more you lead the more a woman would be inclined to follow. Why? Because when you lead and take on the masculine role it allows a woman to fall into a feminine role and that’s what women want most, to feel feminine. Women experience a hidden level of attraction when they feel the most feminine.

    One time when my girlfriend and I were hanging out; she told me about her new boyfriend and the way he asked her out at the end of each date. She said that the way he asked her left no room for her to say no. She had no choice but to say yes to his invite because it was direct, confident and attractive.

    So here is how you will end each date. Say this:

    “<name>, I had a great time hanging out with you”

    Then recall something that you learnt about her on the date or something or that she said or something funny she shared. Then ask her:

    “I would to take you to a movie are you free?”

    The reason why this approach is so attractive is because you’re stating what you want and relaying that to her. The response to that question is yes or no. Clean cut. Try it.

    Alright Steve I hope that answered your question.

    For more tips on how to attract, date, seduce and get any girl that you want visit WingGirlMethod.com or watch for more videos here on Sex.com

    – Marni.

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  • Good Touch: Erogenous Zone Behind the Knees

    1927611 hot g string pic featuring superb ass Good Touch: Erogenous Zone Behind the Knees

    I know it’s hard not to stare at that ass but try to focus on the back of the knees

    Because we started to run out of sex positions for you to try in our recurring sex tip,Try This Sex Position, we’re starting another sex tip series on the Sex.com Blog called Good Touch: Your Guide to Erogenous Zones. (We are open to changing the name. Maybe to Know Your Zone? Please suggest something in the comments)

    A lot of men think that the best way to turn a woman on is to jump straight to the clitoris and start playing with it. Playing with the clitoris is something you eventually want to do but it’s so sensitive that playing with it right away could be more uncomfortable than arousing. So if the clitoris is off limits, what the heck are you supposed to do to put a lady in the mood?

    Oprah says that good foreplay starts in the morning. Make her breakfast, tell her she looks nice, etc. But that’s all well and good for Oprah, but what are we supposed to do when the foreplay escalates to touching and we can’t flick the clit like we’re used to.

    Luckily, the human body is covered in secret erogenous zones that when properly stimulated can arouse women with orgasmic results. Last time you learned that a woman’s back was one of her secret erogenous zones. Today, we’ll be looking one of the weirdest erogenous zones known to man: the back of the knee.  Continue Reading

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  • Want Bigger Boobs? Try Hypnosis

    979217 awesome photo featuring fabulous boobs Want Bigger Boobs? Try Hypnosis

    How big will your boobs be?

    As you all know, I’m not a fan of fake boobs. Big boobs, small boobs, it doesn’t really matter to me as long as they’re real. That’s just how I feel about boobs.

    It bums me out that there are women in the world that feel self-conscious or lack confidence just because their boobs are small. Don’t they know they still look great? Worse part about it is that they’re spending $5,000 to $10,000 on fake boobs.

    I do have good boob news though. There might finally be an alternative for those women coveting big, fake boobs.

    What could the alternative to implants be? Padded bras? Hormone pills? No!

    Zack Polanski, a hypnotherapist from England, says all you need to get bigger boobs is hypnosis.

    Hypnosis is cheaper and safer than any surgery. But how would hypnosis make boobs bigger? Continue Reading

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