September, 2013

  • Try This Sex Position: Hangin Back

    deepthroat sex position

    Hangin’ Back

    It’s been too long since our last Try This Sex Position sex tip!

    Try This Sex Position is back with a very special oral sex position for everyone to try. It’s called “Hangin’ Back” and it’s the best oral sex position for deepthroat blowjobs.

    So how does the Hangin’ Back oral sex position work?  Continue Reading

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  • Melissa Debling Calendar Preview

    Melissa Debling hot

    Melissa Debling

    2014 is still a few months away but if the 2014 Melissa Debling Calendar is any indication, it’s going to be a very good year.

    You may remember Melissa Debling as the beautiful, busty blonde from’s Pool Sex Guide. And if you thought she looked good in those sexy pool pics, wait til you see what the Melissa Debling Calendar has in store for us:


    So as you can see, there are twelve pictures here…

    There are twelve months in a year…

    Does this mean this is the full Melissa Debling calendar?

    Probably not. We’ll just have to find out when we’re buying new calendars in December.

    You know what would be a good idea though? One of those calendars where each day has a new picture and you have to tear them away. You know the ones I mean? That way, instead of 12 pictures of Melissa Debling, we could look at 365 new pictures of Melissa Debling. A new Melissa Debling picture for every single day of the year.

    Now that would be a good way to spend 2014.

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  • Carissa White – Enticing Touch

    Carissa White

    Carissa White

    Remember Carissa White?

    The pin-up girl that came to life?

    Well, she’s back with more sexy photos shot by Holly Randall.

    Once again, Carissa White channels a slimmer Marilyn Monroe in her sexy new photos. You’ll want to get yourself a stiff drink before you indulge in these pics.




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  • 25 percent of Men Fake Orgasms

    orgasm Chanel Preston

    Faking isn’t just for ladies

    Faking an orgasm is an art women have mastered to help build the sexual-confidence of men all around the world.

    Confidence boosting is just one of the many reasons women fake orgasms. Everyone has their own reasons for faking and it take me forever to summarize why women choose to fake an orgasm rather than let her man fruitlessly try to give her one.

    But fake orgasms aren’t just for women. A new study shows that 25% of men have fake orgasms.  Continue Reading

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  • Nikki Leigh Keeps It Tight

    Nikki Leigh playmate

    Nikki Leigh and her perfect side-boob

    Playmate of the Month for May 2012, Nikki Leigh is back!  Continue Reading

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  • The Three Bad Things About Sex

    Eroscott is an erotic fiction writer and a loyal follower of the Blog.

    Today, Eroscott shares his wealth of sexual knowledge and experience to tell us the Three Bad Things About Sex:

    Sex is such a wonderful thing, or it should be. If it wasn’t so wonderful we wouldn’t have seven billion people on this planet now.

    There are really only two reasons to have sex: 1) to reproduce and, 2) because it feels good. It’s the second reason that has led to what some people say is overpopulation—although I think human ingenuity will allow for an even greater population without massive and widespread famine. But I digress.

    If sex doesn’t feel good, then you’re probably doing it wrong. That usually applies to women, not that women do it wrong on purpose. And that brings up a third reason for sex, control and domination. Many men don’t give a damn if the women they have sex with like it or not, just as long as they, the men, get off on it. That sentiment is probably more typical than many people might think. And, in my personal experience, I have met many women whose former boyfriends or husbands really didn’t care if their woman enjoyed the sexual experience or not. In fact, some men felt threatened if their wives enjoyed it too much.

    But again, I digress. The title of this post is “The Three Bad Things about Sex.” So let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that we are talking about men who want to please their women sexually and are as concerned with doing so as with pleasing themselves, and vice versa.

    Here’s the list of the three objectively bad things about sex: 1) Non-consensual sex, 2) unwanted pregnancies, 3) sexually transmitted diseases.  Continue Reading

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  • Sammi Jo Topless Pool Fun

    Sammi Jo

    Sammi Jo

    Just when I was getting over my post-summer blues, I had to find pictures of busty model Sammi Jo having topless pool fun.

    I know you’d like to see Sammi Jo’s amazing 34DD boobs pop out of her striped bathing suit, but just know that once you see them you’re going to feel sad that you won’t be able to have topless pool fun for another ten months.


    Is it summer again yet?

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  • Top 10 Places To Have Quickie Sex

    quickie sex bathroom stall

    Quickie Sex

    Is there any sex better than quickie sex?

    I don’t think so. The spontaneity of quickie sex always guarantees that it will be very hot. Plus the brevity let’s you continue your day as if nothing ever happened (though you’ll always know that you just had sex).

    Quickie sex cannot be planned, it just sort of happens. When you feel it about to happen and you’re nowhere near your bedroom, these are the Top 10 places to have quickie sex:  Continue Reading

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  • Rihanna Is Not Having Sex

    Rihanna sexy picture

    Not so BadGalRiri

    Bad news, everyone. Rihanna has turned her back on partying and hasn’t had sex in ages.

    On the British talk show, Alan Carr: Chatty Man, Rihanna said that she’s stopped hitting the clubs because it’s “boring”.

    “Recently I’ve become a square,” she says. “I hate partying. I don’t know if it’s my heels – I don’t like standing up in my heels for hours. I don’t know if it’s that, but I’ve been so bored of it.”

    Can you really be a square when you have legs like Rihanna?

    One solution to Rihanna’s partying problem would be to ditch the heels. She’s already got those long, slender legs. Does she really need to accentuate her sexy legs by wearing heels?

    The real problem isn’t that Rihanna isn’t out partying three nights a week anymore, it’s that she hasn’t been able to pick up alternative New York City pro skaters to have sex with.

    Rihanna told Alan Carr, “I am such a bootleg rock star, I do nothing, literally. I’m embarrassed to say that actually. That’s so disgusting. That’s fucking pathetic.”

    She added, “I tell you, I’m a bit of a square recently. Don’t feel bad for me, I’m good.”

    Normally I get concerned for celebrities when I hear that their sex lives are in a rut. If a celebrity can’t get any sex, then what are regular non-celebrities supposed to do for sex? But I’m not worried about Rihanna’s sex life because it’s Rihanna. She’s a 25 year-old super babe.

    If Rihanna wanted to have sex, all she would have to do is walk into any room and say, “I’m Rihanna. I want to have sex. Raise your hand if you would like to have sex with me, Rihanna.”

    After hearing this, everyone in the room would put up their hands and she would be able to pick her favorite (or favorites). And if there isn’t anyone she’s interested in, she could just move on to a different room full of people and try again.

    Everyone wants to have sex with Rihanna. Her sex life is going to be fine.

    Even though Rihanna’s in a bit of a dry spell right now, the good news is her Instagram is still as sexy as ever.

    Let’s look at some of Rihanna’s sexy Instagram pictures now:



    All she would have to do is ask anyone if they wanted to have sex and her sex life would be saved.

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  • Tea Does Fashion Week

    Tea’s back!

    For those of you who don’t already know, Tea is our new sexy-guest-sex-vlogger. You may recognize her as the beautiful mind behind T-Crumpets and LoveSugarTits or maybe you know her from Vice Magazine.

    Tea just got back from Fashion Week in Milan. That may sound like a sexy fun time, but it turns out that Fashion Week is more like Fashion WEAK.

    I’m sorry. Terrible joke. I’ll just turn this over to Tea now.

    Continue Reading

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  • Dating Tips For Students

    Student Dating

    Hey, here is a featured article from our guest Laura Christina, she’s a Montreal-based writer and artist.

    If you’re a student or not, check these four recommendations and start dating again!


    You’ve been making eyes at each other over boring lectures and trying to get put together on group

    assignments for weeks – it’s time for the often overthought ritual known as the first date of two college

    students. Here are some tips to keep yourself from overanalyzing the moment and letting things

    become awkward and flat.


    1. Consider the cost. Most college students are on some form of financial aid, or work menial jobs

    for not enough pay while they complete their degrees. Free concerts and cheap movie matinees

    are a good bet. Don’t let stress about money ruin your good time.


    2. Go off-campus. You don’t want to be interrupted by people you know, it’s just awkward. Find

    somewhere that won’t be crammed with studying students.


    3. DON’T make it a study date! If things go well, you won’t get any studying done. If they don’t, it

    will be the most depressing study session you’ve ever had.


    4. Make it interesting! College is a time to try new things and discover new interests. Go to a

    museum or a gallery, or just somewhere local that you’ve never been before. It’ll give you

    something to talk about.

    You’re ready – just have fun! College is about learning, sure, but it’s also about meeting people and

    putting yourself out there.


    Laura Christina

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  • Russian Blowjob Academy

    Russian Blowjob Academy

    Russian Blowjob Academy

    Russian Blowjob Academy” sounds like a VHS tape you’d find in your roommate Daniel’s collection of scary pornography along with other scary porno’s on VHS like Backdoor Sluts 9 and Czechoslovakian Anal Training.

    But no!

    “Russian Blowjob Academy” isn’t an out of date, bizarre porno. It’s an actual academy where Russian women pay $113 (or 3,500 Russian rubles) to learn the art of oral sex.  Continue Reading

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  • Would You Rather: Blonde vs Brunette

    Who would you rather?

    Who would you rather?

    Life’s all about making tough decisions like, “Which wire do I cut? The red or the blue?”

    One decision I still struggle with today is: Do I go with the blonde or the brunette?

    Specifically today I’m stuck trying to decide who I like better: Rosie Jones or Sam Cooke.

    Both babes are gorgeous glamour models from the UK and they both have new photos via

    Let’s take a look at their new pics:


    Tell me, who is hotter?

    Rosie Jones, the brunette on the beach wearing a pair of very sexy daisy-dukes?


    Sam Cooke, the blonde in sexy black lingerie?


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  • How To Have Sex In A Dressing Room

    dressing room sex

    Dressing Room Sex

    I used to hate shopping with my girlfriend (aka Gleb).

    She’d always say to me, “Ay papi, why you never take me shopping no more?”

    And I’d be like, “Ugh…Because I hate shopping!”

    Finally, one Sunday afternoon she said to me, “Ay papi, take me shopping today and I make it worth your while.” I was hoping she was going to make it worth my while by getting a cool hat or something, but instead she pulled me into the dressing room for some quickie sex. And yes, it was awesome.

    Since then, I always take my girlfriend Gleb shopping so that we can have sex in a dressing room.

    Sex in a dressing room is one of the most exciting things a couple can do. I recommend it to all of you.

    Although, there are few things you need to know before you go to the mall and have sex in a dressing room. So let’s get straight to it! Here is Chico Dusty’s How To Have Sex In A Dressing Room. Continue Reading

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  • Ask Marni by – Stay in Friend zone

    Hey everyone, Marni is back! It’s Thursday and this is your Hot Dating Tips of the day with Ask Marni by Marni is gently giving you expert advice on dating.

    Here is a question she  got from Ernesto on the Friend Zone:

    “Hey Marni,

    I’ve known this girl for the last two years and we’ve been friends. Not because I wanted to be friends.

    I finally said something to her about it and she said ” I don’t want to lose our friendship”. My sticking point is how to approach this. Do I stick to the being friends approach? I’ve told her to just be my friend for now. 

    So, would you say I should do the friends thing and just try build up something slowly again?

    Or, would you suggest going with no contact for at least 3 or 4 weeks and trying to re-set things after the ?

    Ernesto “

    Marni advices:

    I guess the first question to ask is yourself is: ” Are you really ok with just being friends with her for the rest of your life? Meaning there’s not a wait-for-you. And then, I’m her friend and I’m not only her friend and I’m ok with that.”

    If the answer to that question is yes, then totally be her friend, but if you want something else for her than friendship, it’s false, which is unfair to you and to her.

    Listen, she’s not trying purposely to hurt you or lead you on. But that it’s what’s happening and you seem to be ok with it.

    My advice is to think honestly are you ok with just being friends.

    If answer is no; then it’s time to separate from this girl. Give yourself some distance and don’t be her false boyfriend. Date other girls, sleep with others girls and keep in touch with this girl. I pretty much guaranty  there is goint to be a shift in her attraction towards you and if not you’re out dating other girls so it doesn’t matter.

    It’s a win-win in my eyes!


    I would love to hear what you think about this topic and this video. Just write your comments below.

    For more tips like this, on how to attract, seduce and make every woman want you go to or you can check my other Ask Marni videos on

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  • Secret To Malena Morgan’s Perfect Body

    This is Malena Morgan:

    Malena Morgan

    Malena Morgan

    By all accounts, Malena Morgan has a perfect body.

    If you don’t think so, I would advise getting your head checked for signs of being totally fucked.

    So how does one get a perfect body like Malena Morgan’s?  Continue Reading

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  • 50 Shades of Franchise

    Calico Rudasil is a feature columnist for, the web’s original erotic site for women by women. With over 16 years’ experience of writing about and for the adult entertainment industry under her belt, Calico qualifies as something of a Web Porn Dinosaur; similar to a tyrannosaurus, only with far more attractive arms and a less pronounced overbite.

    Today, we’re happy to have Calico Rudasil come by the Blog and vent her 50 Shades franchise frustration.

    Let me just admit up front that I haven’t read the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy, and I don’t plan to. I don’t have a particularly good reason for refusing to crack its cover, really – except for the fact that 50 Shades started out life as Twilight fan-fiction, and I’m neither 13 years old nor a fan of vampire and/or werewolf stories.  Continue Reading

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  • Loyal_Chivette: Twitter Tease


    The Ultimate Twitter Tease: @Loyal_Chivette

    My introduction to @Loyal_Chivette was totally by accident.

    I just happened to find the most amazing picture for the Top 10 Sexy Military Women post. At first I thought it was just a miracle that such a sexy and relevant picture existed, but friend of the blog NudesForTroops told me it was a woman known only to the world as @Loyal_Chivette.

    Ever since then, I’ve been a huge fan of @Loyal_Chivette and all the sexy pictures she’s always tweeting of herself.

    I know there’s no such thing as the Best Body On Twitter award, but if there was, I’d nominate @Loyal_Chivette. Continue Reading

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  • Win The Lelo Tor 2! (Couples Sex Toy)

    A few months ago, we were lucky enough to get a big box of Lelo products delivered to the office.

    Because Lelo makes the best sex toys in the whole wide world, we were pressured by significant others and friends to let them try our Lelo sex toys.

    Before we knew it, our big box of Lelo sex toys became an empty box. The only thing left was the Lelo Tor II, the world’s first waterproof and rechargeable couples’ cock ring.

    Instead of giving the Tor II to another one of our greedy significant others or friends, I’ve decided to give it away to you!  Continue Reading

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  • Porn Viewers Support Affirmative Action For Women

    Last week, I told you about a new study that found watching porn made men and women less likely to support affirmative action for women.

    Pornography gets blamed for a lot of problems, which I understand because it’s supposed to be a bad, bad thing.

    When I saw the headline, “Porn Viewing Impacts Attitudes on Women in the Workplace” my reaction was something like, “That can’t be true…can it?”

    I had to put the theory that people who watch pornography are less likely to support affirmative action to the test. So we ran a poll to either confirm or deny this study’s findings and I’m happy to report that it’s not true! Continue Reading

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