October, 2013

  • Hot Pornstar Vampires: Hot Chicks, Big Fangs

    digitalplayground hot chicks big fangs 334452 Hot Pornstar Vampires: Hot Chicks, Big Fangs

    Hot Chicks, Big Fangs

    Just because you’re too old to Trick-or-Treat doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a treat this Halloween.

    And boy do I ever have a treat for you. Would you like to see Romi Rain, Bonnie Rotten, Destiny Dixon, Monique Alexander, and Nikki Benz dressed up as sexy vampires?

    Of course you do. I bet you’d want to see all those babes even if they weren’t dressed up as sexy vampires. But it’s Halloween so we should celebrate by looking at some festive porn!

    Are you ready to see five of the world’s hottest pornstars suck some D before they suck blood?  Continue Reading

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  • Leanna Decker and Elle Alexandra: Heaven vs Hell

    leanna elle cover Leanna Decker and Elle Alexandra: Heaven vs Hell

    Leanna Decker (Heaven) + Elle Alexandra (Hell)

    These pictures from Playboy Plus are as confusing as they are erotic.

    I say they’re confusing because why is Elle Alexandra representing hell? Everyone knows that looking at Elle Alexandra‘s nude pictures is the closest thing to Heaven on Earth.

    And while I do think Leanna Decker is an angel, I’ve just always associated big tits with hell. I don’t know why. I just have a pretty good feeling that Satan (if he/she exists) loves big tits, which Leanna Decker definitely has.

    But really, who cares about these semantics? I suppose it’s a good thing that Elle Alexandra isn’t getting typecast. More importantly, Leanna Decker and Elle Alexandra are two of the hottest redheads in the game right now and Playboy Plus was smart enough to pair them together for Halloween. 

    Watch as Elle and Leanna explore the dichotomy of good and evil, as well as each other’s bodies.  Continue Reading

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  • Big Butts = Health And Intelligence

    464090 leg squats result in bubble butt Big Butts = Health And Intelligence


    Loyal pawns, you all know that I’ve always been drawn to big butts.

    Personally, I just assumed that my obsession with ass was a by-product of falling asleep to rap music on full blast. But now I’m thinking I’m drawn to big butts because women with big butts are healthy and smarter than women with no ass. Continue Reading

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  • Miley Cyrus Wins Halloween 2013

    BX4avIBCIAAm1gm Miley Cyrus Wins Halloween 2013

    Miley Cyrus Halloween 2013

    Miley “Crazy” Cyrus has been pretty quiet ever since her album Bangerz came out.

    The fact that there hasn’t been a “Miley Cyrus is crazy” headline since the album’s release makes me wonder whether she was genuinely crazy or just playing us all for fools while hyping up her album.

    The only thing we can know for sure is that Miley Cyrus won Halloween 2013. Just check out her super sexy costume:  Continue Reading

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  • TOP 10 Scariest Places To Have Halloween Sex

    793459 rikki six jessie rogers TOP 10 Scariest Places To Have Halloween Sex

    Two hot babes ready for some spooky Halloween sex

    There’s more to Halloween than candy and slutty costumes.

    You’re not celebrating Halloween to the fullest if you’re not scaring yourself.

    I’m a “kill two birds with one stone”-kind of guy. So this Halloween, why not kill two birds with one stone by having sex somewhere scary? Might as well scare yourself while doing the thing you love most. Makes sense to me!

    To help you have some scary Halloween sex, here now are the TOP 10 Scariest Places To Have Halloween SexContinue Reading

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  • Sabine Jemeljanova – Satin Sheets

    sabinecover Sabine Jemeljanova   Satin Sheets

    Sabine Jemeljanova

    Sabine Jemeljanova is a sexy Latvian model that likes to take her clothes off in front of the camera.

    I can’t tell what’s softer in these pictures, the satin sheets or Sabine’s subtle breasts.   Continue Reading

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  • Have Sex With Joanna Angel…

    43253 07 Have Sex With Joanna Angel...

    Joanna Angel

    GREAT NEWS! You can now have sex with Joanna Angel!

    Ermm…Sorry…That’s not entirely true. You can now have sex with a replica of Joanna Angel’s pussy because Fleshlight just announced that she is the newest Fleshlight Girl! Continue Reading

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  • Erectile Dysfunction Etiquette

    nicotine and erectile dysfunction Erectile Dysfunction Etiquette

    Fucking Problem

    Erectile dysfunction can happen to any man and if it hasn’t happened yet, your time is coming soon.

    There are a number of ways that you can avert erectile dysfunction such as watching what you eat, maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding high blood pressure and cholesterol, getting regular exercise, curbing stress, quitting smoking, and not getting too drunk. However, even if you take all these steps to prevent erectile dysfunction, it can still happen.

    So what are you supposed to do when you can’t get it up?

    Today, we’re going to be reviewing the Do’s and Don’ts of Erectile Dysfunction Etiquette. So if your penis ever fails to get hard during sex with a hot babe, you’ll be prepared to handle it like a pro.  Continue Reading

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  • Brazil, Backsides and Bribery: Miss Bumbum Blemished by Backdoor Deals

    Calico Rudasil is a feature columnist for Sssh.com, the web’s original erotic site for women by women. With over 16 years’ experience of writing about and for the adult entertainment industry under her belt, Calico qualifies as something of a Web Porn Dinosaur; similar to a tyrannosaurus, only with far more attractive arms and a less pronounced overbite.

    Is nothing sacred anymore?

    In a sad indication of just how low some women will sag (even before Father Time takes care of that for them), word is that the 2013 Miss Bumbum competition – the contest that officially designates the owner of Brazil’s best booty – has been marred by corruption, with two top contestants allegedly forking over thousands of dollars to judges in order to put in the fix for their own fannies. Continue Reading

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  • Busty Taylor Vixen’s Night Out

    taylor vixen cover Busty Taylor Vixens Night Out

    Taylor Vixen

    I don’t like going out. I prefer to spend my evenings searching for hot and new sex pictures and sex videos for all you horny bastards.

    If I were to go out, I would want to go out with former Twisty’s Treat of the Year Taylor Vixen.

    I mean, who wouldn’t want to go out and party with Taylor Vixen and her killer curves? But see, the thing about going out with Taylor Vixen is that she goes all out. Like, stripping off her tight, purple dress, playing with her massive tits, and teasing herself go all out.

    Don’t believe me? Check out Taylor Vixen’s night out with massive tits, pussy tease, and her killer curves! Continue Reading

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