November, 2013

  • Kiki Vidis and Cheeseburgers is the Hottest Thing Ever

    311 Kiki Vidis and Cheeseburgers is the Hottest Thing Ever

    Kiki Vidis

    Kiki Vidis is an Australian pornstar who recently filmed the hottest sex video of all time. Strangely enough, there’s no sex in it!

    Though Kiki’s videos are always super hot, she went above a beyond this time.

    She filmed herself on top of a bunch of cheeseburgers and played with for a kinky food-fetish tease. I love cheeseburgers and I love Kiki Vidis, so naturally this is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. Even though the video quality is a little suspect…

    But it really doesn’t matter. Watch Kiki Vidis touching herself to cheeseburgers:

    How am I ever going to eat a cheeseburger again without thinking of Kiki Vidis?

    Actually, that sounds perfect.

    Kiki, film more of these please!

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  • Emily Ratajkowski At An Orgy

    emiyratajkowskiorgy Emily Ratajkowski At An Orgy

    Emily Ratajkowski went to an orgy I guess…

    I don’t know how or why, but it looks like everyone’s favorite nude model Emily Ratajkowski went to a super fashionable orgy.

    Thankfully, it was a pictures-allowed orgy. Let’s look at Emily Ratajkowski’s fashion orgy now!


    Where was my invite?

    Emily, next time you’re going to an orgy let me know. Or if you’d prefer the solo-Dusty experience, I’ll make myself available. Just get at me girl.

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  • Can Sexual Frustration Shorten Your Life?

    Are you Sexually Frustrated MainPhoto Can Sexual Frustration Shorten Your Life?

    Sexual Frustration

    Sexual frustration can shorten your lifespan…if you’re a fruit fly.

    A new study from the University of Michigan shows that when male fruit fly are denied an opportunity to mate with a female fruit fly emitting pheromones, they undergo a rapid deterioration. They lose their ability to fend off starvation and they are more susceptible to stress, meaning that they live shorter lives.

    And when male fruit flies are able to mate, the results are reversed. They end up having longer life spans.

    According to Scott D. Pletcher, Ph.D, senior author of the study and professor in the Department of Molecular and Integrative Physiology at the U-M Medical School,  “The cutting-edge genetics and neurobiology used in this research suggests to us that for fruit flies at least, it may not be a myth that sexual frustration is a health issue. Expecting sex without any sexual reward was detrimental to their health and cut their lives short.”

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  • Evan Rachel Wood’s Deleted Sex Scene Got Her Mad

    ERW Evan Rachel Woods Deleted Sex Scene Got Her Mad

    Evan Rachel Wood

    Actress Evan Rachel Wood is furious at the MPAA because a sex scene from her upcoming movie Charlie Countryman was cut to avoid getting an NC-17 rating.

    Check out the Twitter rant ERW went on slamming Hollywood censors for promoting a double standard:  Continue Reading

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  • Top 10 Tips To Surviving Black Friday

     Top 10 Tips To Surviving Black Friday

    Black Friday

    Today is Black Friday, the only day of the year where it’s socially acceptable to trample and beat people to death in order to get 50% off on some crap you’ll never use.

    Depending on when you’re reading this, you’re either about to get killed by a crowd of angry shoppers or you’re already dead. Hopefully it’s the former because I have the Top 10 Tips To Surviving Black Friday. If you’ve already been killed by the rabid Black Friday shoppers, you have no use for these tips.

    Are you ready to find out how you’re going to survive Black Friday? Well here’s the Top 10. Continue Reading

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  • Ryder Skye’s Comeback Interview

    0511 Ryder Skyes Comeback Interview

    Ryder Skye

    Ryder Skye is a gorgeous half-Japanese pornstar that’s been in the adult industry since 2007 and has appeared in over 150 movies. Recently Ryder took an unexpected sabbatical from porn, but thankfully she’s back!

    Let’s all give thanks that Ryder Skye is back and that she made time to sit down with me and talk about her return.

    So without further ado, the Ryder Skye interview! Continue Reading

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  •’s Christmas Gift Guide 2013 – Spank Weight

    Thanksgiving isn’t even over yet but if you haven’t already finished your Christmas shopping, you’re totally screwed.

    Thankfully I’m here to make sure you can salvage your Christmas by getting all the coolest, sexy gifts this holiday season.

    This is’s Christmas Gift Guide 2013 Part 1 and today we’re talking about the perfect gift for the out of shape masturbator in your life. This year, get the out of shape masturbator the SPANK WEIGHT from PipeDream ProductsContinue Reading

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  • New Sexy 2014 Fashion: Trophy Scarves

    Do clothes serve any purpose other than to make you look sexy, which will attract a sexual partner who will rip off your clothes?

    Whether you like it or not, how you dress is an important part of getting laid. Other sex blogs don’t care if you get laid, but we do. That’s why this sex blog’s sex tips and sex advice go above and beyond to get you laid. And that’s why we’re going to tell about the sexiest new fashion accessory for 2014.

    The hottest thing to wear in 2014 is something called Trophy Scarves. And you’re going to love Trophy Scarves because a Trophy Scarf is a naked (or semi-nude) white woman you wear around your shoulders.

    Want to know more? Well, let’s look at these pictures of Trophy Scarves founder Nate Hill wearing his creation:  Continue Reading

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  • Mailman Could Owe Millions For Sleeping With MILFs

    tara lynn foxx hot mail girl gets fucked hard 9 Mailman Could Owe Millions For Sleeping With MILFs

    If I had the chance, I would totally have sex with the mailman…erm…mail-lady

    A Canada Post worker has been suspended without pay for his own protection after a local Quebec newspaper broke the story that he may have fathered more fifty illegitimate “people”. Continue Reading

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  • Ashley’s First Time On Camera

    ashley cover Ashleys First Time On Camera

    Ashley’s first sex scene

    19 year old redhead babe Ashley had never had sex on camera before this shoot for X-Art. You’re about to witness the debut of a gorgeous, young redhead and it is incredible.

    All you need to know is that Ashley is stunning and we hope that this is the first of many, many sex scenes featuring her because she’s complete natural having sex in front of the camera. Let’s see Ashley’s big debut now! Continue Reading

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