February, 2014

  • Top 10 Sexiest Best Actress Oscar Winners of All Time

    JLawrence oscar finger Top 10 Sexiest Best Actress Oscar Winners of All Time

    Damn girl, you bad.

    The 86th Academy Awards are this Sunday! Are you excited?

    I am.

    There’s nothing I like more than tuning in to watch all of Hollywood come together in a glamorous evening to jerk each other off for what feels like an eternity only to cum all over us regular folk.

    The Oscars actually suck. They totally brainwash people. I’ve honestly heard people say, “I didn’t like that movie, but it won an Oscar so it must be good.” What? No. If you didn’t like it, that’s fine. You’re allowed to dislike movies that won Oscars. Unless you can put it on your resume, winning an Oscar don’t mean a damn thing.

    But I will admit that some very sexy women have won the Oscar for Best Actress. So in the spirit of the Oscars, let’s check out the Top 10 Sexiest Best Actress Winners of All TimeContinue Reading

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  • Sex.com Loves Duke University Porn Star Belle Knox

    tumblr n1nixd6YGN1raljz5o1 500 Sex.com Loves Duke University Porn Star Belle Knox

    Belle Knox

    By now, you’ve probably heard about the Duke University Freshman moonlighting as a porn star.

    If you haven’t, here’s a quick recap.

    Some idiot frat boy was watching porn one day and noticed that Belle Knox (aka Lauren A) looked an awful lot like a freshman he’d seen around campus. He proceeded to tell his idiot frat brothers about her and it wasn’t long before every horny college dude thought that it was his right to fuck her. Which is bad, but it doesn’t even compare to the backlash she received from the prudes.  Continue Reading

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  • Lexi Lowe Interview!

    lexi lowe interview cover Lexi Lowe Interview!

    Lexi Lowe

    You may recognize the naturally busty Lexi Lowe from numerous hot lesbian sex videos and solo masturbation videos. Welsh hottie Lexi is now ready to take porn by storm now that she’s shooting hardcore scenes and starring in the upcoming Downton Abbey porn parody, Down On Abbey.

    Earlier this week, Lexi Lowe emailed me personally to ask if I would interview her. Unfortunately, when busty babes from the UK contact me, my heart has a tendency to stop beating. But luckily it was only temporary. Once my heart started beating again, I managed sit down with the lovely Lexi Lowe and ask her a few questions.

    So enjoy this interview with your favorite porn star, Lexi Lowe!  Continue Reading

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  • Obsessed With Chanel Stewart

    chanel cover Obsessed With Chanel Stewart

    Chanel Stewart

    This is Chanel Stewart.

    She’s hot. She likes to swim in a white tank top and also dress up as a lifeguard. That’s all.


    What? What else do you want? Why are you even reading these words? You’ve seen the Chanel Stewart pictures I found, so go find some other hot Chanel Stewart pictures. Pin it to your Sex.com boards. Or don’t. Whatever.

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  • How To Make 69ing More Fun – Chico’s Sex Advice

    5132086 erotica 69 How To Make 69ing More Fun   Chicos Sex Advice


    Welcome back to another edition of Chico’s Sex Advice where I use all my expertise as a sexpert to answer any questions my beloved readers may have about sex.

    If you need sex advice or if you have a question about sex that needs answering, feel free to send an email to chicodustyblog@gmail.com OR use the contact form and I’ll answer as quickly as possible.

    Today’s question comes from Keegan. Keegan writes:

    “Hi Chico! I just 69’d with my girlfriend for the first time and we were sort of disappointed with it. If we could, we would nominate 69ing for the most overrated sex acts. Do you have any tips to make 69ing better?”  Continue Reading

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  • What’s Going To Happen To Jack Dundee’s All-Gay Straight-Only Emporium?

    Screen Shot 2014 02 27 at 3.41.45 PM Whats Going To Happen To Jack Dundees All Gay Straight Only Emporium?

    Jack Dundee’s

    Arizona Governor Jan Brewer overturned Arizona State Senate Bill 1062, which would have given Arizonans the right to deny service or any other action based on religious beliefs. So if your religious beliefs tell you to be offended by gay people, you would then have the right to deny gays service.

    While it’s good news for the LGTB community in Arizona (is there really such a thing?) that Gov. Jan Brewer overturned the bill, no one seems to be wondering what will happen to Jack Dundee’s All-Gay Straight-Only Adult Emporium

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  • Digital Condom Will Shock You and Your Dick

    condom chain electric Digital Condom Will Shock You and Your Dick

    Because the way to get people to wear condoms is to make them shoot electricity at your penis.

    Condoms are long overdue for an update. I mean, we have iPhone and iPod and iPad and iMac now. Why haven’t condoms evolved with all these other things? Condoms are just as important to living a happy life as any Apple product. And maybe an update on the classic condom is just what we need to get people using them without hesitation and therefore everybody be having safe sex and having a real good time.

    That’s why researchers Fraz Peer and Andrew Quitmeyer from Georgia Tech have launched an IndieGogo campaign to get their prototype for a digital condom off the ground and on the dicks of the condom-haters everywhere.  Continue Reading

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  • Florida Woman Arrested For Calling 911 To Get Sex

    2051133 hot sexy police babe with big tits got one big hard cock deep Florida Woman Arrested For Calling 911 To Get Sex

    And you thought you were desperate for sex…

    A woman in Florida was arrested after she phoned 911 to complain that a police officer who had been at her home earlier refused to use his long, hard arm of the law on her (long, hard arm of the law is a euphemism for sex).  Continue Reading

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  • Charlie Sheen: “Stop Calling Brett Rossi A Porn Star”

    brettnotapornstarrossi Charlie Sheen: Stop Calling Brett Rossi A Porn Star

    Brett “Not A Porn Star” Rossi

    RadarOnline is reporting that while Charlie Sheen and Brett Rossi are set to get married, Sheen is totally disgusted that the media continues to refer to his fiancee as a “porn star”.

    “It’s absolutely making Charlie crazy that the media keeps referring to Brett as a porn star, because she no longer is doing that. She recently graduated from nursing school,” an insider told Radar.

    “Furthermore, her stage name is Brett Rossi, her legal name is Scottine Ross. He wants people to refer to her as Scotti, which is the name she goes by in her personal life. Charlie has told his publicist to tell media outlets to stop calling her a porn star.”

    If I may, I’d like to speak frankly with the future Mr. Rossi.  Continue Reading

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  • You Can Now Pay Angela White In Dogecoins

    Australian pornstar Angela White announced today on Reddit that you can buy her porn videos with dogecoins. Check it out:

    Continue Reading

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