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  • 45% of Men Last 2 Minutes or Less – That’s Horrible Sexual Stamina

    Guys, y’all really have to work on your game.

    Established sex-master and urologist Dr. Harry Fisch recently did a post for Nerve in which he details the ‘normal’ frequency of sexual intercourse.  The findings are of course inconclusive, because what constitutes ‘normal’ is completely subjective.  It depends on  the person and it depends on the relationship.  Nothing to see here.

    More interesting is the fact that a whopping 45% of men last 2 minutes or less during sexual intercourse before cumming.  That’s ludicrous, and certainly not enough time for the majority of women to achieve an orgasm. 2 minutes is like, straight up premature ejaculation territory.  The fact that 45% of men fall into that zone really questions our sexual health as a society.

    The average length of vaginal intercourse is about 7.3 minutes, which, although better than 2 minutes, still isn’t enough time for the average woman to achieve an orgasm consistently.

    What is a man to do?  First thing’s first, you should do some research on how to increase your sexual stamina.  A great starting point would the article written by our own Chico Dusty entitled “How Do I Increase My Sexual Stamina?”

    Things like increasing your sexual stamina take hard work and dedication, but I’m asking you to undertake the mission of improving your sexual stamina for two main reasons:

    1) Your sexual partner will thank you when you stopping blowing your load as soon as you penetrate them.

    2) We need to boost these averages up for the sake of men everywhere.  2 minutes makes us look like a bunch of goddamn jokers.

    So, to help you work on that really underwhelming sexual stamina, please look at these sexy pictures and gifs while masturbating.  Try to make yourself last a bit longer than usual.  Then, visit Sex.com and look at some more pictures and try to beat your previous record!  See, working on your sexual stamina can be fun, like a game!  Not giving your girl an orgasm isn’t fun though, for you or her.

    Source: boobiesbuttholesandbagels.tumblr.com via LauraLMJ on Sex.com

    Source: snowbunnyhill.tumblr.com via sdmf32 on Sex.com

    Source: porndream.tumblr.com via sMiGoL on Sex.com

    Source: Uploaded by user via devon69 on Sex.com

    Source: porngif4u.blogspot.com via sMiGoL on Sex.com

    Source: myboobs4you.com via EffectCum on Sex.com

    Source: bestkindofjob.tumblr.com via brba on Sex.com

    Source: imgelite.com via ekvador77 on Sex.com

    Source: feedproxy.google.com via brba on Sex.com

    Source: via JordH on Sex.com

    Source: teenbaters.tumblr.com via LauraLMJ on Sex.com

    Did you make it all the way to the end without cumming? Excellent work! Keep trying to break that record on Sex.com!

    via Nerve

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  • Pornhubs Donates Trees for Arbour Day

    What the hell is Arbour Day exactly?  I’ve never even heard of it.  Does that make me a bad person?

    *consults Wikipedia*

    OK, so Arbour Day is an internationally observed pseudo-holiday where people are encouraged to plant, respect and look after trees.  Isn’t there already an Earth Day for all of the environmentalists?

    Anyways, as might be totally expected at this point, porn streaming bigwigs Pornhub have jumped on a holiday bandwagon and have a cool promotion running to celebrate Arbour Day, our earth, trees, and of course, watching hours and hours of videos of dudes with big dicks having sex with porn stars.

    Pornhub will be donating and planting 1 tree for every 100 videos viewed in the “Big Dicks” category.  Because trees are made of wood, and the male pornstar in the video and whoever is watching the video will both have erections…get it?

    Behind all of the tree-based puns and innuendo there’s a really great initiative that might help drum up some environmental interest in the legions of dudes that flock to Pornhub.  I’m never again planting more trees and trying to make our world a better and greener place.  We need them things to breathe, yo.

    Pornhub has even set up a totally SFW page for their promotion, which keeps track of how many trees have been donated thus far.  There’s only a couple of days left to participate, so make sure that you take the next two days off of work and spend them at home in a dark room masturbating to big dick videos.  If you don’t, you’ve let Mother Nature down and you should be totally ashamed of yourself.

    Also, to get you primed up to give back to our Earth, here’s a bunch of photos of hot babes getting naked in the forest.  There’s no better place to get naked than the forest.  You can live out your Adam & Eve or ‘roughing it’ fantasies or whatever your sick mind can think up.

    Anything goes when it comes to Arbour Day, which is now officially the new sexiest ‘holiday.’  Get to Pornhub and start watching those big dick videos, you nature-hater!

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  • Is It Ok To Lose My Virginity To A Prostitute? – Chico’s Sex Advice

    Welcome back to another edition of Chico’s Sex Advice where I use all my expertise as a sexpert to answer any questions my beloved readers may have about sex.

    If you need sex advice or if you have a question about sex that needs answering, feel free to send an email to cdusty@sex.com OR use the contact form and

    V writes:

    “I am an 18 male and my question is of you think that it is acceptable in the 21st century for a man to lose his virginity to a prostitute? With all the pressure on teens to be fit, charming, look like Channing Tatum, be packing a penis the same size as a ruler and be an amazing lover it’s very hard for some males I believe to have to confidence to even try a one night stand let alone a real relationship.

    I have just come to the conclusion that seeing a prostitute to lose my virginity might be like seeing a hairdresser to cut my hair, your paying a professional (of sorts) in that field of work. But this is all from my experience so your knowledge may differ.”

    WOW. Now that’s a fucking question. Thanks V for taking the time to write me. Now onto the advice…

    Since prostitution is illegal pretty much everywhere besides a handful of countries, I think that makes losing your virginity to a prostitute unacceptable by default. If you live in one of the countries where prostitution is legal, then by all means go for it. However, if you’re in a country where prostitution is illegal then you’re just putting yourself at risk to catch some kind of sexually transmitted disease because the sex workers are unregulated. If only the world would see the benefits of legalizing and regulating the sex industry, but that’s a whole different issue.

    The problem here is the pressure.

    Way back when I was still a virgin, I remember feeling the very same anxiety you feel now. But let me tell you, that pressure to be well-endowed, fit, charming, and be an amazing lover is not real. It comes for your understanding of sex, and your understanding of sex isn’t based on the act itself but its representation in the media.

    Losing your virginity to a prostitute, a close friend or a stranger you met at a bar will all be equally awkward and uncomfortable. What I’m having trouble understanding about your question is how the pressure will evaporate once you lose your virginity. 15 minutes of sex won’t make your anxieties disappear, right?

    Honestly, I don’t think losing your virginity will change anything. Even after you’ve lost your virginity you’ll still feel pressure to be fit and charming to attract other potential mates. And as your sexual career progresses, you’ll find that there’s no single criteria for good sex. Everyone is different with different sexual tastes. You shouldn’t feel pressure because the key to being an amazing lover is finding someone with whom you’re sexually compatible with. And ain’t no one knows how to do that, so there’s nothing to worry about.

    All in all, I know losing your virginity seems like a big deal but it isn’t. You’ll have sex and you’ll find that you’re still the same person. And in time, you’ll forget the details of how it actually happened until what you’re remembering is just a shadow of a memory.

    How many times will you remember a certain afternoon? An afternoon so deeply apart of your being that you can’t even conceive your life without it? Perhaps four or five times more. Perhaps not even that.

    Sorry to get all grandiose on you V but I just want you to realize that the pressure you feel to lose your virginity is insignificant. You’ll lose it eventually. You’ll have lots of sex at times. You won’t have sex at all at times. Life just ebbs and flows and the only thing you can do is make the best with what you got.

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  • 10 Yoga Poses For Better Sex

    Yoga is pretty much good for your entire body, which infuriates me because I would love to do yoga in order to maintain my Adonis-like body, but I can’t.

    Every time I’ve tried to do yoga it’s always like, “Sir, you can’t touch your classmates.” or “Sir, please there are no cameras allowed in the studio.” or “Sir, please leave. Your tiny erection is making everyone uncomfortable.”

    OH I’M SORRY ANONYMOUS YOGA INSTRUCTORS. Maybe I wouldn’t be involuntarily touching the other classmates, trying to film the classes, or pitching a tiny, tiny tent if yoga pants weren’t manufactured to make all asses amazing.

    Seriously though, my penis is laughably small there’s something about the tight lycra of the yoga pant that makes the ass’s presentation irresistible.

    As if to rub it in my face that yoga is the best thing anyone can do to their body, WorldLifestyle.com put together this infographic (see below) of the 10 yoga poses that promise better sex.

    These 10 yoga poses all focus on increasing blood flow, flexibility, stamina, relaxation, and muscle tone, all of which will contribute to better sex.

    So check out the 10 yoga poses for better sex below. Now people will tell you that the proper way to do yoga is to focus on consistent breathing. I, however, feel that the best way to perform these yoga poses is to do them in the nude. Well, not just nude. Nude while filming yourself/snapping selfies so that you can later send them to cdusty@sex.com. Just an idea for all the sexy yoga-enthusiasts out there that want to be Sex.com Blog famous.

    ANYWAYS, here’s are the 10 yoga poses for better sex:

    Source: worldlifestyle.com via Sex.com

    And remember, if you’re going to be practicing these yoga poses in the nude, make sure to take pictures and send them to cdusty@sex.com.

    In the meantime, I’ll be here watching my Adonis-like whither away until it becomes as laughable as my laughably tiny penis.

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  • Rihanna Getting Sexy on Instagram

    Rihanna likes getting naked pictures taken of her, and therefore, Rihanna is one of the most recurring celebrities on the Sex.com blog.  After Miley Cyrus, who’s pretty boring, and after Farrah Abraham, who actually isn’t even a celebrity.
    Continue Reading

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  • Keir Alexa Wohlman on Necker Island

    I’m not exactly sure who Keir Alexa Wohlman is.  I did my research, so its not my fault!

    There just isn’t much substantial information about this hottie who posed in yet another fashion/erotica/soft core porn photo shoot.  I do have to hand it to Treats Magazine, who continue to fight the good fight by incorporating a vast amount of nudity in all of their photo shoots.  Keep it up!

    Continue Reading

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  • There’s a NEW Worst Porn Star Music Project – Melanie Muller

    And it’s not even a new song by Farrah Abraham.

    Continue Reading

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  • No Pain No Gain: Man’s Libido Not Affected by Pain

    You remember all of the times that a woman has claimed that she has a headache or isn’t feeling well so that she doesn’t have to have sex with you?

    Turns out she might not be fabricating a huge web of lies just to avoid the weird and startling sight of your naked body.

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  • Why Chase Babes When You Can Have Phone Sex With A Hot Babe Named Chase?

    Oh boy! The weekend! I can’t wait for the weekend!

    Why am I so excited for the weekend? I don’t have any plans to go out and party. Like you, I’m just going to be at home doing nothing for two days until it’s time to go back to work. At least that’s what everyone thinks I’m doing…

    What I’m actually doing this weekend is staying at home to have hot phone sex with the babes of TalkToMe.com.

    If you guys haven’t tried TalkToMe.com yet, you’re missing out.

    TalkToMe.com is a website that connects you to some of the sexiest women (or men or shemales) in the world and lets you chat about whatever. If you want to talk about how your week was, you can. If I were you, I’d use the opportunity to talk to these babes about what you’d like to do to them or what you’d like them to do to you. Because these aren’t just some of the hottest babes in the world, they’re also the horniest women on the planet.

    It’s like TalkToMe.com only hires certified nymphomaniacs these girls are so crazy for sex.

    Seriously, you need to connect with a TalkToMe.com babe right now. Click below to have the best damn phone sex you’ll ever have.


    This weekend, I plan on calling this busty babe named Chase.

    With a 36-24-36 body, Chase has some of the nicest DD boobs I’ve ever seen with a juicy round ass to match. I know that when I call Chase, I’m going to tell her that to be smothered by her sexy curves. But knowing Chase and her feisty attitude, she’s going use those curves of hers to make sure I never walk straight again.

    Check out Chase’s pictures below:

    4702-Lexi Lowe-004

    4702-Lexi Lowe-022

    4702-Lexi Lowe-039

    4702-Lexi Lowe-052

    4702-Lexi Lowe-063

    4702-Lexi Lowe-076

    4702-Lexi Lowe-111

    4702-Lexi Lowe-140

    4702-Lexi Lowe-169

    4702-Lexi Lowe-178

    4702-Lexi Lowe-202 (2)

    4702-Lexi Lowe-218

    What could possibly be a better way to spend the weekend other than having the hottest phone sex ever with a busty blonde like Chase?


    And if Chase isn’t your type, you can find another naughty nympho to chat with here ->


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  • Sofia Vergara’s Topless Photo Shoot From 1998

    Everyone already thinks that Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara is one of the sexiest celebrities in the world. I mean, think about it mathematically…

    Latina + Big Tits + MILF + Celebrity = Sofia Vergara.

    When anyone can fit into three or more Sex.com categories, well there’s nothing much else we can do other than admit THEY HOT.

    Long before Sofia Vergara was a household name, she was just a humble Colombian bikini model. Now I’d like to share with you some pictures from Sofia’s time as a bikini model, dating all the back to 1998 when Sofia was only 26 years old. I just think it’s important that Sofia Vergara was smoking hot way before she got on TV.

    Now please enjoy these vintage pictures of Sofia Vergara topless. Well…almost topless. If it weren’t for that stupid cowboy hat we’d be able to see more of the goods. But hey! Sideboob ain’t bad. Never complain about sibeboob.

    Source: ca.eonline.com via bubblegumtaint on Sex.com

    Source: ca.eonline.com via bubblegumtaint on Sex.com

    Source: ca.eonline.com via bubblegumtaint on Sex.com

    Source: ca.eonline.com via bubblegumtaint on Sex.com

    Source: ca.eonline.com via bubblegumtaint on Sex.com


    You know why I like Sofia Vergara? Because she once said, “I’ll tell you something. I’ve always been known for my boobs, but it pisses me off, because I do also have a great ass!” I COULDN’T AGREE MORE. Sofia, if by some miracle you ever see this, please know that you are always welcome to come through the Sex.com office and we can work together to figure out a way to get people focused on your ass as well as your boobs.

    Just to compare, check out Sofia Vergara at age 41 (present day Sofia Vergara):

    Source: sabmaal.com via senorita25 on Sex.com


    Girl’s been smoking hot for decades. Good job!

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  • The Sex Appeal of Long Legs Explained By Science

    We spend a lot of time on this blog talking about how much we like boobs (big and small), asses, and pretty faces. While we still love boobs, asses, and pretty faces, today seems like the perfect day to show some appreciation to one of the most underrated sexy body parts…LEGS.

    Jerry Seinfeld found the perfect critique of finding legs sexy when he said, “Why would I be a leg man? I don’t need legs. I have legs.” Well Mr. Seinfeld, I fully understand what your point but science says that BOTH SEXES finding long legs extremely sexy.

    In a 2008 study, research involving more than 200 men and women found that people whose legs are 5% longer than average are considered to be more attractive, regardless of their gender. Psychologists led by Boguslaw Pawlowski at the University of Wroclaw in Poland asked the study’s participants to rank the attractiveness of seven men and women from digitally altered images.

    While all of the people in the images were the same height, the length of their legs was altered to make them equal to the Polish average or longer by 5%, 10% or 15%. Regardless of the participant’s own body shape and leg length, people whose legs were 5% longer than average were rated the most attractive. 

    The researchers determined that long legs are more attractive because long legs are a sign of health. Previous research has linked shorter legs with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, arterial disease and strokes.

    Cool! So that’s why we love long legs. Because healthy people have long legs.

    I’m surprised that while researching the attractiveness of long legs they didn’t mention anything about the arousing effect touching long legs or having a pair of long legs wrap around your waist or head have on people. But regardless, long legs are dope.

    Now let’s enjoy some pictures of sexy legs courtesy of Sex.com users:

    Source: tumblr.com via bdr8585 on Sex.com

    Source: female-body-artistry.tumblr.com via Q RE on Sex.com

    Source: thatswhaticallsexy.tumblr.com via Q RE on Sex.com

    Source: hellokisses.com via Q RE on Sex.com

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  • Dan Bilzerian Threw A Pornstar Off A Roof

    Dan Bilzerian is a venture capitalist, poker player, and actor that dubbed himself “Instagram’s Biggest Playboy” because men are always finding new ways to overcompensate for limp, shrivelled penises.

    As if calling himself “Instagram’s Biggest Playboy” wasn’t bad enough, Dan Bilzerian thought it was a good idea to grab pornstar and total babe Janice Griffith by the vagina during a Hustler shoot at his mansion and throw her head first into his pool…from the roof of his mansion…SHAKING MY HEAD!

    Janice Griffith broke her foot, but at least someone caught it on video. Let’s watch Dan Bilzerian throw pornstar Janice Griffith off a roof.

    Maybe it’s just me, but for me, watching Janice Griffith fall into the pool is absolutely terrifying. When I watched the video for the first time, all I thought to myself was, “That poor girl’s neck is for sure broken.” Though it sucks she broke her foot, it could have been way worse.

    I gotta say, I can’t believe that Dan Bilzerian would think it’s a good idea to throw anyone off his roof. I can only assume that he was trying impress Janice and all the other pornstars hanging out at his mansion. Guys, nearly killing and breaking the foot of a hot babe is no way to impress them. I would have hoped that you would have all learned that bullying is not a good means of attracting women back in your playground days, but I shouldn’t be surprised since this douche doesn’t know that. Only someone stupid enough to throw someone off his roof would also consider himself “Instagram’s Biggest Playboy”.

    So now Janice is just chilling at home with a broken foot, not working:

    You should tweet at her and wish her a speedy recover! Janice Griffith’s Twitter: @TheJaniceXXX

    Personally, I’d like to see Janice Griffith shoot some porn with her cast on. There’s something about babes in casts that’s very sexy to me. A girl in a cast says to me, “I’m comfortable with danger and I don’t give no fucks.” So fingers crossed Janice gets to work with her cast on!

    Click here to see some pictures of Janice Griffith on Sex.com.

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  • Babes On Instagram: Lauren Hanley

    How would you describe Instagram to someone who would have somehow missed out on Instagram?

    Well, you could use the Wikipedia page’s description that says, “Instagram is an online photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos, apply digital filters to them, and share them on a variety of social networking services.”

    While that’s not totally inaccurate, it doesn’t make it clear that Instagram is also used by models and sexy babes who post hot pictures of themselves to further their career.

    We love the fact that there are tons of hotties sharing their sexy pics on Instagram, the only problem is WHO ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO FOLLOW? With the amount of babes on Instagram, it’s hard to know which hot babes to follow. That’s why your favorite blog, this blog (The Sex.com Blog), is taking it upon itself to weed through all the hot babes on Instagram to find the hottest babes you should be following.

    This week’s edition of Babes On Instagram is the first ever post of its kind (sort of) and we’re proud to tell you to follow Lauren Victoria Hanley (laurenvictoriahanley).  Continue Reading

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  • Sex Advice From A Crazy Sorority Girl

    TotalSororityMove.com just shared a “leaked” email from a more or less deranged sorority girl who has some sex advice for her younger sorority sisters.

    Honestly, I don’t know what to make of it since it’s pretty nuts. To read the full letter, check out TotalSororityMove.com.

    I’d like to focus on her first two pieces of sex advice. Crazy sorority girl writes,

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  • You’re More Likely To Get Cheated On If You Have A Big Penis

    I get thousands of emails every day. 99% of those emails are men asking me for sex advice about the size of their penises. Unfortunately, I have to ignore everyone asking about the size of their penises because I’ve already told you multiple times that NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE SIZE OF YOUR PENIS. Long, short, thick or thin, it really doesn’t matter what the dimensions of your penis are, as long as you keep it clean and communicate with your partner to maximize it’s pleasure giving ability.

    First of all, let me say that I understand why men are so obsessed with having a big penis. Men see a big penis as a symbol of power and sexual prowess. And in having a big penis, a man is then irresistible to women, giving them the best sex of their lives. But what you need to know is that that line of thinking is just your brain on porn.

    That said, a new study from Kenya, published in PLOSOne, may reassure you that having a small penis is actually a positive thing. Apparently, men with big penises are more likely to get cheated on by their wives.

    Researchers interviewed 545 Kenyan married couples to better understand relationship habits and factors for extramarital affairs in order to help stop the spread of HIV in the region.

    The couples were individually asked to self-report the size of the man’s erect penis size. Then, if the reported sizes were different, the researchers took the average of the two or the woman’s estimate (because you know men be lying about the size of their dicks).

    And the results were SHOCKING.

    “Every one inch longer penis increased the likelihood of women being involved in extra-marital partnership by almost one-and-half times,” the researchers wrote. “Women associated large penises with pain and discomfort during sex which precludes the enjoyment and sexual satisfaction that women are supposed to feel.”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. Though you, a man, might think a big penis is a symbol of power and sexual prowess, it actually signifies pain and discomfort. SO STOP WORRYING ABOUT YOUR PENIS SIZE. The pointless pursuit of having a bigger penis will only push your sexual partner away because she’s not sexually satisfied.

    In fact, one woman interviewed for the study told the researchers the following: “Some penis may be large yet my vagina is small, when he tries to insert it inside, it hurts so much that I will have to look for another man who has a smaller one [penis] and can do it in a way I can enjoy.”

    Of course, there will always be size-Queens in the world, but they’re so few and far between that there’s absolutely no reason to feel self-conscious about your penis size (unless in the unlikely event that you have a big penis, which in that case you should be worried that you’re getting cheated on).

    [h/t: HuffingtonPost]


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  • Top 10 Sexy Secretaries For Administrative Professionals’ Day

    Yesterday (April 23rd, 2014) was Administrative Professionals’ Day. It’s an unofficial holiday observed in all around the world to recognize the work and service of secretaries, administrative assistants, and receptionists. And I think it’s great that secretaries have their own day because it’s a hard job and often their work goes unappreciated.

    Also…it’s one of the sexiest professions known to man. I feel like people like to fantasize about sexy secretaries because sexy secretaries are subservient to their bosses. You need copies? Sexy secretaries will make you copies. You need coffee? Sexy secretaries will make you coffee. You need to make a call? Sexy secretaries will make the call for you. You’re having a stressful day at the office? Sexy secretaries will crawl underneath your desk and give you a blowjob to relieve the tension. You’re upset that you have to stay late at the office? Sexy secretaries will make it worthwhile when they let you fuck them on your desk.

    What’s not to like about that idea? The fantasy of sexy secretaries is all about power, for most people.

    For me, I just like the outfits. What’s not to like about pencil skirts, high heels and white blouses?

    Let’s take a moment to appreciate the sexy secretaries of the world by counting down the Top 10 Sexy Secretaries pinned to Sex.com!


    Source: stacimalo.tumblr.com via Staci Malo on Sex.com


    Source: feedproxy.google.com via pier001 on Sex.com


    Source: exec2sec.tumblr.com via sluthalia on Sex.com


    Source: Uploaded by user via LostAngel on Sex.com


    Source: Uploaded by user via damga211 on Sex.com


    Source: Uploaded by user via DaddyandBabyGirl on Sex.com


    Source: Uploaded by user via GuySnow on Sex.com


    Source: Uploaded by user via bubblegumtaint on Sex.com


    Source: uniformporn.org via teaseblogger on Sex.com


    Source: stockingangels.tumblr.com via stocking angels on Sex.com



    I’m curious…how does secretary compare to other common career-related sexual fantasies?

    Thanks for voting! Now go pin sexy pictures of babes in your favorite sexy profession!

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  • Viewing Porn Out of Context “Makes Women Feel Sick”

    A study conducted by the Groningen University in the Netherlands has found that when women are shown porn without any context, they experience the same physical revulsion as when viewing pictures designed to induce nausea.

    Dr Charmaine Borg and her colleagues observed twenty healthy women with the use of an fMRI-scanner. While in the scanner, the women were shown a variety of neutral images, nausea-inducing images, and hardcore pornography. All the pictures had almost no contextual information and there were no faces shown.

    Though this may sound more like a realization of A Clockwork Orange‘s Ludovico Technique than university research, they found an overlap in the areas of the brain became active when the women were shown the nauseating pictures and the hardcore porn. “It’s just like when you see disgusting food. The emotion that is triggered by for example the smell, ensures that you don’t want to eat it, ” Dr Borg said. According to the researcher, a woman’s body “immediately goes on the defensive” when seeing porn out of context.

    So is that why women don’t watch porn? Because it’s nauseating to them? I don’t think so.

    As you all know, I like porn. I work for a porn site. Not just a porn site, the world’s best porn site. Sometimes when I’m scrolling through Sex.com’s main page, I come across a prolapsed asshole or a veiny dick very narrowly ripping a vagina and I feel nauseous. Now, I know that I still like porn after seeing these gnarly pics. But my first reaction is always nausea because it’s flat out gross. Even with context, some porn is just gross. Sure, some of you might be into it, but that’s the beauty of sexuality. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT!

    The conclusion the researchers came to was basically that human sexual behaviour is complex, and that many psychological and societal factors contribute to a person’s attitudes towards hardcore porn.

    That’s not a bad conclusion, but I feel like viewing hardcore porn in the claustrophobic setting of an fMRI-scanner while juxtaposed with images designed to induce nausea has unfairly stacked the results to associate porn with nausea. Who wouldn’t feel nauseous after seeing a plate of rotten food and then a giant dick going into an ass?

    So while it’s definitely good click-bait to say that the average woman’s reaction to porn is nausea, I think the study’s structure is flawed. Ultimately, the only thing they’ve proved is that women prefer porn with wide shots that include faces. However, we’ve known that for a while thanks to our extensive research on porn for women.

    [h/t: The Independent]

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  • Dianna Dahlgren Jiggles Her Ass Putting On Pants

    Fitness model Dianna Dahlgren is a true anomaly. What I mean by that is she has the rare ability to do things that I would normally hate and make them awesome.

    The best example of Dianna’s ability take something lame and turn it awesome comes from her latest Instagram video of her trying to put on some skinny, white jeans.

    I can’t help but associate a beautiful blonde putting on pants with utter disappointment because the only time I see beautiful blondes putting on pants is after sex with me. Which isn’t to suggest that sex with me would be a disappointment because if you’ve ever explored the sex tips on this blog you’d know that I’m quite good at sex. No, beautiful blondes putting on pants bums me out because it means that we won’t be having sex until a few hours later, which is a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT.

    In spite of my preconceived notions of beautiful blondes putting on pants, Dianna Dahlgren makes putting on pants work because it’s clearly a struggle to cram that big ass of her’s into clothes. Let’s watch Dianna Dahlgren attempt to put on pants while enjoying the jiggling of her gorgeous ass.


    Dianna Dahlgren, be careful with that booty. I’ve seen a lot of asses in my time and yours is a bonafide heartbreaker.

    Another example of Dianna Dalhgren’s ability to make something lame awesome is an older Instagram video of her snowboarding in a bikini.

    Snowboarding sucks. Why anyone would support a sport that caters only to wealthy burnouts that live off Monster Energy drink is totally beyond me. If you want to “get extreme” learn to ride a skateboard. Skateboarding is filled with butt-ugly mutants but at least they get down and dirty in the city. Actually, on second thought, if you think snowboarding is cool, don’t start skateboarding. We don’t want you.

    Meanwhile, Dianna Dahlgren makes snowboarding cool by doing it in a bikini. CHECK IT OUT.

     In summation, Dianna Dahlgren can do whatever she wants. What would otherwise be totally unacceptable for anyone else to do, Dianna makes it work by showing off that hot body. Keep it up, Dianna!

    Now for good measure, let’s see Dianna Dahlgren twerk.

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  • You Only Have 12 Minutes To Impress On A First Date Says New Study

    Do you feel like you’re the type of person that becomes more attractive as someone gets to know you? If you think you are, then prepare to be alone forever because new research says we only have 12 minutes to impress the opposite sex.

    AXA surveyed 2,000 people about their first date experiences and found that prospective sexual partners are immediately judged on their smiles (64%), whether or not they make eye contact (58%), and their tone of voice (25%).

    59% of people said that foul body odor was the most off-putting characteristic. Bad breath was the second most off-putting characteristic, repelling 53% of daters. And 38% were turned off if their date started swearing.

    When it comes to impressing a date, a quarter of the people surveyed said they make drastic changes to their appearance before a big date. Women prefer to get a new haircut, manicure, or wear a new perfume on a first date, where men mostly grow designer stubble to impress their date (which is indicative of men’s innate stupidity since beards aren’t attractive anymore).

    One in sixteen women (six per cent) and one in 20 men (five per cent) go on a diet in the lead up to a first date, which makes absolutely no sense because unless your date is several months away, dieting before a date won’t make you look slimmer. It will only make you feel bad because you’ve been without your comfort food.

    The point is…people form first impressions quickly. And no matter how wildly inaccurate that first impression may be, everyone is a stubborn prick and won’t want to budge on their first impression. Which is why when you’re on a first date, you need to impress the person you’re going on the date with in less than ten minutes. That doesn’t mean do something grand, that will only succeed in creeping them out.

    Let’s review what you need to do to impress a first date in less than 12 minutes:

    1. SMILE: Humans are programmed to return a smile. Even though you’re sweating bullets, smiling will make your date smile, which will put you both at ease, setting a comfortable atmosphere for the evening and help you focus on having fun.

    2. EYE CONTACT: Eye contact conveys sincerity, trustworthiness, and shows that you’re interested in the other person. All of which is highly erotic.

    3. LOOK GOOD: Dress nice and comfortably to make yourself comfortable and confident.

    4. SMELL GOOD: Making sure that your body and breath smell good conveys to your date that you have some self-respect. He or she doesn’t need to know that you’re a self-loathing mess until later.

    And if you don’t want to repel your date instantly, remember to avoid these TOP 5 FIRST DATE TURNOFFS:

    1. BODY ODOR. No one wants to date or have sex with someone that stinks.

    2. BAD BREATH. You ain’t getting kissed with the breath of a rotting corpse. It’s just too gross.

    3. SWEARING. Fuck if I know why the fuck this is on the fucking list, but just don’t fucking swear, ok fucker?

    4. SCRUFFY CLOTHES. You look like a homeless person. No one is going to date a homeless person…besides maybe another homeless person.

    5. NOT SMILING. Smile, alright? It’s important.

    So there you have it! Follow these simple Do’s and Don’ts of the first date and your date won’t immediately regret going on a date with you. That regret will come later when you have too much to drink and start over-sharing about something embarrassing that’s not funny. But at least you smell and look good.

    [h/t: The Daily Mail.]

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  • JPMorgan Chase Hates Pornstars

    Remember in Boogie Nights when Don Cheadle as Buck Swope is trying to get a bank loan to open his electronics store and he gets refused because he’s in the porn industry? The banker in that scene coldly tells him, “This bank is not in business to support pornography.” It’s honestly one of the most heartbreaking moments in film history because Buck Swope is clearly the nicest dude ever, trying to get follow his dream and get a fresh start, but the bank won’t budge.

    The scene is a perfect representation of the prejudice sex workers and members of the porn have to face. However, this is from a fictional movie set in the late 70’s, early 80’s. Pornstars wouldn’t face the same prejudice in this day and age where everyone watches porn, right? WRONG.

    City National shut down Chanel Preston‘s checking account and refused to give her a home loan last May for no reason at all. Chanel suspects that they denied the loan because she would be doing webcams shows in her home. But that’s none of the bank’s damn business, is it?

    At the same time, softcore producer Marc L. Greenberg was denied a loan from JPMorgan Chase even though Greenberg had an annual income of half a million, and assets of $10 million. Why did they deny him the loan? For “moral reasons”.

    Well that’s totally messed up, but it gets worse.

    Currently, JPMorgan Chase is back on its moral high horse, purging all their pornstar clients by closing their accounts. Pornstars like Teagan PresleyDakota SkyeStormy Daniels, Bonnie RottenVeronica Avluv, Kieran Lee, Alexis Amore, Vanessa Veracruz, Angelina Capri and more have all reportedly received letters saying their accounts have been closed.

    “Yesterday we got four letters from them: One for Teagan’s personal account, one for my personal account, one for Skinworxxx and one for Rockstar,” Director Joshua, Presley’s husband told AVN, “and all four of them said the same thing: It was for ‘loss prevention.’ They did not give any explanation; just said they were closing our accounts. For our personal accounts, they gave us till May 11, and on the business ones, they gave us till June 14 to get our affairs in order and make sure any checks have cleared. So I called them, and they had no problem saying it’s because of the business we’re in, and when I asked why my account had been closed—because I’ve never once, ever, deposited an adult check into my personal account, ever—they came back and said it was because I was married to an ‘infamous,’ was the word they used, ‘adult star’.”

    “There’s lots of stories on the internet about this,” Joshua said. “Not only are they closing adult businesses, but they’re closing anything to do with marijuana, whether it’s a dispensary or a head shop, and they’re closing all gun-related businesses as well. That part, I find hilarious, because that’s one of our Bill of Rights that they’re closing businesses on, and the biggest political action committee there is, they’re closing those accounts.”

    What right does JPMorgan Chase have to deny adult industry professional from banking with them?

    There’s the bank’s Code of Ethics, which says, “As a finance professional of the firm, you are expected to: Engage in and promote ethical conduct, including the ethical handling of actual or apparent conflicts of interest between personal and professional relationships, and to disclose to the Office of the Secretary any material transaction or relationship that reasonably could be expected to give rise to such a conflict; [and] Carry out your responsibilities honestly, in good faith and with integrity, due care and diligence, exercising at all times the best independent judgment.”

    OK. That’s fine. But porn is legal. And these members of the porn industry are just doing their banking like any other private citizen or business would. So what’s the fucking problem?

    While JPMorgan Chase goes on its pornstar witch hunt, I think it’s important to remember that JPMorgan Chase’s chairman Jamie Dimon was recently required to pay $920 million in fees for violating SEC rules. Over the years, JPMorgan Chase has had to pay more than $20 billion in fines and penalties. That might seem like a lot of money to us, but to put it in perspective, Dimon makes more in an hour than the average minimum wage worker makes all year long (Dimon’s hourly wages are approximately $9,615 per hour).

    And then there was that thing, the report by financial analyst Josh Rosner of Graham-Fisher and Co. which implicated JPMorgan Chase in “…money laundering for drug cartels; violations of sanction orders against Cuba, Iran, Sudan, and former Liberian strongman Charles Taylor; executing fictitious trades where the customer … was on both sides of the deal; misrepresentations of CDOs and mortgage-backed securities; violations of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act; fraudulent sale of unregistered securities; auto-finance deceptions; violations of state and federal ERISA laws; filing of unverified affidavits for credit card debt collections; energy market manipulation that triggered FERC lawsuits; “artificial market making” at Japanese affiliates; shifting trading losses on a currency trade to a customer account; fraudulent sales of derivatives to the city of Milan, Italy; and obstruction of justice (including refusing the release of documents in the Bernie Madoff case).”

    And hey! Remember those hedge funds and bogus mortgages that made the stock market crash in 2007 and completely fucked the entire economy? Well, it shouldn’t surprise you that JPMorgan Chase enabled that crash.

    Ultimately, you just have to admire the size of JPMorgan Chase’s balls for closing the accounts of people in the adult industry for “moral reasons” since they have time and time again proven to be the world’s evilest organization.

    You know what’s worse than shooting and starring in porn movies? Crippling the US economy and laundering money for drug cartels.

    For a look at one of the letters JPMorgan Chase has been sending to the adult industry, click here.

    [h/t: AVN, PerezHilton]

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