The 237 Reasons To Have Sex

Why do you have sex? For pleasure? For procreation? Because the media has brainwashed you into believing that there’s nothing more important than having sex? Because your internet connection sucks so having sex is your only alternative to free porn?

Despite all the sexual research that goes on, no one seems to have thought about what reasons the average human has to have sex. Until now. Two new studies by Cindy Meston and David Buss have figured out what motivates people to have sex.

In their first sutdy, Meston and Buss recruited 444 men and women aged 18-52 from around Austin, Texas and asked them to “…list all the reasons you can think of why you, or someone you have known, has engaged in sexual intercourse in the past.”

The researches then compiled all the reasons that were repeated or at least similar into one big list. The end result was a list of 237 different reasons to have sex! Surprise, surprise. Reasons for having sex are more complicated than pleasure, procreation, media pressure, and poor internet connection.

In a second study, a sample of 1,549 college students were provided with the list of all 237 reason to have sex and, for each one, they were asked to indicate how many of their previous sexual encounters could be attributed to that reason on a scale from 1 to 5, 1 being none of my sexual experiences and 5 being all of my sexual experiences.

Here now are the Top 10 reasons why men and women have sex:


Isn’t that nice? Men and women aren’t so different. We all want to bone the first hot person we see. That’s nice right?

And what about the Top 10 least common reasons to have sex:


Man…that is bleek. Seven out of these ten reasons are the same for men and women, so at least it’s good to know that our motivations, even in the darkest of times, aren’t that different.

I don’t understand why “Chico told me to” isn’t on either list though…

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