27 Year-Old Med Student Is Auctioning Off Her Virginity


Virginity auction!

If I could go back in time, I’d go back to a simpler, sadder time in my life when I was still a virgin. Now, I’m suggesting that being a virgin was a good thing. Life as a sexually active expert sexpert is great but I’m not as filthy rich as I had hoped I would be. I’m just middle class and covered in filth. I would go back to being a virgin solely for the purpose of auctioning off my virginity to one lucky rich woman, instead of just giving it away to the first MILF that asked for it.

But time travel isn’t an option for me, so instead I’ll just tell you about this sexy 27 year-old medical student auctioning off her virginity to make some cold, hard cash. 

Her name is Elizabeth Raine. She’s 27, tall, slim, blonde, with a 34A-26-36 figure. I wasn’t born yesterday, and hopefully neither were you. The first question we need to ask Elizabeth Raine is, “Are you really a virgin?”

Personally, I don’t care whether or not she is or isn’t. I would place a bid just to have sex with her. In fact, I’d prefer it if she wasn’t a virgin. But still, people are going to be bidding on the pretence that she is a virgin. So how has this sexy blonde managed to stay a virgin for so long?

On her website, Elizabeth provided potential bidders with four reasons why she’s still a virgin. They are:

Reason 1. First, I am free-spirited and fiercely independent, almost to a fault. While I am glad to say I am very outgoing and take great pleasure in the company of men, I also admit to being slightly frightened of commitment and the responsibilities (I suppose I shouldn’t say constraints) of a relationship. Someday I do hope to meet my match and summon the courage, but this has not happened yet. Oh well, what is a lady to do?

Reason 2. Despite my spirited nature, I have never desired to lose my virginity offhandedly. I do not harbor the usual virginity ideals, quite obviously, but I would like to be able to reflect on my first time with a private smile. A foolish notion? I no longer think so.

Reason 3. I do dislike conformity. The flurry of my social circles centers on early virginity loss and trite encounters. I am the last to judge, but this is just not my style and I am lucky in my immunity to social influences. In fact, it pleases me to view my virginity as a small feat of social rebellion.

Reason 4. Lastly, I am already in the midst of a love affair…..with medicine. This truly perfect career fully engages me intellectually and also brings to my life the enrichment that can only be gained through encounters with people. Nevertheless, you can see how it is easy to work a tad too hard.

I guess some people just don’t lose their virginity until they’re older. Respect. But how does Elizabeth Raine explain her decision to auction off her virginity? Well, she also clarified that on her website. Elizabeth writes:

The money. My primary motivation remains financial, and I can’t insult you by pretending otherwise. I have never viewed myself to be a materialistic person, at least no more than is natural, but the potential sums involved are too large to be dismissed. This is especially true when you consider I have no moral objections to my own virginity auction.

The adventure. Would you believe that at times I grow very bored of study? While I won’t ever give up my career in medicine, I am always looking for opportunities to add new flavor to my life. I think this fits the bill quite well, don’t you?

The eroticism. I hope it is clear to you that I am not still a virgin because I am an icicle in any which way. I am only a slightly discerning sensual being. I find chastity itself erotically charged by mystery, desire and anticipation, and I anxiously await the discovery of new sensual experiences. Perhaps this will lead me into the arms of a gentleman with a similar appreciation for these unique circumstances, and make my first time worthy of both the wait and lasting memory.

The scandal. As I alluded to previously, I don’t particularly like social rules, and I will say now I cannot stand ones that attempt to dictate a woman’s behavior. I am well aware that I am breaking about a million of these rules, and I just love this!

The absurdity. This endeavor is completely outlandish and utterly practical at the same time, and I find this combination enormously amusing! On a daily basis now, you might catch me smiling to myself.

Elizabeth Raine’s virginity auction opens on April 1st, 2014. So if you have a couple thousand dollars to spare, you can bid on her virginity here: PLACE A BID.

Based on the coverage Elizabeth Raine’s virginity auction is getting, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the bidding scrape the millions. But that shouldn’t discourage you from placing a bid!

If you’re still on the fence about making a bid for Elizabeth Raine’s virginity, maybe these pictures of the babe herself will help you make a decision.


Some people have criticized Elizabeth for not providing pictures of her face, which is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. “Elizabeth Raine” is clearly a pseudonym. Her face is concealed to protect herself from backlash. After all, just look at the backlash Belle Knox has endured on her college campus. Yes, there is a chance that she’s got a busted face but I think protecting her personal privacy is the priority. But then again, I don’t know. You’ll just have to bid and hopefully find out for yourself.

And if those pictures didn’t convince you, Elizabeth has also released a list of 11 fun facts about herself so that you get know the real her a bit better before blowing a million dollars on her virginity:

  1. I like lists – they are efficiently to the point. If you choose to stay, you will encounter many more of them.
  2. I am 27, and I think this is a very good age. It is certainly better than any other age I’ve ever been.
  3. I am an American. And despite our country’s obvious problems, which are admittedly infuriating on a daily basis now, I do know I am damned lucky to have been born in this country.
  4. I am a medical student.  And I like to think I am one for the right set of reasons – to grow my heart and my mind, and positively impact the lives of others; not to earn status, money, or feed my own ego.
  5. I am clever, passionate, and I work hard. This combination has gotten me far, and I am so excited to see where it has yet to take me!
  6. I love to travel. I always have and always will. Unfortunately, I have not been anywhere new in over a year, but, fortunately, this experience has been an adequate substitute for inspiration.
  7. My family is just plain amazing! And yes, they know.
  8. My friends are equally amazing, and I would not want to do this without them – I truly love you ladies, and thank you!
  9. I might be described as a “good girl” (drug-free, excellent grades, and let’s not forget I am a 27-year-old virgin), but I am very different from the garden-variety girl of this sort. I am not “good” because I am afraid to rock the boat (I’m not), wish to be valued by others (I value myself plenty), or cannot think for myself. Instead, it has never served my purposes or my desires to be otherwise, until now.
  10. I am also quite adept at thinking, and I have thought up an opinion on just about everything. I am also prone to making these opinions known. However, I love to be challenged and proven wrong, so I think this okay. Definitely do not feel any need to agree with me.
  11. Lastly, yes, I really am still a virgin. And no, I am not socially awkward or cold-hearted, I am not gay (although I do sometimes think this is unfortunate), and I do not even want to get married. I am just uniquely me!

So what do you think? Do you want to buy Elizabeth Raine’s virginity?

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