3 Reasons To Get The We-Vibe 3

Two of my closest friends are getting married this and you know what I got them as a wedding present? The We-Vibe 3.

Some of you might think that the We-Vibe 3 is an inappropriate wedding gift but I disagree. If anything, the We-Vibe 3 is the most thoughtful they’ll get on their wedding day because it ensures the happy couple mind-blowing sex for the duration of their marriage. That’s right, the We-Vibe 3 isn’t just any old sex toy, it’s a vibrator specifically designed for couples to have mind-blowing sex.

Some quick details about it. No batteries necessary, it’s got a rechargeable battery. When you first open it, it will take about a day to get to full power. It’s a two-sided small toys, with a small and large silicon motors with 6 types of vibration. And it’s even remote controlled so if you’re not feeling the good vibrations, step away from your woman but keep the remote and you can make a sexy game of it.

But there are three specific reasons why I bought the We-Vibe 3 for my friends’ wedding. So let’s get to them.

Why the We–Vibe 3? 

1. If you keep the large silicon side again a woman’s clitoris, it skyrockets her to heaven. Not literally. It won’t kill her. You’ll probably hear some screaming, and see some rolling eyes but that’s not death. That’s just 

2. The We-Vibe 3 is sleek enough to be inserted in to the woman’s vagina and there’s still enough room for the man to penetrate at the same time. Speaking from first-hand experience, this is freaking intense. If you think you can handle the sensory intensity, then I encourage you all to try it.

3. The We-Vibe 3 Playbook. The good people of We-Vibe have figured out the best ways for you and your partner to use their toy. All you have to do is memorize it!

Some of my personal favorites are:

Talk To Me

Talk to me


The Southern Cross

Southern Cross


Aim To Please

Aim To Please


Proven and tested by me and all them fly mamacitas I be with, you can’t go wrong if you use a We–Vibe 3 experience but don’t do this :

1. Ladies, don’t try it alone in your bath or your pool, even though it’s proven waterproof resistant, but using the We-Vibe 3 the water might diminish your sensation. 

2. Don’t wash it with just any type of soap, use your intimate soap to keep it clean. You keep it clean, you keep it longer. Just so you know, don’t dry it with a towel. Maybe I just have really dirty towels, but your towel could contaminate your newly clean We-Vibe 3. Best to let it air-dry.

3. Take it up once your done! Though it might seem tempting to leave your We-Vibe 3 inside of you so that you can experience it’s amazing pleasure all the time, you’ll get too used to the sensations and it won’t be as fun!

Bottom line, the We-Vibe 3 is pretty special. It’s good for women solo and highly recommended for a couple. It’s a win-win for her and for him.

I spent $159 on the We-Vibe 3, so they better like it.

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Published on: August 2, 2013

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