5-Hour Power just a Pipedream?

His & Hers

Pipedream Products has released a new sex stimulant called 5-Hour Power.

The drink comes in three flavors Sinful Strawberry (for her), Citrus Blast (for him), and Chocolate Rush (for both). The company has no details whether or not there are any harmful side effects for ingesting the flavor for the opposite sex.

It is probably safe to assume that a man could drink Sinful Strawberry if he knows he prefers strawberries to anything citrus but it never hurts to be thorough.

Pipedream has been kind enough to outline how it works. Let’s investigate:

Apparently when you drink 5-Hour Power, “…you’ll enjoy heightened sensations and desires, increased sensitivity, and more frequent and more intense orgasms. The specially formulated supplement works in minutes and lasts for hours, enhancing pleasure and delivering wall-banging orgasms that last and last. The potent formula increases blood flow and your body’s natural lubrication, reducing inhibitions and giving you the extra pep to last all night long.” (via Pipedream)

Based on Pipedream’s write up of the product, 5-Hour Power could be either an aphrodisiac like your regular snake oil quackery or it could as effective as 5-Hour Energy that follows straight down to your junk. Trying it will be the only way to find out.

If a follower of this blog tries 5-Hour Power, I would be happy to post their review on the blog. Or better yet, Pipedream could send me several thousands of boxes worth and I’ll be able to review it myself.

Pipedream should consider revealing what part of the formula (other than the placebo part) works in the way it does. 5-Hour Energy was nice enough to cook up some bullshit story about B-Vitamins. It’s just good PR.