5 Tips for Giving Oral Sex from a Lesbian

The following is a featured post from our new weekly columnist.  This is important because, unlike Chico or I (Gil Powers!), she is a woman.  On top of being a woman, she’s also a lesbian.  So if you want some alternative advice to pleasure the woman in your life (beyond Chico’s excellent sex tips columns), this seems like a good place to start!

– Gil

Being a woman, being with women, and being friends with women has definitely given me the upper hand when it comes to sex. So here’s a couple tips to help out those of you who want to improve your oral sex game.

#1: If you don’t know where the clit is, then it is time to consult a diagram. I’m serious, Google it right now because for women, the clit is basically a magic lamp of oral sex: if you rub it the right way, I promise she’ll be in such a good mood she’ll want to grant you three wishes.

#2: Encourage her to play with your hair while you’re eating her out. One of the most mentioned dislikes about oral sex is that women feel awkward not being face to face with the person pleasuring them but having more interaction like hair touching can totally fix that.

#3: Someone once told me the best way to eat a girl out is to write the alphabet with your tongue on her clit but to be quite honest, I’ve gotten so many more moans with circular motions or side to side, up and down motions. The key is to be consistent and don’t stop unless they ask you to. Women aren’t like guys, it takes them a while to cum, but they’ll eventually get there.

#4: If through all your efforts she still doesn’t seem to be getting closer to orgasm, then it’s time to bring out the big guns. Some girls can only cum when both the g-spot and the clit are being stimulated, so try slipping your fingers into her while eating her out.

#5: Ask. Ask. Ask. These general tips will definitely help you, believe me, but women will still appreciate the “Does this feel good?” Not only is it super sweet but she’ll feel less pressure knowing you’re willing to change things up based off what she likes. The fact that you’re reading an article on how to give better oral sex already is a great start!

If you have any questions/want sex advice you’d like answered by me, send them my way and I’ll be glad to use my lesbian expertise to help you out!

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Published on: May 20, 2014

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