50 Shades of “Sexercise”

The trilogy

The trilogy

Just because it is now 2013 don’t think for one second that the 50 Shades and Mummy-porn hysteria is over. If there’s one thing we know about 50 Shades demographic, Moms, it’s that they will never let anything go. Their inability to move onto new fads the way young people are able to do means that 50 Shades will be around forever and find new ways to permeate through our culture.

Since the trilogy has already shattered every book sales record, optioned as a three feature films, and parodied by porn what new forms can 50 Shades take on? Well, a New York exercise guru has now developed a sexy workout inspired by the the series. She calls it “50 Shapes of Grey“. Sometimes, I just don’t want to live on this planet any more…

Kristen James (important to note that she has no relation to E.L. James) has created 13 “sexercises” (hopefully everyone rolled their eyes when they read this) that will help people of all fitness levels to recreate their favorite 50 Shades scenes. The “sexercises” like the “bend-over-better”, “sexy scissor”, or the “seductive squat” aren’t just designed to improve your core but also inspire confidence for boudoir situations.

The Katie Couric Show went down to Kristen James’s studio to check out the routine, so let’s watch that demo!

Anyone interested in trying out the 50 Shapes work, you can download the videos here: http://kristenjamesfitness.com/purchase/the-50-shapes-workout/

Was anyone else slightly grossed out when James said, “You can throw a Kegel into this one if you want.”?

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