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As if giving birth to eight children wasn’t enough pain for one woman to endure, Octomon Nadya Suleman keeps getting more tragic.

Since Spring 2012, she has: filed for bankruptcy, starred in a porn from Wicked Pictures, recorded a single with Adam Barta, and set up a Go Fund Me page.

By most standards, she’s hit rock bottom all while in the public eye. Well, in a way it’s a catch-22 because she can only support herself and all her 14 children by being in the public eye and continuing to do things that are conventionally considered degrading.

The latest chapter in her public humiliation comes in the form of a WhatsYourPrice account.

WhatsYourPrice is a dating website where users auction themselves off for dates. Or as they say themselves, “WhatsYourPrice.com is the only online dating website where money can buy you love- or at least a first date.” The idea is that because money has to offered before you ask someone out on a date, it minimizes the unwanted spammers of other dating websites. If there was a guarantee for sex added we would have a full scale prostitution website. We live in strange times.

WhatsYourPrice is the latest website from Brandon Wade, who previously launched SeekingArrangements.com and SeekingMillionaire.com.

In a last ditch effort to keep her home in La Habra, you can date Octomom Nadia Suleman for $500. Her ideal date would involve, “working out or doing something athletic and then having a nice dinner.” Also, she cleverly wrote “Media Personality” as her profession.

It is in my amateur opinion that she’s really lost it and is doing whatever she can to stay alive. Unlike all other tabloid news source, I would like to wish Octomom luck. Hope your video sells, hope you get online donations, hope you go on lots of dates. She’s a single mom of 14 kids! That shit is not easy.


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Published on: August 6, 2012

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