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I hate the Miami Heat. Even though this summer has been lacklustre weather-wise, watching Tim Duncan neutralize the Miami Heat‘s offense with his basketball IQ is making up for it.

Watching the NBA Finals has almost made me start to pity the Miami Heat. Every year they don’t win a championship every year with Lebron James and Dwyane Wade on the same team, it will be a disappointment of season, which is totally unreasonable. (Notice how I didn’t mention Chris Bosh?)

During the NBA season when the Miami Heat went on that huge tear, I thought about how easy it would be to root for the Heat. Now I’ve started to think that being a Heat fan isn’t all that easy because the management has bestowed their fans with unreasonable expectations for every single season until 2016.

Maybe having Lebron James gives you a chance to win an NBA Championship every year but it’s still unreasonable to expect a championship every year in the current NBA.

Anyways, trying to empathize with Miami Heat fans made me think of the sexiest Miami Heat fan of all time: Abella Anderson. (see what I did there?)

Some of you may know Abella Anderson as the pornstar that once broke a man’s dick because she was riding him too hard. Others may just know her as the naughty Latina that made some great sex videos.

It’s been just over a year since she retired from porn so we’re going to do a Porno P.I. to find out what she’s up to now and why she retired from porn.

Spoiler Alert: it’s not because she broke that guy’s dick. 

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Abella Anderson started doing porn in 2007. As a petite, curvy Latina with a great ass, it didn’t take long at all for Abella Anderson to turn heads. Let’s face it, if there’s one thing we all have in common it’s that we love petite, curvy Latinas with great asses. It certainly helped that Abella Anderson has some serious moves during sex. Everyone always said that she fucks like she’s on the dancefloor.

What exactly does that mean?

Well, just look at her hips:

2011 was a breakout year for Abella Anderson. She won Best New Pornstar at the Nightmoves Adult Awards (Fan’s Choice). At Exxxotica in New York, she was by far the biggest draw. The line for her autograph never ceased. Plus Complex Magazine put her at #8 on their 100 Hottest Pornstars (for 2011) list and predicted that she would #1 on their 2012 list (which never came out, what’s the deal Complex?).

But despite all this hype, Abella Anderson retired on June 8th, 2012.

She tweeted:

Although it’s sad for Abella Anderson sex video fans, I have the utmost respect for her.

Recently, pornstars have been announcing their retirements. Brooklyn Lee and Priya Rai both made it very clear that they leaving porn and even though it may sting at first for fans, it’s better that they know girls are out of the game rather than be left hanging hoping for new content from them.

That’s how I feel about it anyways.

You see, social media has made expressing yourself in 140 characters (Twitter) or putting a shitty filter over a shitty picture of some shitty food (Instagram) a lot easier. Social media has also given personalities to pornstars and a way to interact with their fans that wasn’t there before.

Pre-social media, the only things we knew about your favorite pornstar was what she would say in interviews or the beginning of a porn scene, which isn’t an accurate depiction of their personality. Now the connection between fan and pornstar is there, which is great because girls can use social media to accurately market themselves. I don’t know about you but I think knowing details about a certain pornstar helps me decide which pornstars I like. Without these details, there are so many babes coming in and out of the industry that it would be impossible to keep track of who I liked and who I didn’t.

Take for example Abella Anderson liking the Miami Heat. Even though I hate the Miami Heat, the fact that Abella Anderson is a passionate basketball fan makes me more attracted to her.

However, with this power to communicate their personalities there is also the responsibility to let them know when it’s over.

So pornstars, please follow Abella Anderson‘s lead and let them know when it’s over.

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So why did Abella Anderson retire?

For this we have Bryce Wagoner, director of After Porn Ends, to “blame”. After the release of his documentary, he told the Bro Bible:

One thing I’ll say is one of the bigger names in adult was Abella Anderson. She’s this gorgeous Cuban girl who has hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers. She watched the movie and quit because of it. This is a woman who had this big career ahead of her. She said, “I just see myself making many of those decisions that these women made and I don’t want to end up in a bad situation.” That was a pretty amazing moment.

Curse him and his documentary.

Unfortunately I haven’t seen After Porn Ends so I can’t elaborate on the decisions and bad situations that Abella Anderson is alluding to.

Curiously, you can still see Abella Anderson naked and having sex on webcam for

While it’s nice to know that there is amateur Abella Anderson videos available, I don’t understand why she would retire from doing porn scenes for studios and websites yet continue to make amateur porn herself online. It might be more lucrative but would it not lead to those same bad decisions and situations?

I really should have watched After Porn Ends before writing this.

Anyways, let’s just enjoy the classic scenes Abella Anderson has left us:

Porn Queen of Southbeach Abella Anderson

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Abella Anderson sex tape with BF

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Naughty secretary Abella Anderson

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Abella Anderson is a badass bitch

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Abella Anderson can ride!

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Abella Anderson really does have some moves doesn’t she?

If the Miami Heat lose to the San Antonio Spurs, let’s all agree to buy some of her clips on You know, to cheer her up a little bit.

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