Adultery Is the Hottest New Trend Sweeping Japan

I was once told that all trends start in Japan. They then slowly work their way across the continent to Paris, where eventually New Yorkers posing as Parisians bring it back to the Big Apple, and the trend continues to spread until it dies in Los Angeles.

Now, this is not necessarily true of all trends. In fact, it’s probably not true at all. But I personally hope that it is because the latest trend sweeping Japan is adultery (aka cheating).


Ashley Madison, the dating site for people looking for affairs (their tagline: Life is short. Have an affair), has seen its Japanese members skyrocket to a million users in eight-and-a-half months, which is the fastest growth among any of the 37 countries where the adultery site operates.

Adultery is by no means a new phenomenon in Japanese culture. Japan’s male-dominated society has always accepted outlets for married men to have casual sex such as “love hotels”, “soap lands”, and lets not forget that they are the nation that invented Geishas.

In an Ashley Madison survey of more than 3,500 Japanese users, the top reason for seeking an affair was simply: “Not enough sex.”

Fifty-five per cent of Japanese women surveyed and fifty-one per cent of Japanese men gave that as their number one reason for cheating. A fifth of global respondents said they felt guilty about having affair, whereas the Japanese were mostly OK with it. Only two per cent of Japanese women and eight per cent of Japanese men said they felt guilty about having an affair.

Underlining the fact that affairs are totally cool in Japan, eighty-four per cent of Japanese women said in the survey that having an affair had a positive affect on their marriage.

Since having an affair seems so cool now that it’s cool in Japan, I wanted to get your thoughts on adultery. So please, take some time to answer these questions. If you don’t take the time to vote, I’m just going to go slut it up around town with all the married women I can find. So if you don’t want me to sleep with your wife and or girlfriend, VOTE!



Yes I will have an affair with you. Both of you.


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Published on: April 3, 2014

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  • Jordan

    I’ve been cheated on when things were good, and nothing about cheating is good to me. I think the partner should talk about maybe being open to a swinger party if that’s the case.

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  • chicodusto

    Communication is the key to a good relationship.

  • .

    As long as she cheats on you with another woman. It’s Okay. That way you can maybe end up in a threesome. I should be the only dick in the equation. Bisexual women are the best…

  • polywan

    I never cheat on but i like it very much

  • chicodusto

    The perfect loophole.

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