Is Alejandra Guilmant The New Emily Ratajkowski?

Dear Blog readers,

I’m sorry I have to do this to you but you need to help settle a debate that’s been raging throughout the offices today.


Personally, I don’t think Alejandra Guilmant is the next Emily Ratajkowski because she’s still searching for something to sky-rocket her career. Now I’m not trying to suggest that Emily Ratajkowski wouldn’t have become internet-famous for her looks alone, but the fact is that she became a star the second people saw her topless in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”.

I remember before the video was taken off Youtube, all the comments were like:

  • “Who’s that brunette?”
  • “Anyone know who that brunette is?”
  • “Sup with the brunette, ASL?”
  • “Yo this song sucks.”

I feel bad for the other two girls in “Blurred Lines”. Why aren’t they internet-famous babes too? There were other girls in that video right?

Obviously Emily Ratajkowski is a beautiful babe, but before “Blurred Lines” she wasn’t Emily Ratajkowski. She was just a hot brunette willing to take her top off and dance with Pharrell. If it wasn’t for that song topping the charts, I doubt Emily Ratajkowski would be the sex symbol she is today because how else would have she been able to get that kind of exposure?

As for Alejandra Guilmant, the most exposure she’s gotten is the cover of Esquire Mexico. Getting on the cover of any magazine is a big deal and I’m sure it’s raised her profile on her home country of Mexico…but it’s still no “Blurred Lines”.


Alejandra Guilmant on the cover of Esquire Mexico

As far as I can tell, the people here at that think Alejandra Guilmant is the next Emily Ratajkowski are just going off looks. I suppose they are similar. Both babes are extremely sexy brunettes who aren’t afraid to show off their natural big tits. But beyond that…what makes Alejandra Guilmant the next Emily Ratajkowski?

So settle this debate for us. Do you think Alejandra Guilmant is the next Emily Ratajkowski?

Thanks for voting!

Now for wasting your time, here is a gallery of Alejandra Guilmant nude.


Actually, you know who she reminds me of? Caprice…but with bigger boobs. If only she was set to become the next Caprice. That would be awesome.

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  • La Lunatica

    New? She could be even better now that Emily is all Hollywood.

  • polywan

    she is star of eyes

  • Everybody’s a critc

    You know… This is the first time I seen Alejandra and Emily.
    Honestly, I think that Alejandra was better than Emily, not because of the looks or anything. They both have their own beauty. Emily was more slutty like a ravishing girl with leopard lingerie and Alejandra was more down to the earth a truly Latino beauty mixed with some European erotic sensation.
    Some of you may said that’s because I haven’t seen Emily on ” Blurred line”.
    Well I can tell you now, I’ve seen it but not impressed.

    Honest to say, Emily was better looking than Alejandra but I just think Alejandra has the kind of erotic sensation and Emily just doesn’t have it.

  • chicodusto

    Only Latinas can pull that off.

  • chicodusto

    Let us hope so.

  • thefeds

    alejandra is in another league

  • chicodusto

    Higher or lower league?

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  • Msb321

    The Girl in the last 3 pics is actually Zoi Gorman…

  • chicodusto

    Oooops. Well that can be our little secret.