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Who doesn’t love interactive sex videos (aka POV sex videos, virtual sex videos)? Odds are you won’t be able to have real sex with your favorite pornstar, so interactive sex videosĀ are the next best thing.

Sex Games Report and The Virtual Sex Review have come together to examine the past, present, and future of interactive sex videos in a nice infographic. So let’s see what we can learn about one of porn’s favorite genres.

First of all, it’s important to note that there’s a difference between interactive sex videos and POV sex videos. Interactive sex videos only feature one pornstar per video and there are many short looping scenes that can be selected from an interactive menu plus special features like naughty/nice modes, bonus scenes, alternate angles, and sometimes even photo galleries. POV sex videos only feature one camera angle (the camera’s point of view) and they can have multiple pornstars.

Now that we understand the difference between the two kinds of videos, let’s look at the Ups and Downs of interactive sex videos over the years:


Doesn’t 1993 seem way too early for interactive sex videos to be introduced? They must have been terrible.

Isn’t it interesting that the “Official” US recession was only a few years removed from the first adult tube sites? I hope you’re all happy. Free pornography has ruined our country. (Important to note that is not a tube site).

The production of interactive sex videos declined during the recession because specifically because they are some of the most expensive porn movies to make. So with a bad economy, high production costs, and pirate alternatives it’s no wonder we hardly see interactive sex videos anymore.

interactive-sex-videos 2

7 men for 4 days? That’s insane. I would say, “What’s wrong with fake pop-shots?” but that’s like saying CGI is better than real sets, makeup, models, etc. in mainstream movies.

Given the work that had to be put into some of these titles, it’s nice to know that they won some awards too:

award winning interactive sex videos

So what does the future have in store for interactive sex videos? Well, there are plenty of sex toys available to enhance the interactive sex experience like the RealTouch and the Vstroker. However, it’s the high production costs that will continue to get in the way of having more and more of these porn movies.

We may not get the same kind of award winning interactive sex videos that we had in the past, but at least we’ll always have POV porn right?

You can watch some here on for free.

Thank you Sex Games Report and The Virtual Sex Review for the info!

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