We Almost Got a Maryna Linchuk Nip Slip

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tumblr mzmhql5zBL1s5t3wxo1 1280 We Almost Got a Maryna Linchuk Nip Slip

Maryna Linchuk

Above this text is a picture of supermodel Maryna Linchuk.

You may remember Maryna Linchuk from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and sexy advertisements for haute couture fashion brands.


Maryna Linchuk was in St. Barts this weekend, stripping out of her bikini on the beach and changing into another outfit. Obviously, this is the prime situation for paparazzi to snap a Maryna Linchuk nip slip, thereby satisfying millions of people dying to see Maryna Linchuk topless.

However, our chance at seeing this Belarusian babe topless was ruthlessly ruined by her personal boob holder! Just take a look at Maryna Linchuk’s almost nip slip:

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There’s only one way to describe these photos: ROBBERY.

So close to a Maryna Linchuk nip slip… :( :( :( :( :( :(

On the plus side, at least now we know that Maryna Linchuk has a personal boob holder.

I wonder if one’s duties as personal boob holder is limited to shielding Maryna Linchuk’s boobs from paparazzi or if her boobs require regular massages, sucking on, and motorboating.

Either way, I’d like to put myself in the running for Maryna Linchuk’s personal boob holder. On top of being unusually handsome, my hands have been graced with a natural softness that is perfect for holding the delicate breasts of a supermodel.

Get at me, Maryna.

Now I’m going to practice being Maryna Linchuk’s personal boob holder by pressing my hands all over my computer screen while looking at these sexy Maryna Linchuk pictures. I suggest you do the same!

Feel free to disagree with me, Ms Linchuk, but I think that hiring me as your personal boob holder would be the best career decision you’ve ever made.


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