Ashlyn Rae Is For Dessert


Ashlyn Rae

In April, frustrated by the lack of new Ashlyn Rae pictures and videos, I wrote a blog post that questioned her status as an active performer. The conclusion I came in Where Is Pornstar Ashlyn Rae? was that she had retired. Though recently, that particular post was getting a lot of activity. Mostly it was just fans of Ashlyn Rae calling me an idiot because Ashlyn Rae in fact is not retired, just not as active as she used to be.

So yeah, I fucked up a long time ago. Do I care? No! I’m just happy that there are finally some new Ashlyn Rae pictures from our friends over at Twisty’s I can share with you! (Then again, they were released yesterday but for all we know they could have been shot in 2011…)

Though it’s been a while, Ashlyn Rae looks as sweet as ever. Her kitchen striptease has me wanting her for dessert. Once you see that sexy, little ass and those 34A tits, I think you’ll want a couple of servings of Ashlyn Rae too.

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Anyways, on to dessert with Ashlyn Rae!


Retired or not, Ashlyn Rae is the hottest.

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