Ask Marni By – How Can I Tell She Likes Me ?

Today on Ask Marni by, Marni gives some very good piece of advice to John who asks: 

“There’s a girl at the place I work. Everytime our eyes meet, she blushes.

There is something between us but I don’t know what. I have clocked out for her at the end of the day and she seems really happy for me to do this. However, she only allowed me to do this once.

She was winked at me and she has checked me out. She has also looked at me when I enter the room. At the end of the day, I say bye and she responds but she does not initiate anything.

A) What is she doing?

B) What can I do ?


John “

 Marni advices:

“I’m going to answer B first: “you can ask her out.”

Answer A, she’s living her life; being friendly to a coworker.”

From the action you describe, it sounds like you are maybe creating this connection in your head. There is no indication that she’s into you. But there’s also no indication that she’s NOT into you. You see what I’m saying.

If you waiting for here to pounce on you. It’s not ever going to happen. If you want something, you have to go especially, when it comes to women.

Women, even successful in business still want to be feminine. They typically not taking the initiative or make the aggressive first move . Subtle science like a winking or smile can be saying to you ask-me-out form. They can also be saying: “I’ve something in my eyes.”  It’s up to you to find out more.

Right now you playing it safe with her. You’re taking little step to test if she likes you. But in reality, you’re actually protecting your self. But protecting yourself and staying in the safe zone would almost result in getting what you want.

As the famous Wayne Gretsky says:” You miss 100 percent of the shot you never take.”

So start taking shot.

Again if you want her, go for her, be masculin, be a leader and tell her: “You want to take her out.” Okay, here is a little PS.: no more punching her time card for her unless you are punching in somewhere else.

I hoped that answered your question.


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– Marni.


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