Asphyxia Noir & Danny Wylde: Porn’s Best Couple?


Asphyxia Noir & Danny Wylde

Pornstar couples are fascinating specimen. Being in a regular committed relationship is hard enough, but can you imagine how complicated it would be to be with someone who gets paid to have sex with other people while millions are masturbating to them?

The usual answer is that everyone involved can differentiate between work and real intimacy. Still, I have seeing how this works. But hey, I am the jealous type.

If you’re curious as to how pornstars manage to maintain real loving relationships like me, you need to see Asphyxia Noir and Danny Wylde talk about their relationship courtesy of MakeLoveNotPorn

Isn’t that the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen?

There you have it, proof that pornstars can maintain a normal, loving relationship.

No offence to Stoya and James Deen but I think I have a new favorite pornstar couple.

I haven’t felt this optimistic towards love since Vin Diesel covered “Stay” by Rihanna, which you should watch now just to cement the idea that love is real:

Make sure you visit later this week to see Danny Wylde and Asphyxia Noir make love not porn.

But if you’d rather watch these two love birds make porn, there’s also this:

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