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  • 3 Reasons Why Lisa Ann on a Date with Duke Wide Receiver Is No Surprise

    Guess who was spotted canoodling Wednesday at MSG while the New York Knicks were playing a preseason game against the Washington Wizards?

    Legendary MILF pornstar Lisa Ann and freshman Notre Dame wide receiver Justin Brent!

    Brent has even played a game for the Irish yet, but if he was at a Knicks game with Lisa Ann, dude’s got serious game.  Continue Reading

    October 24, 2014 • Porn, Porn News & Highlights • Views: 15

  • Move Over POV Porn, Virtual Sex To Become A Reality In 2015.

    Is there a better way to simulate sex with a hot pornstar than by grabbing your freshly cleaned Fleshlight and loading up some POV porn?

    By 2015, experts believe that this old way of simulating sex with your favorite pornstar will be obsolete thanks to Oculus Rift’s virtual reality technology.  Continue Reading

    October 24, 2014 • Sex, Sex News • Views: 85

  • Nina Agdal Makes A Half-Court Shot, We Think…We Were Too Busy Admiring Nina Agdal’s Ass

    It’s been a minute since we checked in with Danish supermodel and woman we’d trample over our own mother to get next to, Nina Agdal.

    Last time we checked in with Nina Agdal, it was because we could see her boobs. We decided to end our regular coverage of Nina Agdal after seeing her boobs, since we were sure nothing could ever top that.

    And while nothing will ever top seeing Nina Agdal’s boobs, she did display some sick basketball skills on Instagram. Since the NBA season starts this coming Tuesday, the least we can do for Adam Silver’s association is share the video of Nina Agdal playing hoops to get you excited for basketball.  Continue Reading

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  • Join for Free and You Could Win 250 Tokens

    Halloween is coming up.

    That means it’s time to get a massive migraine while you scramble to get a costume together that’s slightly better than “Man with Eyepatch” while your teeth and gums rot from eating too much candy.

    Let’s face it, the traditional way to celebrate Halloween is overrated. That’s why, we’re here to talk to you about an exciting new alternative to celebrating Halloween: camming with hot babes in costumes on  Continue Reading

    October 24, 2014 • Sex News • Views: 277

  • Win A Free 30-Day To!

    Loyal readers of the Blog know that we love giving things away for free.

    Today, the Blog is teaming up with our friends at the Deals department to give one of our lucky readers a 30-day pass to! All you have to do to win is answer one simple skill testing question.

    But before we tell you how to win the free 30-day pass to, we’d like to take a minute to show you what kind of hot porn you can expect to see when you’re enjoying a free membership to

    With a membership to, you’ll have unlimited access to…  Continue Reading

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  • The 16 Best Naughty America Remastered Videos Ranked

    Naughty America has been producing some of the internet’s best porn since 1776. Ok, ok. That’s not true. Naughty America has only been producing some of the internet’s best porn since 2004, bringing you daily updates of hot pornstars that can fulfill all your sexual fantasies. The result? Close to 7,000 original porn videos and over 2,000 hot pornstars in their massive library of porn.

    While you can always count on Naughty America to drop a hot new scene on a daily basis, their back-catalogue deserves some love too. They know this too, which is why they have been diligently remastering and rereleasing their hottest porn videos from years past.

    To celebrate Naughty America‘s commitment to breathing new life into their best work, we decided to rank the 16 Best Naughty America Remastered Videos!

    So get ready for a blast from the past! Though these porn videos came out a while ago, they’re still as hot as ever (especially in that new 4K quality).  Continue Reading

    October 23, 2014 • Pictures & Vids, Porn, Porn Lists • Views: 5963

  • Jenna J. Ross Rewards Good Samaritan By Squirting All Over His Big Cock

    Do you subscribe to the expression, “No good deed goes unpunished?”

    I’ve always thought that people who truly believe that doing good deeds will ultimately come back and bite them in the ass are just jerks.

    There can be negative consequences to all actions, not good deeds. And if the fear of something negative happening to you or others from a good thing you’ve done deters you from doing good deeds, then why do anything at all? Why keep breathing, drinking, eating or sleeping?

    Personally, I like to believe in Karma. Good intentions and good deeds contribute to good karma and future happiness. Good things happen to good people with good intentions.

    Of course, it’s easy to lose sight of the good given the current state of the world. So where do we turn to remind ourselves that doing good things can lead to good things? Strangely enough, we can turn to pornstar Jenna J. Ross and Digital PlaygroundContinue Reading

    October 23, 2014 • Pictures & Vids, Porn, Pornstars • Views: 4970

  • 70 Year-Old Japanese Man Arrested For Dumping 500 lbs of Porn in Park

    Retirement is tough on a lot of people because it’s easy to lose a sense of purpose. After spending the better part of your life in the rat race, it’s important to take up a hobby or use your time wisely or else death could come knocking on your door much sooner than expected. Why do you think old people love playing bridge, Scrabble, mahjong, scrapbooking and dumping 500 lbs worth of porn in public parks?

    Ok, dumping 500 lbs of porn in public parks isn’t something that most seniors do, but a 70 year-old man in Osaka was apprehended for illegally disposing of a massive pornography collection.  Continue Reading

    October 23, 2014 • Porn, Porn News & Highlights • Views: 2368

  • 4 Reasons Why Fucking Your Boss Might Be A Good Idea

    Office relationships are a lot like long-distance relationships in that everyone agrees that they should be avoided at all costs.

    Office relationships between co-workers can usually work out. But there’s no question that any office relationship between a boss and his/her subordinate is definitely a bad idea.

    Why? Because your co-workers will eventually find out and resent you, believing you are getting preferential treatment thanks to your awesome blowjob skills. If one of you believes it to be just a fling and the other is looking for something more, the awkwardness will be a distraction at work, and much weirder than your average break-up. You’ll never know if your performance evaluation is an honest assessment of your work or a tongue-and-cheek critique of your fucking ability.

    These are just three reasons why you should avoid fucking your boss…but by not fucking your boss…you’re, presumably, not fucking anyone, which is totally unacceptable. Rather than have you endure a dry spell, here are 4 reasons why fucking your boss might be a good idea!  Continue Reading

    October 22, 2014 • Pictures & Vids, Porn, Pornstars • Views: 8110

  • Fleshlight Wants You To Win A Date With Busty Australian Pornstar Angela White

    Fleshlight is the sex toy for men that just keeps on giving. First they saved us from fucking those miserable homemade sex toys and now they’re trying to hook you up with busty Australian pornstar Angela White!  Continue Reading

    October 22, 2014 • Pictures & Vids, Porn, Porn News & Highlights, Pornstars • Views: 5334