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  • Your Weekend Free Porn Playlist: December 19th 2014

    Oh fuck yeah! It’s time for another Weekend Free Porn Playlist!

    You know the drill. Rather than have you spend your entire weekend browsing for the hottest free porn on, the Blog has found the 7 hottest free porn videos from the past week for you!

    We’ve got a ton of Christmas shopping left to do this weekend, so we’re not wasting any time with this edition of your Weekend Free Porn Playlist.

    Sit back and enjoy the 7 hottest free porn videos of the week!  Continue Reading

    December 19, 2014 • Pictures & Vids, Porn, Porn Lists, Pornstars • Views: 13747

  • Obsessed with Peta Jensen

    There comes a time in every man’s life when they have to take a moment to reflect upon what they want out of life. Are you happy with your career? Does your spouse satisfy you intellectually and physically? Is your home the palace you’ve longed to create for yourself? It’s a totally natural sentiment and one that crosses my mind quite a bit.

    After much deliberation about what I want, I’ve decided that none of it really matters so long as I can watch Peta Jensen porn videos because she’s the latest pornstar we’re obsessed withContinue Reading

    December 19, 2014 • Pictures & Vids, Porn, Pornstars • Views: 10252

  • RISE Award Nominations Now Open! Vote for the Year’s Best Porn!

    RabbitsReviews, the internet’s most trusted review site (second only to the Blog’s own reviews section), has just opened the nominations for the 6th annual RISE awards, letting porn fans worldwide choose the year’s best porn!  Continue Reading

    December 19, 2014 • Porn, Porn News & Highlights • Views: 3402

  • Wants To Stream “The Interview”

    By now, you’ve no doubt heard that Sony Pictures has been the victim of a massive hack. Authorities have reason to believe that the hackers are backed by North Korea because they’re mostly after the cancellation of Seth Rogen and James Franco’s Kim Jong-un assassination comedy The Interview.

    Tuesday morning,  the anonymous hackers posted a vague threat of violence against cinemas that choose to screen The Interview. Wednesday, reports indicate the $44 million movie is all but cancelled.

    The world’s single worst dictatorship was able to intimidate a movie studio into getting its way. This sets a precedent. Not a good one. And the terrorists have won. But… could save the day.  Continue Reading

    December 19, 2014 • Porn, Porn News & Highlights • Views: 2222

  • Can We Agree That This Was The Best Sex Scene of 2014?

    After bestowing Alexandra Daddario’s True Detective nude scene with the title of Best Nude Scene of 2014 earlier this month, the staff of the Blog went on the search for 2014’s best sex scene.

    Well, we’re happy to announce that we’ve finally reached a consensus.

    The best sex scene of 2014 is none other than…  Continue Reading

    December 19, 2014 • Sex, Sex News • Views: 11610

  • The 10 Hottest Lesbian Porn Pairings of 2014

    There’s only one thing that we like better than watching a hot pornstar cum all over a big, hard cock and that’s watching hot pornstars get off from some scintillating lesbian sex.

    I must admit that lesbian porn is my favorite genre of porn videos because I love pornstars and lesbian porn, by definition, must feature at least two gorgeous pornstars making each other cum.

    For me, good lesbian porn all starts with the casting. 99% of girls who do lesbian porn are already hot. In order to keep your attention for more than a minute to check out their hot bodies, lesbian porn videos need chemistry between its stars.

    Does this crackpot lesbian porn theory make any sense to you guys?

    The point is this: great lesbian porn videos start with pairing the right pornstars with each other. This year, we saw a lot of sexy pornstar pairings in lesbian porn videos, but for the sake of our on-going Best of 2014 series, here are the top 10 hottest lesbian porn pairings of 2014! (Really though, this could have easily been a top 100). Continue Reading

    December 18, 2014 • Pictures & Vids, Porn, Porn Lists, Pornstars • Views: 7937

  • 7 Things That Will Make You Wish Aidra Fox Was Your Neighbor

    When it comes to neighbors, I prefer to take the Homer Simpson approach and treat my neighbors with outward hostility, unless I need to mooch off of them. Doesn’t matter if they’re a good, church-going, God-fearing lefty like Ned Flanders or tight-ass former President like George H. W. Bush, I’m not going to be friends with you just because we happen to live next to each other.

    However, my feelings towards my neighbors would be much, much different if Aidra Fox was my neighbor.  Continue Reading

    December 18, 2014 • Pictures & Vids, Porn, Porn Lists, Pornstars • Views: 6449

  • The Sexiest Music Videos of 2014

    It’s not often that music videos turn us on because we don’t really watch music videos ever since MTV decided that it would exclusively air shitty reality TV. That said, there were a handful of music videos that were so sexy, they even caught the attention of sexy video snobs such as ourselves.

    So let’s review the sexiest music videos of 2014, because why the fuck not?

    Our advice when watching the sexiest music videos of 2014 is to put the video on mute, play some music that you like because though the visuals are appealing, most of these songs are actually terrible.

    Alright, now that you’ve heard our disclaimer, let’s see the sexiest music videos of 2014.  Continue Reading

    December 18, 2014 • Sex, Sex News • Views: 6664

  • The Top 10 Best Lisa Ann Videos of All Time

    In light of Lisa Ann’s shocking announcement that she’ll retire from porn at the end of 2014, we think it’s only fitting that we commemorate her incredible career in the adult industry by highlighting what we consider to be the 10 best Lisa Ann videos of all time in one of the Blog’s classic porn lists.

    So prepare yourself for a bittersweet send off of the world’s most popular MILF pornstar, the one and only Lisa Ann!  Continue Reading

    December 17, 2014 • Pictures & Vids, Porn, Porn Lists, Pornstars • Views: 13162

  • XXX-Mas: Gift Ideas for Adults (Part 4)

    Holy shit, everyone! Christmas is in eight days! We’ve really need to stop procrastinating to buy Christmas presents or else we’ll be totally boned!

    If you’re looking to get your partner something sexy this Christmas, then you’ve come to the right place. The Blog are sexy gift idea experts and we’re going to show you the sex toys you absolutely need to buy for your significant other if you want to have incredible sex all winter long.

    So pay attention! These are the gift ideas that will get you laid.  Continue Reading

    December 17, 2014 • Sex, Toys • Views: 5527

  • Everything You Need To Know About the Rumored Wiz Khalifa Sex Tape

    Rapper Wiz Khalifa is currently going through a divorce from model Amber Rose after she allegedly caught him having a threesome with Asian twins. And like any good, red-blooded American man, Wiz is coping with the failure of his marriage by getting some strange pussy.

    Photos showing Wiz with a topless Playbloy playmate, Carla Howe, lounging around in their underwear went up on Instagram las week (and subsequently remvoed) and rumor has it they’re just a preview for a sex tape that Howe really wants to release.  Continue Reading

    December 17, 2014 • Porn, Porn News & Highlights • Views: 4145

  • Anna Kendrick, Dildo Expert

    Last night on Letterman, Dave debuted a new holiday toy called the Cat Paw.

    His guest, Anna Kendrick, was quick to point out that Dave’s Cat Paw toy is really just a repackaged, furry dildo.

    Watch Anna Kendrick know a dildo when she sees it below.  Continue Reading

    December 17, 2014 • Funny, Sex, Sex News, Stuff • Views: 5554

  • This Is What Would Happen If Tim Burton Directed Porn Movies

    Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Tim Burton is one of the most iconic directors of American cinema.

    I’m sure most of you are rolling your eyes at that statement, but it’s true. It doesn’t matter that his movies decline in watchability with every release, what matters is that he’s consistent with creating worlds that are visual feasts for your eyes.

    But have you ever wondered what it would be like if Tim Burton directed porn movies instead of cartoonish nightmare movies?  Continue Reading

    December 17, 2014 • Funny, Porn, Porn News & Highlights, Stuff • Views: 2938

  • Top 10 Team Skeet Videos of 2014

    Teens! Coeds! Big booty babes! Big titted babes! Naughty amateurs! The hottest pornstars!

    Team Skeet always delivers all this and more every single fucking day.

    If you like porn, then you’re a Team Skeet fan. They’re out here busting their butts, making some of the best porn videos on the internet.

    Picking the Top 10 best Team Skeet videos of 2014 nearly gave us a brain aneurysm because 10 videos does not do the year Team Skeet has had justice. But we’re going to try anyways.

    So remove your pants, get some lube and get ready to rub yourself numb because the Top 10 Team Skeet Videos of 2014 is our hottest list yet.  Continue Reading

    December 16, 2014 • Pictures & Vids, Porn, Porn Lists, Pornstars • Views: 11798

  • Allie Haze, Nina Elle and Summer Brielle Celebrate The Holidays with Group Sex

    Ahhhh the holidays. It really is the most wonderful time of the year.

    My favorite thing about the holidays is getting too drunk at the office Christmas party and hitting on everything that breathes is togetherness.

    Even in the face of wild commercialization, the heart of the holidays will always be getting together. And what better way to celebrate the togetherness of the holidays than having hot group sexContinue Reading

    December 16, 2014 • Pictures & Vids, Porn, Pornstars • Views: 5129

  • Lisa Ann Announces Her Retirement


    Lisa Ann, the world’s favorite MILF pornstar, announced her retirement last night via handwritten letters posted to her official Facebook page.

    Read the emotional, heart-felt 10 page letter to her fans below.

    Continue Reading

    December 16, 2014 • Porn, Porn News & Highlights, Pornstars • Views: 14178

  • We Can’t Get Enough of Corinna Blake’s Milk Covered Tits

    Could the reason why everyone loves tits so much is because they kept us alive when we were first born?  Continue Reading

    December 16, 2014 • Pictures & Vids, Porn, Pornstars • Views: 6463

  • Top 10 Naughty America Videos of 2014

    When it comes to taking a sexual fantasy and presenting it in a porn video, nobody does it better than Naughty America.

    Wait a second…is that why Naughty America‘s slogan is “Nobody does it better?” Huh. Learn something new every day.

    The craziest thing about Naughty America‘s porn videos, in our opinion, is their consistency despite the high volume of porn videos they release. They put out anywhere from 10 to 15 new porn videos every single week. Now, you would assume that shooting and releasing that many porn videos on a regular basis would hinder the quality, but instead they keep finding new ways to make their porn videos as exciting as ever.

    I’m not going to pretend like I understand their tricks to doing (besides shooting with the hottest pornstars), I’m just going to enjoy it.

    2014 has been a good year for Naughty America videos. Every week they released a new porn video that made us pause and say, “That’s a fucking game-changer.”

    It was a real headache trying to select the 10 best out of the thousands of videos they released this year, so we hope you’ll like our picks for The Top 10 Naughty America Videos of 2014Continue Reading

    December 15, 2014 • Pictures & Vids, Porn, Porn Lists, Pornstars • Views: 17868

  • The Top 10 Most Common Sexual Fantasies

    NOTE: Two football playing lesbians having sex with a strap-on is not one of the Top 10 most common sexual fantasies but it should be.

    A new(ish) study from the University of Montreal published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that the majority of sexual fantasies are as vanilla as putting a penis in a vagina.  Continue Reading

    December 15, 2014 • Sex, Sex News • Views: 10259

  • Vivid Wants Honey Boo Boo’s Mom & Dad To Film a Sex Tape

    According to, Vivid Entertainment has reached out to reality TV star and Jaba the Hutt body-double “Mama June” Shannon and her estranged husband Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo fame, inviting them to “seriously consider making a movie with Vivid that could earn you up to $1-million or more.”

    The movie with Vivid, of course, is a sex tape.  Continue Reading

    December 15, 2014 • Porn, Porn News & Highlights • Views: 2632