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  • Tongue First

    Perhaps you’ve been in that rare situation where sex comes before kissing. If so, you may have successfully rearranged the hierarchy of physical love. Kind of like eating a salad after dinner, or reading the end of a book first–

    Highly endorsed technique

    or something. Point is, it turns out that kissing (see Huffington Post) may be the most important key to a long-lasting relationship. Yes, that means more important than sex.

    Clinician Jill Blakeway says the new word is that kissing releases chemicals in our brains that allow us to be more relaxed, and better suited to perform; be it your job, your 2am karaoke mating call, or screw it, sex. But, it appears kissing is the way our brain defines intimacy.  Continue Reading

    August 16, 2012 • Sex News • Views: 292

  • The Dream Position

    A new study out of Hong Kong suggests that sleeping on your stomach can lead to increased erotic dreams. 670 Univeristy students were asked about their sleeping positions, and the content of their dreams. Those who slept on their stomachs claimed increased sensations of sex, eroticism, and noted situations of restraint and being tied up.

    The researchers attributed these randy feelings to restricted air-flow during stomach sleep. With decreased oxygen in the brain, it appears the subconscious tends towards the submissive. But these fairy-dust fantasies weren’t all bound and gagged. Continue Reading

    August 15, 2012 • Sex News • Views: 305

  • House of the Horny

    It appears that the Catholic Church has been sinning yet again. It became apparent through a late 2011 newsletter that Germany’s biggest media company, Weltbild, is 100% owned by the Catholic Church. 2,500 erotic titles help the megamedia corporation haul in 1.7 billion Euros annually. In other words, the church is benefiting quite handsomely from these sexy scrawlings. So it seems the diocyes are a bit reluctant to withdraw. Making matters less ‘forgiveable,’ a decade of efforts by a group of devout and outraged Catholics has apparently had no impact on the Church’s sideways endorsement of porn-production.

    Oh, and then there is the other company that the Catholic Church holds a 50% stake in. That would be Droemer Knaur. They produce straight-up pornographic books. So is this a new, hot holy water trend, or some damnable, soon-to-be snuffed lick of hellfire? Continue Reading

    August 14, 2012 • Sex News • Views: 263

  • Morning Sickness Cured by Oral Sex?

    To all pent-up men with expecting wives: you may now invoke the medical word in your quest for a morning hummer.

    Citing a study that may seem motivated by the sex-deprived, doctor Gordon Gallup insists oral sex is a pregnant woman’s best bet for curing morning sickness. In a study done at SUNY-Albany in New York, the psychologist concluded that semen can combat that pesky morning nausea often associated with baby-making. Apparently, the repeated introduction of her man’s milk lets the mother-to-be to build up a tolerance to the sticky stuff, which is thought to be a cause of morning sickness in the first place.

    Gallup, the same man who released a study in 2002 that said semen has antideprssive qualities, also says regular sex is key to keeping up good physical health during pregnancy.

    Have your marital years, or pregnant months, fostered a noticeable decline in oral sex? Doctor Gallup’s findings may be just what you and your lovely lady need to delve back into a therapeutic routine of blissful blowjobs.


    August 13, 2012 • Sex News • Views: 705

  • Rolling in My Sweet Baby?s Arms

    How do you set the mood when it?s time to seduce, sensualize, and sex up your pleasure partner? Low lighting and candles are key, but the rhythm of your rocking can be magically guided by the right music choice. So you?ve stepped up to your speakers, and are browsing your sacred tunes. What to choose? Shuffle? The radio?

    If you?re looking to settle in for a long steamy session, you?re best off crafting a playlist, even if it keeps her waiting for 5 minutes, because the next 45 will be packed with far finer pleasure.
    When selecting your sexual sonic surroundings, keep the following in mind: Continue Reading

    July 16, 2012 • Sex & Dating Tips • Views: 429