Autumn Riley

Autumn Riley

Autumn Riley

Depending on who you ask, it’s now Autumn.

The reason I say, “Depending on who you ask,” is because most people might say Fall instead Autumn. Sticklers, also known as jerks, would say, “Autumn doesn’t start until the 22nd.”

The weather’s been chilly enough for it to be deemed Fall so we need a Babe of the Day hot enough to keep us warm

That’s why we’re making Autumn Riley Babe of the Day!

In case you’re wondering, it’s not a coincidence that her name is Autumn Riley. 

Babe of the Day: Autumn Riley

Age: 20 (born November 10th, 1992)

Place of Origin: British Columbia, Canada

Height: 5 foot 5

Weight: 114 lbs

Measurements: 32B-23-32

Not a whole lot is known about Autumn Riley beyond that she’s a gorgeous glamour model, always willing to get nude for the camera.

Based solely on British Columbian stereotypes, I would say that Autumn Riley is a skateboarding stoner who complains about the high price and low-quality of sushi everywhere outside of BC.

Whether any of those BC stereotypes apply to Autumn Riley really doesn’t matter because she’s the Babe of the Day. All we really know about her is that she’s sexy and mysterious. Now please warm yourself in the Autumn Riley’s nude aura:


Goddammit Canada you’ve done it again.

Can we send a team up to Canada to survey its babes please?

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Published on: September 10, 2013

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    She’s so good looking, it hurts.