Ava Devine Will Bang The Cleveland Cavaliers…

ava devine cavs

Ava Devine

…if they make the playoffs that is.

But wait, let me explain what’s happening.

Ava Devine is a half-Asian pornstar that’s been in the porn industry since 2003. In that time, Ava Devine has managed to do it all. She’s done gangbangs, double anal, and she’s even performed with transexuals. Throughout her career, Ava Devine has shown us time and again that she has no boundaries and she’s willing to do anything. Former pornstar Hannah Harper once said that Ava was the porn industry’s “lady of the lake”, meaning that she is the mythical woman willing to have sex with anyone at any time. Including the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Yes, on top of being a pornstar totally obsessed with sex, Ava Devine is also a sports fan, specifically of the underdog teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers.

While it’s admirable when any fan continues to support their favorite team despite their terribleness, Ava Devine has upped the ante by vowing to TMZ Sports that she (and maybe a couple of her pornstar friends) would bang the entire Cleveland Cavaliers team if they make the playoffs.

Check out the video of Ava’s promise.

So what are the chances of this actually happening?

Well, for one, the NBA’s Eastern Conference is a total joke. Brooklyn and Charlotte currently hold the last two playoff spots with losing records (23-26 and 22-29, respectively). The Cleveland Cavaliers are currently 12th in the East with a 18-33 record.

While it’s not inconceivable for the Cavaliers to string a couple of wins together to surpass Brooklyn or Charlotte, it’s not probably not going to happen. Kyrie Irving is an amazing point-guard but he’s not at the level to carry an entire squad on his back. Anthony Bennett is a big time bust. Luol Deng doesn’t appear to be very happy in Cleveland. GM Chris Grant was just fired (firing your General Manager mid-season rarely helps you save your season). And by all accounts, coach Mike Brown has lost the room altogether.

But then again, Ava Devine’s promise to bang every Cleveland Cavalier might just be the motivation to win that they’ve been missing all season long.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to bang Ava Devine? If you’re not 100% sold on the idea, you need to checkout some Ava Devine pictures and videos on Sex.com.


Ava Devine on Sex.com

Of course, if the Cleveland Cavaliers do make the playoffs, not only will they be out in 5 games, they probably won’t be able to bang Ava Devine because the NBA has some “moral” problem with a bunch of their players gangbanging a well-known pornstar. At least it was like that in the David Stern-era of the NBA. Maybe new commissioner Adam Silver will be more open-minded (though I highly doubt it).

So yeah, we might all be rolling our eyes at the thought of the Cleveland Cavaliers making the playoffs, but let’s not underestimate the motivational powers of pornstars. Let me remind you that no one thought that the Seattle Seahawks were going to win the Super Bowl, but Tori Black’s ass inevitably got them the win.

I guess we’ll see where the Cavs are in the standings come April 19th, the end of the NBA regular season. If they do make the playoffs, surely the only explanation will be that they were motivated to win by Ava Devine’s offer.

Still no word on if Ava Devine has any plans to extend her sex offer to Cleveland Cavaliers fans as well. If that does happen, I will burn every piece of Portland Trailblazers merchandise I own and replace it with head to toe Cleveland Cavaliers gear.

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