Ava Van Rose, Ireland’s First Pornstar?

Ava Van Rose irish pornstar

Ava Van Rose

Irish model Ava Van Rose has recognized that there is one thing missing from Irish culture.

The Irish have accomplished so much but when they were busy fighting for their independence, staving off hunger in the potato famine, and writing some of the best literature in the English language, they forgot to get one big pornstar.

Heck, there’s hardly any Irish pornstars at all. Freeones only has seven Irish pornstars on record. Not trying to hate but if you recognize any of them, you probably watch too much porn.

That’s where Ava Van Rose comes in.

Since appearing almost nude in the Sun, Ava Van Rose has allegedly flooded with movie offers.

“I’ve been offered roles in lots of porn movies and videos and people are constantly getting in touch with me to ask if I’ve ever considered porn. Until now it’s not something I thought much about, but it might be an avenue I’ll go down in future,” Ava Van Rose said.

How far in the future? Probably August. After she gets another boob job.

“I’m currently a 32E bra size, but I’m going up three or four cup sizes to a 32GG so it will be a big change. But I’m all about breaking down barriers and trying new things so ‘Ireland’s first porn star’, why not? I like the sound of that.”

Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t 32E is already a huge pair of boobs? I can’t even picture 32GG boobs nor do I have any idea what I would do with them.

Does Ava Van Rose have what it takes to be Ireland’s first big pornstar?

I’ll let Ava Van Rose’s pictures speak for themselves:


If Ava Van Rose does go through with the pursuit of being Ireland’s first big pornstar, I’m guessing that she does just fine due to her uncanny resemblance to an already famous pornstar, Aletta Ocean.

But there’s just one question that needs answering, why aren’t there any Irish pornstars?  

I did some research into Irish culture and anthropology trying to determine a reason for why there would be so few pornstars. This was the best explanation offered:

Hopefully Ava Van Rose can overcome “Irish face” and become Ireland’s first big pornstar. There have been no offers from big porn studios yet. Fingers crossed that they’re coming!

In the meantime, you can read Ava Van Rose’s sex column for The College Times.

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