Babe of the Day – Kristen Connolly

Kristen Connolly on House of Cards

Kristen Connolly on House of Cards

I only have one episode left to watch from the Netflix original series House of Cards. I’m not proud to say that because House of Cards is a completely insufferable show. The acting is stiff, the dialogue is expository, the plot is convoluted, and overall House of Cards is painfully boring.

There is one bright spot in watching House of Cards though and it’s Kristen Connolly, our Babe of the Day.

Everyone has applauded Kevin Spacey’s performance, but I don’t understand why. Sure, his South Carolinian accent is pretty good, but that doesn’t hide the fact that what he says and does in every single scene is so hammed up that it makes me cringe. This problem goes much further than Spacey. Basically every character is a boring-ass robot that I can’t identify with as an audience member.

I say basically because there is one character that I can relate to because she is believed and portrayed unrobotically, which I’m sure creator and writer of House of Cards Beau Willimon was totally against. That character is Christina played by Kristen Connolly.

If you want to be bored yet still intrigued, watch House of Cards (or rewatch House of Cards, if you’re a glutton for punishment) with a close eye on Kristen Connolly. She’s the only relate-able character on the show. And because House of Cards is such a terrible show, Kristen Connolly is restricted to staring doe-eyed at Congressman Russo. Every time she’s on screen, I can’t help but think of the possibilities for Kristen Connolly because she is the literally the only bright spot on the entire show.

You may remember Kristen Connolly as Dana in Joss Whedon’s Cabin in the Woods, which is a really fun movie. More cabins Kristen! She’s also appeared in CollegeHumor shorts and some soap operas. Before acting, Kristen Connolly was professional tennis.

And did I mention that Kristen Connolly is a total babe?

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Defenders of House of Cards will probably say, “The cold, emotionless characters are a reflection on Washington because it’s a city built on ego and ambition and shit.” If that’s the case then it doesn’t work. Sacrificing story and character to prove a point is the last thing you want to do when you’re trying to entertain an audience. But then again, maybe House of Cards isn’t meant to be entertaining? Maybe it’s supposed to make you feel angry. Which if that is the case, well done House of Cards.

In summation, I hate House of Cards but the agony I endured watching it was worth it because I was introduced to the Babe of the Day Kristen Connolly. Kristen Connolly is a phenomenal actress and a beautiful lady. She should be in more/better movies and TV shows and I hope that making her Babe of the Day will raise awareness of her greatness.

Congratulations Kristen Connolly.

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