Babes On Instagram: Jaclyn Swedberg

Hello and welcome back to another edition of BABES ON INSTAGRAM, the only weekly blog feature on the internet that finds the hottest babes on Instagram and tells you to follow them so you’re not missing out on the best SFW (safe-for-work) sexy pictures in your personal Instagram feed. And it’s this rigorous screening process of the sexiest Instagram accounts is precisely why the Blog is superior to all other sites on the internet.

If you’re new to BABES ON INSTAGRAM, then I’ll just tell you that you should be following the incredibly sexy babes Ellis Cooper, Alyssa Arce and Lauren Hanley because their Instagrams are red hot. Click their names if you want to see their sexiest pictures on Instagram. But for those of you who are committed to the BABES ON INSTAGRAM feature, then I’ll just go ahead and tell you that you need to start following JACLYN SWEDBERG. (Instagram: pmoy2012).

Some of you may remember Jaclyn Swedberg as April 2011’s Playmate of the Month and 2012’s Playmate of the Year (which is what her Instagram name is).

The 23 year-old beauty is by definition perfect, measuring a supple 34D-25-35, and she credits her success with her natural good looks. She said, “Being naturally pretty helped me. There is a stigma on perfection in this industry that isn’t really true. Instead of trying to look like something I’m not, I just focus on who I already am.”

Aspiring models, you should know that if you try Jaclyn Swedberg’s approach to modelling, it may not yield the same results because Jaclyn Swedberg is blessed with a natural beauty that’s very rare. Which is why you need to follow her on Instagram, because seeing Jaclyn Swedberg regularly will fill your brain with happy feelings (and also possibly horny thoughts). 

Shall we take a gander at Jaclyn Swedberg’s hottest Instagram pictures? Of course! There’s literally no one sexier than Jaclyn Swedberg. Enjoy!

Do you see why you need to be following Jaclyn Swedberg on Instagram? Follow her now! Jaclyn Swedberg’s Instagram.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll just tell you now that Jaclyn Swedberg doesn’t just share super sexy pictures of herself. She also shares some pictures of her and her boyfriend hanging out. Which maybe you’ll be ok with, but for me it makes me jealous because I’d like to Jaclyn Swedberg’s boyfriend. So I start hating on him, but then I realize that I have no reason to hate on him. I should respect him for locking someone as fine as Jaclyn Swedberg down. And also, he seems like a really nice, cool guy that maybe I could be best friends with some day, so there’s no reason to hate on him.

So in short, follow Jaclyn Swedberg on Instagram because she’s gorgeous!

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  • polywan

    Let say a joke, when i drink a lot of beer, and my friend said that your wife is beautiful and suddenly i said that if she nude it is the same but my friend said that why you never motivate your wife? Oh no! i forget one outside

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  • lilyoung

    wore to that show
    where she got some kind of gala where she was given an award
    cling on to her career – as are her management. She has a fine voice,
    but that’s not what’s being used to sell her. She is a beautiful girl
    who looks great naked so she’s being marketed like a soft porn star
    instead of a musical artist.

    Honestly, is that really a problem? Popular music has always put
    looks over musical talent. Why else would we accept a whole genre full
    of singers that don’t even write their own songs and have an army of
    producers to clean up every imperfection in the performance?

    Why The Independent felt the need to attack for wearing a
    see-through dress is totally bizarre. Stranger is the fact that she wore
    the see-through dress to accept an award for her boundary-pushing
    fashion. When you accept an award for boundary-pushing fashion, you
    can’t just show up in a boring ass ball gown. You have to wear something
    crazy like a dress made out of crystals that’s totally see-through!
    Oh my, it just occurred to me that some of you might not have seen the dress yet. Lucky for y