Babes of the Year 2013


Kayden Kross & Stoya, two of 2013’s most popular babes.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, democracy simply doesn’t work!

I was thinking of letting you vote for your favorite babes of 2013, but then I got to thinking that a better indication of the most popular babes of 2013 would be to just look at which babes had the most views throughout the year.

It’s like voting, but you weren’t conscious of it.

Anyways, let’s see the Top 10 Babes of the Year 2013

10. Stoya (31,539 views)




9. Kendra Lust (32,857 views)


Kendra Lust


8. Kayden Kross (37,021 views)


Kayden Kross


7. Caprice (39,429 views)



6. Christy Mack (41,048 views)


Christy Mack


5. Selena Gomez (48,642 views)


Selena Gomez


4. Lucy Pinder (50,624 views)


Lucy Pinder


3. Farrah Abraham (66,314 views)


Farrah Abraham


2. Sydney Leathers (76,153 views)


Sydney Leathers


1. Melissa King (1,000,151 views)


Melissa King


Melissa King is the Babe of the Year 2013?

Well, maybe not but the former Miss Teen USA’s sex tape (or whatever pageant she won) was the most popular babe/porn post on the Blog this year. The funny thing is, apparently the guys who shot the video ( had never planned to shoot her again because they felt she was too cold on screen.

But ultimately, Melissa King was the most viewed babe of 2013 because she had a real sex tape scandal! She shot a porn video, then won Miss Teen USA, then everyone found out about the porn and she had to give up her crown. And once you saw that a teen beauty queen had to give up her crown because of a porn movie she starred in, you were like, “Damn! I got to see that sex tape.”

So thank you mainstream media for making Melissa King unofficially Babe of the Year 2013.


Can we get her a Babe of the Year 2013 sash?

As for Sydney Leathers and Farrah Abraham taking 2nd and 3rd spots respectively, I have to assume that these girls made it on the list at all is because we were force fed stories of their sex tapes by the mainstream media. I’m shocked that Sydney Leathers was more viewed than Farrah Abraham. In my humble opinion, both are terrible people and not sexually attractive. I’m very disappointed in all of you for buying into the fake sex tape hype.

As for babes 4 through 10, you can’t go wrong with any of them. Here’s why:

Lucy Pinder has the world’s best boobs.

Selena Gomez is a celebrityteenlatina. That’s what I call a triple threat.

Christy Mack is Christy Mack.

Caprice is perfect from head to toe.

Kayden Kross is gorgeous, well-read, and now a MILF. Another triple threat.

Kendra Lust is hot and she has an army supporting her

Ain’t nobody that can fuck with Stoya.

So there you have it! The Top 10 Babes of the Year 2013.

Are you upset that your favorite babe didn’t make it onto the Top 10? Well, I’m sorry. Sometimes life isn’t fair. But take the time to check out the Honorable Mentions to see where your other favorite babes ranked:

Riley Jensen (29,742 views)


Riley Jensen


Abella Anderson (29,693 views)


Abella Anderson


Carissa White (28,631 views)


Carissa White


Silvie Delux (26,972 views)


Silvie Delux


Rachel Starr (24,410 views)


Rachel Starr


Mia Malkova (22,985 views)


Mia Malkova


Minus Sydney Leathers and Farrah Abraham, I’d say that 2013 was a pretty damn good year for babes.