Bailey Blue is now Dahlia Sky

Bailey Blue...I mean...Dahlia Sky

Bailey Blue…I mean…Dahlia Sky

Bailey Blue has changed her stage name! She is now Dahlia Sky.

It’s not uncommon for pornstars to change their stage names but Bailey Blue Dahlia Sky is an established pornstar, so why change it now? 

Well PUBA received a Cease and Desist for from a clothing company called Bailey Blue. They demanded that she change her name as well as the URL. So silly. Who cares about those clothes? was changed to on the 23rd of December.

“I had until December 27th to change it,” Sky told Xbiz. “It’s really unfortunate and I wish I didn’t have to. I just launched my website in August, so I’m pretty sure that’s what caught the company’s attention. It sucks though because I have my name on all the movies that I’ve done and it’s kind of an established name after three years.”

“I did a lot of research and I actually talked to multiple people about it and Dahlia seems to be a liked name. And since there’s nobody’s really active that has it, I went with that. Also, one of my favorite bands has Dahlia in the name.”

Thankfully, this little name hiccup won’t slow down Dahlia Sky.

“My plan for this year is to work as much as possible and go even bigger and possibly more extreme with my career,” Sky continued. “Last year was a pretty busy year for me and hopefully this year will be even better. Beyond that, I’d like to go back to school and at some point I’d like to possibly direct my own movies or own my own business.”

A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet.

Yeah, that’s Shakespeare.

What it means is that her name doesn’t matter. Whether you call her Bailey Blue or Dahlia Sky, she’s still the super hot 24-year old pornstar from Lake Elsinore, California that we absolutely love.

To see why we love Bailey Blue / Dahlia Sky, just look at these pictures and GIFs:


Dahlia Sky! Your new favorite pornstar for 2014!

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