Bang With Friends Changes Name, Still Easy To Bang Your Facebook Friends


Just a couple of Facebook friends that are “Down” to bang

Remember Bang With Friends, the app that anonymously matches Facebook friends who want to hook-up?

Well it’s no longer called Bang With Friends. In JuneBang With Friends was hit with a lawsuit from casual game maker Zynga.

You may remember Zynga as the creator of games like Words With Friends and Chess With FriendsZynga sued the creators of Bang With Friends simply because they feel they own everything with the “…With Friends” tag.

The suit was resolved in October. The court dismissed the action with prejudice (meaning Zynga would not be able to refile a complaint) and both parties were forced to bear their own attorney fees and costs. Despite the dismissal, Bang With Friends has just announced that they are changing their name to DOWN. 

“No longer will people be asking to bang, but to get down, which to some might simply be hanging out,” reported the Las Vegas Guardian Express. “If people meet over this app and become nothing more than friends there is nothing wrong with that. The point of the app is to bring people together and have a good time. How they decide to do that is up to them.”

Apparently DOWN is more than just a name change. Bang With Friends allowed users to choose which of their Facebook friends they would want to bang. DOWN allows users to browse friends of friends and gives the option of getting a date, rather than going straight to sex. DOWN also uses a matching algorithm that factors in mutual friend counts and “hotness scores”, which are determined by the number of people who click on a user’s profile or indicate an interest in sex with them.

So if you want to see which of your Facebook friends are down to bang, use DOWN.

Or you could try talking to them too…



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Published on: November 13, 2013

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