The Bar Refaeli Commercial Too Hot For Israeli TV


Bar Refaeli

I’ll admit that if it were my job to decide which commercials were allowed to air on TV, I would be forced to ban any Bar Refaeli commercial because she’s just too hot to be seen on a regular basis.

Fap material shouldn’t be rampant on TV simply because that’s what the internet is for.

Anyways, the Israeli government has banned Bar Refaeli’s new commercial that’s for some kind of clothing/puppet store because it contains¬†“too many sexual insinuations.”¬†Truthfully, I have no idea what the commercial is for but it features not one, not two, but three Bar Refaeli’s being sexy with some sick-looking, muppet knock-off. Including some simulated sex.

Honestly, seeing the puppet would normally totally ruin this commercial for me. But three Bar Refaeli’s can do wonderful things. Watch it now:


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Published on: March 31, 2014

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