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Here is a question I got from Dan on being a virgin and how to change that:

“Hey Marni, my name is Dan and I’m a 19 year old virgin. Horrible, I know  but I want to change that very soon. How do I do this ?

Dan. “

Marni advices:

First I want to tell you something, just because a men had sex with a lot of women doesn’t mean he is good in bed. I’ve been with men who have been with a lot of women but were terrible in bed. Why? Because they never took the time to learn the art of pleasuring a woman. Instead they just said :

” Oh ! A hole! Awesome ! I’ll just inject my penis into it and thrust and then cum and everyone will be happy.”

This is, and never will be true. For women, good sex requires great foreplay, a built-up of excitement and connections, whether it is for one night or for a longterm relationship.

If a guy is not aware of this and not in it with us – it’s not enjoyable for us.

As well, if he is not aware of our pleasure zone and how to hit them in the bedroom he will be labelled as a subpar lover at best.”

Here is what I want you to do : I want you to educate yourself. Learn how you can pleasuring a woman: the G-spot, the clitoris, our erogenous zone and how to connect to us. I guarantee simply educating yourself will give you a spring in your step and boost your overall confidence, so that when you get to the bedroom, not only you will know what to do, you’ll also be super passionate about it. And women love passion.

So go on Amazon and start researching!!

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  • Dan

    Thanks Marni! I took your advice and now I am with different girls everynight!!!

  • nkmishra

    Beautiful & Lovely

  • The REAL Dan

    Thanks Marni!!!I took your advice and now I am in the hospital, because I got beat up by jealous: boyfriend, husband, ex-boyfriend, ex-husband, father, stalker, and nearby-stander…at the same time.