The Best Sex Positions That Double As Exercise

Dillion Harper demonstrates proper sexercising techniques

Dillion Harper demonstrates proper sexercising techniques

According to a study conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine, the average person only burns 21 calories during sex. Unfortunately, that means sex isn’t a substitute for regular exercise. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try and substitute sex for exercise! After all, what would you rather do? Spend a two hours at the gym or have sex for two hours?

If you said gym, please leave right now.

For those of you that chose to have two hours of sex instead of working out, I’m going to let tell you about the best sex positions that double as exercise! 



Though people tend to think of the Missionary sex position as “lazy” it can double as exercise simply by being less passive.

Rather than passively receiving, women can get a good workout in this sex position by using their core muscles to thrust back at the man thrusting on top of them. Just make sure you’re not using your lower back muscles to thrust to back. Instead focus on using your pelvic muscles to thrust back and you’ll start to feel the burn (and orgasms).

Doggy style

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Just like the Missionary sex position, the doggy style sex position can work a woman’s core muscles if she focuses on thrusting back by using her pelvic muscles.

Women can also get a decent upper body workout if they use their arms to thrust back rather than just for stabilizing themselves.


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To get a good riding motion in the cowgirl sex position, a woman has to engage her butt and core muscles. However, to turn this sex position into a real workout, women can modify the cowgirl sex position by coming up onto their feet.

By coming up onto their feet, women will be a squatting position over their man. Squatting will engage the legs, the butt, and the hip muscles and they’ll have to use their upper body for balance.

Standing sex

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Obviously, if you’re having sex standing up and the man elects to hold the woman off the ground, this will work his arm strength.

But even if the woman has one leg on the ground, those leg muscles will be engaged to keep her upright and her core muscles will be working to keep her balanced.

The Bridge

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In the Bridge sex position, the woman is facing upwards and uses all four limbs to hold herself above the bed (or wherever you are) while the man thrusts into her from his knees.

To even attempt the Bridge sex position for longer than 5 seconds, you need to be in shape because it works a woman’s triceps, biceps, abs, glutes, quads, ands calves. Being in this position for any longer than a minute will definitely give you the workout you need.

So there you go!

The 5 best sex positions that can double as a workout. If you have any other sex positions you like to do instead of going to the gym, please share them in the comments!

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