Best Sex Positions For Easy Orgasms

Taylor Vixen hot orgasm face

Taylor Vixen’s orgasm face

Orgasms! Aren’t they the best?

The only problem is that while most men don’t have problem orgasming, only 35% of women will orgasm during sex. Worse yet 15% of women have never had an orgasm.

That is just not right. Of course, there are plenty of reasons for why these women are having difficulty orgasming. They could be that they are suffering from performance anxiety. Maybe they need additional clitoral stimulation during sex. They might not be getting enough foreplay from their partner.

Ultimately, achieving an orgasm is all about angles. Specifically during vaginal sex, the man needs to be at the right angle to stimulate both the G-spot and clitoris at the same time. Sounds complicated right? Well it’s not. There are three very common sex positions that can stimulate the G-spot and the clitoris, making an orgasm all but a guarantee.

What are these magic sex positions? I’ll tell you right now.  

1. Cowgirl

sex positions cowgirl

The cowgirl sex position might seem too obvious for it to work, but trust me it does. When she’s on top, she’s in total control. Total control means she can bump and grind any way that feels best for her. It’s also great for deep penetration.

To stimulate the G-spot while in the cowgirl sex position, all you gals have to do is lean back so your hands are resting on his knees.

Guys this is when you should explore her body with your hands (for example the clitoris? Or grab her hips and move her around). Orgasms will not be far off.

2. Spoon

sex position spoon

The trick to an easy orgasm in the Spoon sex position is keeping your legs tight, ladies. Keeping your legs tight as your man enters you will increase friction, putting pressure on your clitoris.

The angle of Spoon sex position already maximizes the G-spot action but arching your back will only increase the stimulation.

3. Doggystyle


When the man enters from behind, his penis directly stimulates the front wall of the vagina. This is an extremely sensitive area, where many believe the G-spot is located.

Again, keeping your legs tight will add friction and stimulate the clitoris. To make the sensations stronger, lean forward onto the bed, increasing the angle of his entry.


If none of these sex positions are doing the trick, try one of your favorite sex positions but throw a pillow underneath your pelvis! Why? Because adding a pillow will change the angle of entry making it easier for the penis to rub up on the G-spot.

So hopefully these sex positions will help you orgasm easier. But if they don’t, just remember it’s not always about the destination…sometimes it’s just about the journey. I’m talking about sex by the way, not travelling.

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