Beth Humphries

Beth Who? Beth Humphreys?

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2052409 beth humphreys looks hot in a bikini Beth Who? Beth Humphreys?

Beth Humphries

Babe of the Day isn’t supposed to be just me picking hot babes to shine a spotlight on for a day and highlight their sexiness for everyone on the internet. Babe of the Day is supposed to me and all of you picking hot babes that are so sexy they deserve a whole day dedicated to them regardless of what’s happening in the rest of the world. That’s why I was so excited when I got this message from loyal fan of the Blog WesCrnkng:

yo dust master, massive fan of “the blog” over here & many congrats on garnering “blog of the year”, “blogger of the year”, & “post of year” nominations at the blog awards. but how about that young lass beth, eh? can we puh-lease get a “babe of the day” post featuring that petite vixen whom we all admire so much? be a trailblazer dude. she’s a most sensational ambassador of the crop top & she seems chill. a big WHAT UP to the UK! keep the blood pumping, chico.

WesCrnkng sold me on the idea of making a Babe of the Day post for two reasons.

  1. Crop-tops
  2. “Petite vixen”

However, WesCrnkng didn’t specify which “Beth” he was talking about. So I’m taking a chance on a petite vixen, who has been known to wear crop-tops, and who is from the UK by making Beth Humhpreys Babe of the Day!

2419671 beth humphreys Beth Who? Beth Humphreys?

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Who else could “Beth” be other than Beth Humphreys?

Perhaps Beth Tweddle, the Olympic gymnast? She’s petite. She’s a gymnast after all. But she’s not really known for wearing crop-tops. What sealed the deal for me was this picture of Beth Humphreys:

beth humphreys topless for front magazine feb 2013 11 675x900 Beth Who? Beth Humphreys?

That top is cropped to perfection. I’d like to see Beth Tweddle try and pull off that look.

Yes, if I weren’t so confident that this was WesCrnkng‘s submission for Babe of the Day, I would have ignored his request entirely.

Let’s all be happy that WesCrnkng wasn’t too specific with his nomination for a British Beth so that we can enjoy some sexy Beth Humphreys pictures:

2806835 beth humphreys Beth Who? Beth Humphreys?

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2806817 beth humphreys Beth Who? Beth Humphreys?

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938315 beth humphreys 8211 brh probably the best advertisement Beth Who? Beth Humphreys?

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2750027 beth humphreys Beth Who? Beth Humphreys?

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2806812 beth humphreys Beth Who? Beth Humphreys?

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2806808 beth humphreys Beth Who? Beth Humphreys?

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2806810 beth humphreys Beth Who? Beth Humphreys?

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2806830 beth humphreys india reynolds Beth Who? Beth Humphreys?

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2806820 beth humphreys Beth Who? Beth Humphreys?

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2806823 beth humphreys Beth Who? Beth Humphreys?

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1694310 beth humphreys Beth Who? Beth Humphreys?

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1774814 beth humphreys Beth Who? Beth Humphreys?

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You know what I’ve noticed about Beth Humphreys after looking at these sexy pictures? She’s got some fucked up teeth but it’s sexy.

Am I the only one that feels that way? I mean, orthodontics work for some people but teeth can really distinguish a face, as it does with Beth Humphreys. Feel free to disagree with me but no one is going to change my mind that Beth Humphreys has some sexy teeth, even though they’re unconventional. It’s their unconventionalness that makes them sexy.

Thank you WesCrnkng for making Beth Humphreys Babe of the Day.

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  • InOutRepeat

    What’s fucked up about her teeth? I couldn’t find a closeup with her mouth open enough to make that call.

    But to run with your premiss, yeah, I agree – orthodontics plays a part in the definition of a beautiful face. It’s not just “perfect” teeth that are the sexiest. Sometimes just the tight crookedness or gap can leave me thinking, “hey, that’s REALLY cute!” But it’s a fine line, too. Not every twist of a tooth is sexy. Gone too far, it can ruin the appeal. But those kind of extremes seem rare.

  • nymph_daddy

    is it just me or is chico dusty the best thing in pornog right now cause he’s a GODDAMN PSYCHIC!!! keep bringing us the alternative brit babes.

  • Chico Dusty

    Yeah exactly. Life would be boring if everyone had perfect teeth.

    As for Beth’s teeth, I think maybe I was being a little harsh when I said they were fucked up. They’re just a little buck.

  • Chico Dusty

    I’m not the best thing in pornog right now. You guys are. Errr…sorry, these girls are. Though it’s hardly porn. It’s glamour photography/nude modelling. Which is tight. Sometimes better than hardcore porn if you believe it.

    What alt brit babe is gonna be Babe of the Day on Monday?

  • Maya

    Her Instagram is @_brh_ and her teeth are not fucked up you can see them on her Instagram they are statight just them pictures make them look funny sometimes .

  • Maya

    Oh and I also was in the same college as her they are straight

  • nymph_daddy

    guys can we stop talking about the teeth which are a non-factor and can we focus on the beauty at hand here. thanks.

  • Chico Dusty

    Fair enough. I like the idea of Beth having fucked up teeth though. There’s something sexy about it. If they’re straight then that’s fine too.

  • Chico Dusty

    If you were in the same college as her, may I ask this question:

    Is she as cool as she seems in all her pictures and interviews?

  • Chico Dusty

    You’re absolutely right. The teeth are a non-factor. We should really be discussing her taste in crop-tops and footwear because it is exceptional. Also, her body is amazing. Perfect 10.

  • Maya

    She’s really cool and down to earth she doesn’t really class her self as a model she just tells people she’s a student because she does go uni now

  • Chico Dusty

    Well that makes my day. There’s nothing worse than finding out that beautiful girls are stuck up and uncool.

    Beth should own being a model. But I’m only saying that because I hope she continues to model for a very long time. Her photos are amazing and we can always use more.

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